Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 26th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with everyone sitting and having dinner. Shruti Is serving food to everyone. Dad is crying and when shruti goes to serve her she denies. She tells her that shruti tells everything to others but not her. Dadi then tells her that she even told her mom but not her and that is why there Is so much difference in a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law and she cries. Shruti tells her that its not that and she did not even tell her mom as her mom went to the hospital and she got to know. Ami interprets and shruti tells her to keep quiet. Then she tells dadi that her mom is her mummy and she is her ma so she did not tells her because she cant see her cry. Ami then tells dadi that she has forgot to become a mother-in-law

and cries all day. Then dadi acts like a typical mother-in-law and tells shruti that serve me and shruti serves her and she give her one piece of roti from her hand. They all smile and eat happily.

Scene 2:

Next day ami is eating khandva in school when her friends come and tells her that will she share or eat alone then ami offers them and tells them sorry for that days problem. They say ok as everyone have problems at their own house and they narrate their stories to ami about their problems. Then they tell her that they will sometime again come at her nanis house for the pizza. Then they all are talking when the boys ask ami that can she come on Monday for a party. Ami tells them that they all are having test exam on Monday. Then they tell that they will copy and pass easily. Ami tells them that it is cheating. They tells her that they are masters in copying and will pass. Ami tells no to copy. There is class test in maths and all are doing the test. The boys remove the digest and copy and show ami that it is easy to copy. Then ami still does not copy and tells that she gets scared. Then the test is over and the teacher takes everyone’s paper one by one at their place for checking and then she sees that in so much time ami has done only half page and she shouts at her. Then she is going to check the boy’s paper when ami sees that the digest is open still and ami cautions them and they keep it inside and the paper is checked. After the test everyone is sitting and talking and her friends insist ami to copy in the exam and if she starts from now then she will become an expert till the boards and after 10th who is bothered to look even at that subject. They insist her a lot and ami says yes.

Scene 3:

In sanjays office he is talking with an employee on the phone and his mom comes in. he keeps the phone and his mom tells him that doesn’t he have time even for breakfast and she gives him the breakfast. She then asks him about bhavnas interview and he tells her that he knows that she has sent bhavan for making relationships with him. Then he tells that he is not interested to marry bhavna and he will marry someone else. His mother starts crying like acting and she tells him that he never keeps her mind and that she will someday go to Ahmadabad at her husband and stay there forever. He looks at her and tells her that she is so dramatic.

Scene 4:

At shruti’s mom’s house shruti is doing her assigned job and they are talking about shrutis problems. Nanis son comes and ask her for 1000rs as his wife wants for some food items. His wife tells her that her husband is a big miser and he gives her money at the end of the week and so she wants it. Nani gives herson the money and he tells her that he will give her back the money after 2days and his mom tells that if not then she will take interest and he says ok and goes. His wife gives the money back to his mom and tells that she will take whenever she wants and she is doing this because atleast she will get money on time and she goes. Looking at this mom tells her that she was also lone when her father left her(shrutis father) and at that time she should have decided of getting married but it was late and she starts crying. Shruti tells her that she does not need to cry as she is having a good business and tells her that she will not marry as her family is her happiness and nothing else can make her happy.

Precap: sanjay is having breakfast at shruti’s house and she is gone out. He eats some breakfast and is going when shruti comes in talking with someone on the phone and telling that person that her job has gone and she is finding for one and till then she is working at her mom’s house. Sanjay listens and then shruti gets shocked to see sanjay there and is unanswerable.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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