Amita Ka Amit 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 26th September 2013 Written Update

Amu has made her decision. I am ready for abortion. Everyone is equally pained. Kirath agrees with her. If she has decided this then we should fully support her. He tells Amit to take appointment from doc. Rohan offers to do it and tells Amit not to worry. Amit thanks him. nani tells everyone to brighten up. She is giving Prasad to everyone while saying the main thing about problems is that they end quickly. Our good time will knock on our door very soon. You just have to have faith. Baa tells everyone to smile or this lecture would go on. Everyone smiles reluctantly. Amu supports Nani. Nani suggests watching Amu’s favourite movie. She asks her which movie it is but Amit answers for her – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ). She tells Rohan and Ria to start the movie. Amit signals

Amu not to cry. He is pained to see the condition she is in.

Amu and Nani are sitting on the bed when Ria joins them. Nani tells her to sit next to Rohan as this place is reserved for Amit. Ria joins Rohan on the floor. Kirath tells everyone to watch it quietly. I want to see it very carefully. Baa teases him if he has to give some exam. He smiles. Its not about exam….actually whenever Amu talks to me regarding this film then I don’t understand a thing. I want to be prepared for future. Fallu very sweetly tells him to let it be. Amu smiles seeing this. Baa tells her to keep smiling like this only. You look good. Amit gets popcorn and offers them to Nani. She denies saying this isn’t my age to eat popcorn. Baa calls herself the youngest kid of the house wanting to have popcorn. Amu smiles seeing Amit offering popcorn to everyone. Suddenly she recalls how excited everyone was over the baby. Amit sits down next to Amu and notices that she is on the verge of tears. He takes her hand in his and she too keeps her hand over his. He gestures her to look at the movie.

Next morning, Kirath calls out to AA to hurry up or they might have to miss the appointment in case they get stuck in traffic. AA come out ready to go. Everyone feels awkward though. Kirath calls out for Fallu. She comes out yelling at him…what happened. Everyone is already worried and you are going to give me a headache this way. He stutters…we are getting late. She snaps at him. What harm will it do? We are anyways not going to do something auspicious by looking at the mahurat. Kirath feels sad. Amu smiles for everyone’s sake and tells Fallu to come along or we will be late. They are all ready to leave when Nani comes and feeds sweet curd (I guess) to Amu telling her to be brave. Everything will be fine. Amu nods and hugs her. They are all sad.

AA, Fallu and Kirath are on their way to the doc’s clinic. Amit notices Amu looking out of the window all lost. He asks her if she is alright. She gives him an assuring nod. Hemant and Varsha are waiting for them at the clinic. Amu’s parents are worried for her. hemant tells Amit he had a word with doc. They can take Amu back home today itself. Amit tries to act happy for Amu’s sake as she doesn’t like hospitals. We will go on a long drive afterwards. Amu nods. Dr. Saroj comes there. All set Amita…come with me. Amu looks at Amit one more time and starts following doc. Amit calls out for Amu. She quickly wipes her tears before turning to look at him. She forces a meek smile at him. He says you are of utmost importance to me. I am here only…with you….always. And yes, one more thing, I love you. She smiles yet another sad smile as he cups her face.


Doc interrupts them by telling Amit its time. He tells Amu to go. She is in tears again as she takes her hand off his without even looking at him. She is walking in a trance crying silently as Amit watches her go. Varsha gets emotional as well. Fallu tries to comfort her. We cannot do anything against God’s will. I can only pray this that Amu gets strength to come out of this pain. Amit tells them to control themselves. We will have to be strong. If you people give up then how would we be able to keep Amu happy? We have to be happy for Amu. That is why I want you all to be a little more patient. We must think about Amu’s happiness. We will have to keep her happy somehow.

Amu is in the OT. She is getting scared seeing the doc getting ready and by the thought of aborting her baby. Doc assures her there is nothing to worry. You are doing it right. I will give you anaesthesia after which we will do the operation. You will only feel the pain caused by the injection. You must rest till we are doing the preps. Amu nods. Close your eyes. Amu obliges and immediately she begins dreaming of chasing a baby girl playfully. She is calling her mumma while Amu is calling her shona. Suddenly, she hears a loud scream and is worried as she cannot find the girl anywhere. She wakes up to her own scream of shona. She looks around the dark room confused.

Varsha asks Amit after all this if they think of taking a trip somewhere then it would be good for Amu. He nods. But as far as I know her she wont be happy alone. If you all would come along then she would be happier. So I think we all must go together.

Amu watches the doc preparing the injection. She keeps looking at the injection as the doc reassures her nothing will happen. She takes her hand back abruptly screaming a no. I wont be able to do this. Doc tries to calm her down but Amu cannot. I cannot do this to my baby. Doc tries her best telling her this does happen before surgery. Amu retorts it is my baby. How can you kill it? Doc tries to tell her this is the right thing for her baby. Amu declines. This isn’t good for my baby. This is my decision and you cannot force me. I wont do it. Doc tells the nurse to let Amu go.

Amu is outside in the corridor…crying and repeating to herself that she wont get an abortion. Everyone is shocked to see her coming out in the hospital uniform. Amit says you should have been inside. She hugs him. I am very scared. I cannot do it. He tries to tell her it is important for her health. She shakes her head. It is a very big dream of any wife to become a mother and when this dream is broken the pieces hurt a lot. He nods completely understanding what she is saying and hugs him. Let me die if I have to (Amit shakes his head scared) but I cannot kill my baby. Take me home I am scared. Varsha tells her not to say like this. Amu says, when I was inside you and you had to face this question / situation then what would you have done. Everyone is at a loss of answer. You don’t have the answer. No one has the answer ever. Amit take me please. He tries to make her understand. It would be a very big risk try to understand. But Amu continues crying and repeating that she wont be able to do it. Amu and Varsha share an emotional moment.

Dr. Saroj’s words stun everyone – there is a bigger risk in abortion. Amita isn’t mentally ready for it. If we do the abortion now then the shock that it would leave on her can be huge. I would suggest that we should give her some more days to think. Amit is worried about Amu’s health. Doc assures him she will keep a check and if there is something to worry about I will tell you. Amu asks Amit if he heard it now. Please take me. He nods…will do. She is feeling scared here. I don’t want to be here. He hugs her to comfort her.

Everyone is gathered in the living area of Shah House. Amu has decided. I wont go for abortion. Everyone is stunned / taken aback by this. Nani tries to make her realise her life can be in danger this way. Amu nods…I do. But if I should forget what you had told me….you only told me that life and death are not in our hands. A life is forming inside me too. How can I end it? Ma you tell me when I or Atul was about to be born of you were faced with a similar situation then would you do it? Varsha says my answer would have been same like you. My motherly affection would give up then and now too I am giving up because of that love only….I think Amit is right. Amu turns to Fallu. Make ma understand. Fallu says you have to understand. Your want for a baby cannot exceed ours. We want it more than you and Amit. We do want the baby but on the stake of your life. Tina too agrees with her. You can plan the baby later also. It isn’t a big thing. rohan too tells her to think maturely. It is better to agree to what elders are saying. It is for your own good. Baa too reiterates Fallu’s words. Nani says no one is happy with this decision but we have to do it for you. Amu says I know you all are worried for me. But I wont change my decision. I wont go for an abortion. I will give birth to my baby….it will be born any which way. She looks at Amit who just turns and walks away. She tries to stop him but Fallu stops her. Did you see? This decision is more difficult for Amit. Amu is sure she can make him agree.

Amit is working on the lappy when Amu comes inside. She sits down on the sofa. You know in earlier times wives used to be worried about another women but laptop have taken that place now. Husbands devote most of their time on their laptops. Any problem; fight with wife…laptop is there. He tells her to let him work. She agrees to go but his problem will be resolved only if she stays here. He is not in a mood to joke. She asks him if I was in the hospital then how you would be able to do your work. He retorts I would be happy then thinking God has returned my Amu to me…unlike now when I am worried. She gets up and comes to stand next to him. She takes his hand in hers. Dr. Saroj isn’t God. No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Why live in fear today thinking about tomorrow? Where is it written that I wont die if I don’t give birth to this baby? It can happen any way. Doc hasn’t said I would die….there are chances. When are the chances not there? If its about chances then I want to take a chance for my baby. He says…from where to get this faith? She says you are my faith. When you are with me, when you hold my hand then I feel that everything is right. Nothing can happen to me. We have seen bad times before as well but we have won always as our love is with us. A person can lose but not love. Our love has won in the past too and will win today as well. This baby is a token of our love and will certainly bring happiness for us. He wishes science could work on the same faith. She tells him there is a bigger strength than science – love and faith. You only tell me has it never won over science? He nods in agreement….it has. She tells him not to stress himself anymore. Welcome this happiness and my Kanha will take care of everything. She gives him a sweet hug.

Fallu thinks they should make Amu talk to her dada ji. Varsha says he will instead support Amu. Fallu doesn’t want to let her do it. There is so much risk in that. Amu comes out and says if you all will sit like this worrying for me then do you know your health can be affected….I might have to take care of you all instead of you people caring for me. varsha says if you can worry about us so much then can we not. and if you are so worried about it then why don’t you agree. Amit answers for her….as sometimes our faith takes over our outlook. I and Amu have decided to take this chance. We will certainly become parents. Everyone is super shocked. Fallu asks him if he has gone mad. He has thought a lot. We will be happy this way only…not abortion. We are here to take care of Amu. She has full faith on herself that nothing will happen to her and the baby and I have faith on her belief. Rest is up to God. Nani likes the idea. Fallu is confused with her mom supporting Amu. I cannot see Amu’s sad face. Amu requests everyone that she doesn’t want to abort her baby. But yes I will promise you I will do anything and everything to take care of myself. But please let me take this chance. I love you all a lot. I want to be happy with my baby and you all. Please give me this one chance. She looks around at everyone expectantly.

Precap: Amit gets flowers for Amu and sings happy birthday to you for her. Ask me what you want. She says…if something happens to me you must move on in your life and… Amit cuts her off…enough! (SUPPOSED TO TAKE AN 8 MONTH LEAP).

Update Credit to: pooja

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