Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Rajji tells the truth about the rift in the family. She tells him now the rift cannot be closed because he had chosen her.

Amrit is very sort and tells if he knew she would never have chosen her. Then he asks whether it could be solved then she tells that its to late. Then Amrit ask if she will apologize him she will tell never

Rajji goes past Bani and then she ignores Bani. Amrit will ask Bani that he never knew about the problems. Then he apologizes to her. Then he informs her that Rajji does not understand and is angry with him. He asks her help. She tells she will talk with Rajji

Bani and Rajji will have a tiff about why she told the truth to Amrit. Then she after much persuasion will tell that she will forgive him the day Bani gets married to Soham. Then she will tell Bani all the advantages of getting married to Soham.

Then Bani tells I will leave as someone will see. Then all will be dancing. Amrit will bang into Rajji while dancing and she glares at him. Bani come there and will be watching the dance. Soham who is standing there will have a dream sequence with Him and Bani with the song Ishq da Kalma song playing in the BG.

His Bhabi will tell him to go and speak to Bani’s father. Then with great reluctance he goes to speak his mind. His brother will come and the Bhabi will persuade him to dance.

All will start dancing again. Soham’s friend and Jassie will have a fight. Soham will go up to Sarabhjeet and will tell him he wants to talk something urgently with him. He

tells Soham that we will go aside and talk. Dishu will be looking at Bani standing at the edge and will be feeling very bad. She will be walking towards the fire in the center. Binder will see her and go up to her. She tells that Sister I wanted to thank you for coming and taking part in this happiness. A livid Dishu will remove her hand and Bani and Sarabhjeet will watch this. They go towards her. Dishu will tells that whom are you trying to fool and do not talk all these lies to anybody else. The she tells that I have come for my husband’s happiness. Binder tells that Bani will get a better husband.

She tells that I know that what you are trying to tell after snatching away Bani’s happiness. You can take away her maukha but not her Kismet.

Nirven, Beeji, Sarabhjeet, Bani, Soham will be listening to this conversation and will be shocked.

She then looks into the fire and tells that in 15 days not only Rajji’s dholi but Bani’s dholi will also be lifted. She will go to a house much richer than Bani. Bani, Soham and everyone else will be shocked.

PRECAP: Nirven and Dishu will be fighting over where Beeji will stay for her month in Nirven’s house is over. Rajji is shocked to know that Bani is getting married in 14 days.

Update Credit to: anurao

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