Anamika 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 22nd April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rano dropping the reports of the hospital. She comes across the taped CD and remember that Anamika telling she cant write. So Rano will take a pad quickly writes something in it and leaves the CD in it. She then goes to meet the tantric and is thinking she has to meet the tantric before sunset.

As she is driving there is a traffic block and she will be worried. She looks at the sky and she sees that it is reaching sunset. The traffic jam is cleared and she drives fast.

Then Jeet comes into the room searching for Rano. He looks all around and he sees the letter pad. Then he realized it is Rano’s handwriting and he finds the CD. He then takes his laptop and wants to see what is in the CD.

He plays it and then he sees the Anamika waali Rano.

Rano will be driving and suddenly the car stops as the tyre is punctured. She thinks that the Tantric will believing somewhere near by. She sees it is nearing sunset and she prays to Mata Rani and starts walking in the jungle to meet the Tantric. She goes a long distance praying to God and then she sees the cave of the Tantric.

She goes inside and stands in front of him. He is in meditation and she calls him Baba. Then he opens his eyes. She tries to go near him but he tells her to stay where she is. The Tantric tells her he knows why she has come here and he closes his eyes and meditates with a bunch of sticks, He then visualizes the wedding of Jeet and Anamika. The tantric then tells Anamika that ghost who had taken away your husband had married to him and so that is why she is telling he is her husband. He then tells that its nearing sunset let us go outside fast.

He will tell he to walk fast as it is nearing sunset. Just then Jeet calls her and she stops and tells lies she is with bubbly. Tantric baba will pull the phone away from her, as she was feeling sorry for lying to Jeet. Jeet tries again and it is switched off. He gets worried and then he calls Bubbly. She tells that Rano did not come but took a number of a Tantric baba in the morning. Jeet takes the address and is ready to leave out. He bumps into his brother. On him asking Jeet tells that he is going to get Rano from Bubbly.

Then in the Jungle the Tantric makes Rano in a place. Then he tells her to stand in a place and not move from there. He tells as long as he is there no buri aatma will come near her. Then he sits down and prays. Then he gets up at the time of sunset and draws a circle round her and tells her that at no circumstance you have to come out whether there is Aandi or Toofan.

Anamika will be coming towards Rano as the Tantric is completing the circle of ash around her. Then as she puts her leg on the circle she goes back as id she is burnt.

Then Jeet who is on his way to the jungle will find the car has stopped and he will be checking it.

The Tantric will feel Anamika’s presence and will inform that she has come. There will be a lot of wind and lightening. He will tell her she is somewhere near and Rano gets very scared. Then he starts throwing the ash at Anamika and she will be getting hurt. Then the Baba tells Rano that your wish will be about to be fulfilled as she is coming into our vash. But he spoke to fast and then Anamika used some powers and hurt the Baba,

Jeet will take a life from a passer by and comes towards the place.

The baba will tell Rano never to come from that place as what ever happens to him. Then he sees a lot of ghosts coming towards him and he will be chasing them away with the holy ash.

Meanwhile Jeet coming on the road spots Ranos’ car and gets off. He enters the jungle to search of her.

Anamika then tells that why do you want to make me mukt and make all these people. They all encircle the Baba and carry him away. Rano cant see the other ghosts and is terrified and wants to help the Baba and he stops her and tells he not to come out.

She is very scared looking all round and finding herself alone. Then she sees writing on the ground asking her to come out of the circle. She is very scared.

Jeet calls out to her and she shouts out. Then hearing his sound Rano calls him. Then Jeet comes there and seeing Jeet she goes towards him and hugs him. Then they show she is standing out of the circle and Anamika possesses her and is hugging Jeet.

PRECAP: She will be trying to tell Jeet that she is seeing things in all direction and he tells her to stop.

Update Credit to: anurao

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