Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 22nd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with a scene in Simran’s house in Singapore. It is an introduction scene of Simran.
She is seen throwing the plates and shooting them at her servants. She throws the crockery. Her father stops her saying that it is not the servants’s fault and not the crockery’s fault. She stops.
She looks good. She is angry on the servants as because of them, her dad fell from the stool and broke his hand. She fires all the servants and dismisses them.
She then notices that her dad is acting to get his hand broken, but actually nothing has happened to him. She tells him to stop acting. He pretends that he is not normal.

She says yes you are not normal else you would have not acted along with others. He says the servants were just obeying his orders. She says that he has done this so that she cancel’s her India’s trip. She is annoyed.
Her dad says he wants to stop her and he can do stupidity for her.

She says what problem he has if she goes to India. He says he loves his country and will always love till he dies. But he says the place is not safe for girls now.

Scene shifts to India:

A guy teases a girl. The girl runs away very fast as the guy approaches her on a cycle. Tau comes there and saves the girl. The guy lies that he was just going and the girl came in between. The girl says he is lying. He follows her everywhere. The guy denies.

Tau scolds him and the guy apologises. Tau says he hates lies and liars. Tau says he will punish the guy in the Panchayat in the morning. Tau asks the girl not to roam in evenings, and to tell her father to call him.

Scene shifts to Simran:

Simran says her dad to stop saying about crimes that are happening in India. She gets irritated. He says he is feeling sad but what he can do, as he is a girl. He says his heart is not saying yes. They argue about Simran’s trip to India. She says she will not have food till he gives the permission to go to India. they both miss Simran’s mother. He asks her to have food and makes her eat. He says he will never give her permission. She says she will not eat and not drink till he permits her to go to India. He says she emotionally blackmails her and he has to agree. Simran is very excited to go to India.

Scene shifts to Tau’s house:

Tau’s daughter gets a earthen pot by her friend. Tau comes there and she runs away on seeing him.Tau comes and sits in his house. She hides from Tau.

Rajveer(the hero of the serial) enters the house by pole jumping. His sister say that she was shocked to see him entering like that like a ghost. Rajveer says if he had not come like that, Tau ji would have seen him and then he would have asked him many questions.

Scene shifts to Simran:

Her dad comes in her room and sees her sleeping. Simran is not sleeping and says he came to meet her and is going without meeting her.
She says tomorrow morning we will go to shopping. He says he will miss her for four days.

Rajveer writes on the pot Happy Birthday for his grandfather. They think of making up Tau ji. They discuss about Tau ji. Rajveer says he will take a chance.

Rajveer’s father says no one has respected Rajveer’s education. His wife says that her Jethji has supported Rajveer. His father disagrees but he feels their is no use. He says he is not able to say his brother directly. His wife asks what he did. He says tomorrow is Babuji’s birthday.

Its been three years that the incident happened. Rajveer’s comes there and says this year we will celebrate Daddu’s birthday with Tau’s permission. His mother says Tau ji will not agree.
Rajveer says he will try. His father also says that there is no risk in asking.

Rajveer goes to make up his boxer Chacha. He is seen exercising. He and his wife have a funny scene. Rajveer comes there. Chacha asks him to get in. Rajveer says that he was thinking about Daddu’s birthday.
Chacha ji says if Tau ji hears then it will be a problem. Chacha i says have you gone mad, it is not possible. Rajveer asks for his help.

Rajveer says we can try once. Chacha ji is not keen to help him. Rajveer says if he brings permission from Tau ji then he should help him. Chacha ji says he is not against him and he is not with him.

Daddu’s is sad that no one has remembered his birthday. Daddu and Daadi share a light moment. Daadi says that his birthday is not a thing to celebrate in the house. Daadu agrees. Daadi gives laddus to Daddu.
Rajveer hears this and says that he will bring the old days back.

Scene shifts to Tau ji:

He enters his room and sees his wife crying with a photo in her hand. Tau ji sees the photo and is shocked and stares. He pulls her outside the room and in the hall. He says he has said her a thousand times that her son has died and you should not cry.Tau ji gets angry. Everyone become silent.

Rajveer comes there and Tau ji sees him. Rajveer says he wants to talk to him. Tau ji says tell.
Rajveer says that since three years no one has celebrated any joy. He says we should not let the present suffer due to the past. Tau ji asks him to tell straight.
Rajveer asks to celebrate Daddu’s birthday and he has come to take his permission. Tau ji gets angry and everyone are tensed to hear from Tau ji. The episode ends here.

Tau ji stands infront of his son’s photo and says it was his mistake to not celebrate any joy in the house because of him. Simran comes and India and talks to her dad.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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