Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
while all the ladies are laying the breakfast table, they are shocked to find bani with her suitcase. They ask where is she going. Bani says that tomorrow is rajji’s birthday, they are getting married also tomorrow. Gagn and surjit are happy for rajji. bani says that she wants to go for all the preps. Surjit says that its good as some fresh change would be nice for her. bani remembers how she had been sent on jas’s engagement’s pretext from this house, and today she too is betraying in the same manner. She thinks that she is leaving this hosue forever, where her palenquin entered as a bride. As she turns around to face them, she remembers the last time she was sent off by manpreet. She makes a bold face and leaves, while

surjit asks her to call when she arrives.

Later, randip comes along with parmeet. gagn comes in asking him, how’s he. randip says that he has had a bail and soon he would ge aquittal too. randip asks gagn to get tea, while he takes parmeet to his room. He enters his room, in a daze as he finds it empty. gagn comes with tea, and finding him sad, she telsl him that bani isnt here. he asks her where is she. gagn informs him about bani’s going to rajji for her marriage to soham. parmeet says that rajji is lucky unlike him, who never valued his better half. gagn leaves. parmeet sits dejected in his room, while hallucinating bani dressing up in front of the mirror, and smiling at him, making a conversation. Then he is drawn back to reality and gets sad again, as he continues relieving his meories with bani in the house.

later, gagan gets dinner for parmeet, while he says that he isnt hungry. she gets tensed and comes to sit by his side. She telsl him that realisation of mistake is good, but giving punishment to self isnt good, as regret too is a form of punishment. parmeet says that its no use, as she neither has her forgiveness nor her company. gagan tells him that if he really wants bani, then he shouldnt be here, but with bani, and asks her to go, and tell him what and how he feels for her. she tells him that if his penance and realisation are true, bani would understand.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Kuki tells guggi about rajji and soham’s remarriage. he too becomes very happy, as kuki tells that there’s mehendi today, while bani too would come. guggi teases her about this, as she says that she has prepared a dance ritual. Kuki complains that he never missed anyone. Guggi names that he missed everyone, including his queen, his buffalo. Kuki is frustrated with him. rajji is unable to make a choice as to what to wear at the mehendi. Bani arrives just then, in the car and finds the house, all geared up and decorated for marriage. bani wonders whether rajji would see her sadness through her fake happiness. Just then, rajji comes and hugs bani. bani fakes her happiness. rajji too is super excited. bani says that she would take care of all the preparations. rajji gets emotional and bani asks whats the matter. rajji says that she’s happy to see bani smiling. Bani asks her to forget the past, and think about the future. She hugs rajji, and tries to escape from crying in front of her.

In the vening, the mehendi ceremony begins amidst much excitement and merriment and dancing. reyman and balbir participate disinterestedly. kukki gets everyone to dance, while simran offers to play the dolki. Finally kuki asks them to stop, and says that only girls are dancing so far, and it feels as if the boys dont have the guts. gugi accepts the challange, and soham also provokes him to show him dance grooves. while all enjoy, gugi begins dancing, amazing kuki, and finaslly she joins in too. Soham too dances along with rajji, in a duel performance. bani too joins in the happiness. balbir asks reyman to show some interest, to be inconspicuous. while all are dancing, bani goes to get the mehendi. As bani comes out with the tray of mehendi cones, she finds that a dead lizard has drooped dead in the mehendi. she is scared and screams in horro, and throws off the plate of mehendi kits. All are shocked. The senior ladies declare it as a bad omen. Soham and rajji, including bani are tensed. reyman is happy with this, that got everyone upset, and that there should be one more omen with them atleast. balbir says that she should talk low, and that he too wishes the same. soham discards off all the superstitious beliefs and asks them to get ahead with the ceremony, while rajji is still upset. he tells rajji too that nothing can stop their marriage. gugii too joins in and says that they shouldnt take all this seriously. Kuki offers to clear everything up, and everyone gets to getting the mehendi for rajji.

The celebration resumes, as mehendi again comes, and all begin to dance, including bani and the entire family. Finally the mehendi ritual begins, and all tease kuki about her mehendi, and whose name she would have. simran asks bani also to put mehendi. Bani thinks that she would have to be happy for her, and excitedly says that she would get mehendi, so that everyone knows that its her sister’s wedding. rajji is shy seeing soham’s name in her mehendi. Bani is happy for her. Finally all the ladies disperse, as the dunction draws to a close. After everyone leaves, bani eyes the mehendi in her hands, and gets emotionally sad, thinking that her destiny cant be changed with the application of mehendi. The screen freezes on her sad face.

Precap: After their marriage, soham tells rajji, that they finally became one and truly a married couple today. rajji is super happy as she eyes her mangalsutra with childish excitement. just then, due to the bad weather, the chandelier starts moving around, with the heavy winds, and soham notices, much to his horror, that bani is standing, right undeneath it, as ity starts getting loose. he lets go of rajji’s hand and rushingly dives in to save bani. rajji is disturebd to see this, as she feels her married life is recapitulating itself, with soham again letting go of her, to tend to bani. she is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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