Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 16th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adi and Pankhudi talking about Kaira. Vikram tells Amrita he is thinking to take her on long drive. She says I m tired, we will go next time. He insists. He says I think to send you back from where I brought you. She says I don’t have any complains with you, I want to tell you to leave the Diwaans. Kaira wakes up at night and tells Varun that she is not getting sleep and will go out in open. Vikram talks to Amrita and scolds her. Kaira hears Vikram and Amrita’s talk. Amrita says Diwaans are good people, it was not their mistake. Vikram says then is it my mistake, my dreams are mine, Avantika broke them and hurt me. Amrita says I know that they have hurt your ego. Vikram says its about my ego, I will prove to Avantika by ruining her. I have taken money from Adi, see how I ruin that family. He says till Kaira is here, they will give me Diwaan mansion also.

Kaira is shocked. Vikram says I will torture them in future. Kaira thinks how can Vikram do this. She cries and comes to talk to him. Vikram and Amrita are shocked to see there is no one at the door. Bau ji is shocked to know Vikram’s truth from Pankhudi. He says don’t worry, I was right about him, I want to say something. Kaira comes in her room and cries thinking about her family. She thinks about Adi and how he got humiliated by Vikram. She says he did not tell me anything.

Its morning, Pankhudi comes to talk to Nani. Nani asks what happened about Adi’s problem. Pankhudi asks for her suggestion. She tells her about Kaira’s problem. She says Vikram has cheated everyone. She tells her everything. Nani is shocked. She says Vikram is insecure about you so he asked Adi to kick you out of the house, but Adi did not listen to him. Nani thinks about Adi. She asks how can I help you. Rubel tells Sheela that Vikram is upset with Nani. Payal says Vikram loves Varun a lot. Rubel says when Varun came to meet Nani, she asked him to separate from Vikram. Sheela says what is Nani doing, if Vikram knows this, he will feel bad. Rubel says he will be hurt.

Rubel says I think Adi is giving money to Nani, she wants our money, so she is staying here. Sheela says Nani has controlled Adi and Pankhudi, we should talk to her. Sheela says when Anuj and Adi comes, we will talk to her. Rubel says no, we will talk to her now. Pankhudi tells Nani can you help me in saving Kaira.

Payal says we will go now. Rubel says I will make Nani go from here, its about Kaira’s life. Bau ji tells Diwakar what Vikram did. He says we knew Vikram’s dad’s friend, can you get me his phone number. He says why do you need it. Bau ji says I want to talk to him. Rubel comes to meet Nani and she is not in the room. Payal shows Rubel housing projects ads. Rubel says we have to send her back. Sheela says no one listens to me. Vikram asks Kaira to come and have breakfast with them. Vikram acts sweet. Kaira is upset and confronts Vikram.

Vikram and Amrita are shocked. Kaira says you are cheap and double faced man. She says I have heard everything at night. She says I regarded you a brother and you have cheated me. Vikram says yes, you are right, I m using you, I m happy that you know the truth now. I m relaxed now. Kaira asks Varun will you still be silent. Kaira says you are a big loser, I will go home and tell everyone. Vikram is about to slap Kaira, but Nani stops him. Pankhudi comes with Nani. Vikram is shocked seeing them.

Pankhudi says enough of the drama now, we all know what you are and what you want. Vikram says so Kaira told you. Pankhudi says no, she did not tell us anything. Pankhudi says we could have given you 200 crore if you asked for, why did you insult Adi. Vikram taunts Pankhudi and says its about failure which I faced, you don’t know I never lose. Everyone looks shocked.

Sheela asks everyone about Kaira. Rubel argues with everyone blaming them for Kaira.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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