Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sammy telling Suhani that he does not care whose kids it is, he just wants her. He says let us go somewhere from here. Suhani asks him to shut up and ask for his sake, if he can do anything and wants her child killed for his happiness. She says she is sad not because he is away, she is sad that she loved him. She thought he does not deserve her love, but now thinks he does not deserve anybody’s love. She says she is ashamed of herself as she loved him. Sammy says he loves her and will love till he dies. Suhani shouts and asks him to get out. He goes from there.

Natasha sees Rajath in the party. Rajath sees her and says she is looking beautiful. She asks him sorry about the mess. Rajath says it is ok, when kids grow up, their priorities change. She says she wants to say samething to Ram. She says Ram, Priya and everyone are upset. She says they are a big big drama family. She asks him if he met Priya, it is a wrong time. Rajath says Priya and Ram will solve issue with Pihu soon. He says problem is with Sammy and resolution will be with him.

Khush sees Sammy drinking alcohol. He gives him lemon water and says it will remove help him get down alcohol effect. Sammy throws lemon water and says Khush that he is living on Ram’s money. Khush says he is behaving well with him even after his misbehavior. Sammy says he must have begged Suhani to love him. Khush gets angry and says he does not deserve Suhani’s love. He says people tell truth that some people won’t change. He says Sammy uses girls and leaves them. He says cannot accept Suhani’s child, then how will he accepts her. Khush says he is marrying Suhani and warns not to interfere between them and tries to go from there. Sammy picks bottle and ties to hit Khush. Sid holds his hand and warns him not to hurt his son, else he will screw him. He says accepted him manipulating office records, but will not tolerate him hurting his son. He asks him to go and sort his issues with Suhani, else he will become old Sid.

Sammy asks guest to pay attention to him and says he has to say something. He says Ram gave party for Priya. He says Khush took away his love Suhani from him, but his saas and susur Ram and Priya brought back Suhani in his life. He says Ram that he will divorce Pihu tomorrow. Priya asks Sammy why is he misbehaving. He says he is not misbehaving. He says Vikram that he is going to divorce Pihu as he did not love him at all, he forcefully accepted her. He does not care Ram or Vikram. He wants to be with Suhani. Just then someone shoots Sammy, and he falls down from the stairs. Everyone goes near Sammy worriedly. Vikram asks to call ambulance. He picks Sammy and goes to hospital with Sid, Khush and Pihu accompanying him.

Police come to the party venue. Inspector says until their investigation finishes, nobody should leave the venue. He says if they know anybody who is jealous of Sammy. Constable finds a mobile phone.

Sammy is taken to the operating theater. Rahul asks Vikram to relax. Vikram asks if everything will be alright nervously. Rahul assures him Sammy will be alright. Vikram says he is very much worried and nervous. Rahul says he knows Sammy is his weak point and tells him about the childhood incident. He asks Vikram to control himself.

Priya informs her family that Khush informed that Sammy is taken into OT. Mamaji thinks who must have hurt Sammy. Constable brings coat and pistol. Inspector asks whose coat is this. Ram says it is his coat and gun. Inspector asks Ram why is he carrying gun in his party. Ram says he is keeping it for his safety. Inspector says a bullet is missing from gun and asks where did he use it. Ram says he did not check. Inspector asks why did not he check.

Rahul sees doctor coming out of OT and asks how is Sammy. Doctor informs Vikram that he could not save Sammy. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Pihu starts crying shockingly.

Inspector asks Ram to come with him to police station. Priya says inspector he cannot take him like that. Inspector says gun belongs to Ram and even gun is missing. They cannot leave him until the forensic report comes. Priya says she will check with her lawyer. Inspector asks to cooperate now. Rajath says Ram did not do anything. Inspector asks who is he. Rajath says he is Ram’s friend. Priya to call her lawyer.

Precap: Priya says Ram that she does not have habit of staying without him in that house and room. She says she will try her best to free him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. hurry up please
    love this show
    cant wait to find out whats next

  2. Sammy is dead… 🙁

    1. not exactly
      hes just been shot yet
      i dont think he will die
      this may just bring sammy and suhani closer/together
      well i want that to happen
      so basically hes not really dead yet


  3. swaranjaliagrawal

    oh c’mon ekta kapoor! When will u end this show? Can’t u see the crashed down trps? Get sumthing new now…

  4. Oh no Sammy is death
    I don’t watch the serial now

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