Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
As balbir goes onto insult them, bani is unable to take it any longer. bani asks him to stop as the people that he is reprimanding are her parents. sarab asks her to calm down, whil;e bani is distraught. balbir apologises that he didnt know they were her parents, and this confusion arose as he had never seen them, and hence thought they wanted something. Desho asks him not to do so. parmeet comes to rescue now, apologising for him, saying that he actually didnt know them. Sarab asks them to let the matter be. But balbir goes into a speech of self remorse at what he did to them. Surjit’s husband comes forward and says that they all are at fault, and that this wouldnt have happened, had they been more attentive. they decide

to call the incident a rest.

Desho serves them tea. ass he is serving parmeet, bani tells her that he likes green tea only. All are seated in the hall when Desho asks Parmeet if all is well in Canada and if his business is doing well. parmeet asks if bani never told them. Desho is confused. Parmeet answers by saying that they have never even gone to Canada. Desho asks why didnt they go. parmeet says that it was due to bani. Bani couldn’t adjust with him and his lifestyle in Delhi.. so, how could she in Canada. and that their lifestyles are completely different, and hence for everyone’s betterment, he sold everything in Canada and came back to settle in India, just for bani, as he didnt want her to suffer due to him. Desho and sarab are slightly embarassed. surjit and her husband are tensed. bani is shocked. Surjit tries to change the topic, and asks about bindal and nirvel, and also about soham and rajji. desho tells them that soham and rajji are on their way.

As soham and rajji stop outside the haveli, Soham says that he wants to tell something, but rajji cuts him short saying that bani’s waiting for them inside. Meanwhile, balvbir gets a phone call, and comes out, while soham and rajji are entering the building. balbir goes insidee, without seeing them. Rajji and soham step inside the haveli. they exchange greetings, and while rajji offers to help, bani asks her to relax. as parmeet sees bani going to the kitchen, he signals gagan to follow her.

In the kitchen, gagan tells her that everything is ready, and she would handle the kitchen, while bani should go out and spread the table, and spend as much time as she can with her family. As bani lays out the table, she is shocked to find a continental spread, and her awkward family seated in front of it. As all begin to eat, desho and others awkwardly try to deal with the english cutlery. But after much hesitation, she outs them down. Gagan asks her to join too, but bani says that she would have after everyone eats. gagan insists that she should have food with her parents only today. bani resignedly sits down. She is distraught to find her family uncomfortable and embarassed at their lack of table manners to eat such food. When parmeet asks gagan about balbir, she tells him that he is busty on the phone, and that they should start in the meanwhile. as the serving begins, Parmeet compliemtns bani tbhat she made a wonderful food. randip comes in saying that not bani, but gagan made the food. all are tensed. parmeet says that now they must have understood what he was trying to say. parmeet says that he doesnt measn to hurt bani, as she makes excellent food, but the food that they like, bani couldnt learn to make that kind of food. parmeet thanks gagan for the food.

Seeing the pasta, desho assumes that its a vegetable curry, asks bani for paranthas, much to everyone’s amusement. She is also ridiculed about mistaking baby corn and baby tomatoes. randip too tells bani that she has taken on her family where food is concerned. while bani and her family is mortified, parmeet and his gang is amused. Surjit asks if she has only made continental, and nothing else. gagan says that their family likes this. Surjit’s husband says that bani’s parents wont be able to eat this. gagan says that she knows that, and thought that they would appreciate the effort. Sarab says that they would manage with this food only, as they should know what his son in law likes. All start eating. Rajji starts feeling pukish and is asked by gagan if she didnt like the food. Finding it spicy, soham gets the water for her at the same time that she reaches out for it. Seeing people around, rajji gives in and lest him pour water. she drinks it and says that she’s okay. rajji rushes to the bathroom, after asking for directions from gagan. Soham comes after her, and asks if she’s okay and needs something. rajji asks him not to fend out for her. soham asks what if something happens to her. She says that she can take care of herself. She locks the bathroom and leaves soham outside. Desho is super conscious and treis to use her hands, but is instructed by sarab to use the fork and knife instead. she somwhoe manages to eat, while gagan and parmeet are evilly amused at their plight. Bani is distraught. the servant starts searving them water. gagan reprimands a servant, when he accidentally spills water on her, due to the fork flying out of desho’s hands, severely and hits him, saying that if he wants to work like this, then he should work in the fields, like a villager and not work in such a big haveli. while he apologises, gagan asks him to get lost, as she doesnt even wish to lay sight on such people, and leaves inside fumingly to change. all are tensed and shocked to see such rage. surjit and her husband ask them to sit and finish, but dsho says that they dont feel like eating anymore. surjit asks them to let be, as they can have dessert that bani has made herself. thye decide to sit on the sofa, while she serves them desserts. after all leave, bani is distraught and teary eyed, seeing the full plates of her parents. The screen freezes on bani’s tensed face.

Precap: balbir tells soham, that he recognises him as the station guy, and wherever he is, there’s some trouble for her. soham says that whatever is trouble for balbir, is concern for one’s own people, but says that he wont understand this, as to do so, he would have to come to the ground level, and actually step into the reality of life, by coming outside this haveli.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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