Mahabharat 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 11th December 2013 Written Update

Dron comes into the Panchala palace, riding a horse, and as he enters each phase, flashbacks run past his mind, Flashbacks of the last time he visited this palace with dreams and hopes of a bright future with the help of his dear friend. As he enters the main hall, the scene of Pandavas surrounding a defeated Draupad meets his eye. The King is on his knees.

Dron asks Draupad whether he remembers now? That day when he was standing at the place where Draupad is kneeling now, Draupad was sitting on the throne. When he had come claiming his friendship, The entire courtiers including Draupad had insulted him, Dron reminisces that day as Draupad also thinks of that day.

* Flashback *
When Dron tried to remind Draupad that they both learnt under Guru Bharadwaj, who was Dron’s

father, Draupad says that he remembers learning with him, but does not remember him as his friend.

Dron tries to remind him of the day when he saved his life, Draupad says that his soldiers do that daily, that doesn’t mean that he should have friendship with him. Draupad further insults Dron by asking his men to give some dhan for the Brahmin. Dron says that Guru Bharadwaj’s son wont accept dhan. Then Draupad says then probably you should accept bhiksha. Dron grows more humiliated. Dron tries to remind him of days when Dron himself taught him what all he knew and the days when Draupad had told that they are friends for ever and he would share everything he got with his friend. But Draupad says that he had the right to learn and if he did something to learn, that doesn’t hold any meaning and he unceremoniously chases him saying that he should go from there if he wants his life.

Dron then takes an oath saying that he will remove Draupad from the throne and moves out of there with his wife and son.

* End of Flashback*

At present, Both Dron and Draupad think of that day and Dron says now Draupd will himself make Ashu sit on that throne. Ashu’s abhishek happens, and Draupad crowns him the king and he ascends the throne and sits on it.

The pandavas stand there proudly witnessing the ceremony and after that Dron tells that the victory was theirs and they fought very valiantly. He asks them to take leave and he and his son will stay at Panchal for a few days.

Then Dron tells Draupad that since he doesn’t have a son, he can give that throne to his son and let him rule, forget everything and accept Dron as his friend once again. Draupad nods his head and both hug. Pandavas and Ashu are happy seeing this.

The Pandavas are riding back home and they banter good naturedly as they travel atop the horse. Arjun is sleeping on his horse, Bheem asks how can he sleep like this even while the horse jerks so badly. Nakul says You know Arjun’s habit, he cannot forego his sleep. Bheem says, yes, he can win everyone, but eventually, sleep will win over him.

Bheem says he feels so hungry and if he knew that a war can induce so much hunger, he will fight the entire life. Arjun who is sleeping murmers, Brother it wasn’t the war, it was the victory which is giving you so much hunger.

Bheem says that he thought that he was sleeping. Arjun says that Dron had told him that once should be conscious when asleep too. one should be able to slip between sleep and awakened state easily.

Bheem says, no one can beat Duryodhan in that, he is the one who shows no difference between two states, as he dreams while sleeping as well as while awake. Everyone laugh. Yudi who keeps smiling as he hears his brothes jolly banter, reprimands Bheem on this saying it isn’t good to hold grudge somuch. Now that they have shown Dury, he will realize.

Bheem and Arjun ask Yudi if he really thinks Dury will change… At that point, Dury and his brothers come ont he opposite direction surrounding the 5 pandavas as both the sides stare at eachother..

Precap: the pandavas reach hastinapur and get the blessings of the king. Dury is threatening Dhrid that if he makes Yudi the crown prince, Dury will break the respect of Hastinapur.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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