Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rubel asking Payal to carry on and leaves. Payal asks Rohit, how dare he call her as he ditched her. Rohit says he waited for her outside the guest house and she never came. Payal tells him that you didn’t left any option for me and says you didn’t reply to my calls. She says you left with some girl. Rohit lies saying she(Latika) is her cousin sister. He lies saying he was kidnapped by Govardhan phuphaji and forced to take his cousin’s help. Payal asks, why you have not call me? Rohit says my phone was with your mama. Payal asks, but you remember my number naa. Rohit is speechless. Adi tells Pankhudi that Rubel will appreciates Payal’s honestly. Pankhudi says but what if he don’t accept Payal. Adi says, with time everything will be fine. Pankhudi

and Adi starts their light and lovely fights. Rohit says he didn’t call her because his sister asked him not to call as you might be caught in the rituals. Payal says, what I shall do after knowing about that girl.

Rohit says she is his cousin and visits him occasionally. Rohit asks her not to interrogate him like a police and says he will not call her anymore. He is about to disconnect the call saying he will still love her. Payal says she did a mistake and says sorry to Rohit for doubting him. Stupid Payal tells him that she can’t spend his life with Rubel. She tells him that she have to come out of this marriage. She says she don’t have any option. Rohit tells her to be in his contact and he will find a way out. Rohit sits in the car and Latika tells that Payal agreed with his story and feels pity on Deewan. Payal thinks she can’t make Rubel happy. She thinks to get back to Rohit and says sorry to Pankhudi.

Avantika recalls about Preeti’s words and thinks she is acting like this. She calls the hospital and gets an appointment with Preeti’s doctor. Doctor tells Preeti and Sameer that they shall get the donor immediately. Preeti tells that she can’t inform her family. Doctor suggests she have to go to foreign for the organ transplant. Doctor insists that it is the best option to have family’s help. Rubel comes to Payal and tells her that Govardhan mama and her Dad have come to meet her. He asks her, where she wants to go on a honeymoon. Payal says she didn’t think of it yet? Payal thinks she can’t love him and decides to hide the truth. She thinks to behave badly with them so that Rubel and his family throw her out of the house. Doctor gets a call and she leaves saying she will be back. Preeti gets Avantika’s call and she asks, whether the meeting is going on. Preeti says yes. Avantika says I am coming to attend it. Preeti says meeting would be over until you comes. Avantika comes from behind and asks her, why she did lied to her. Avantika is shocked to read Preeti’s reports.

Kamini tells Sheela that they wanted to take Payal to kulu for Pag Phera rasam but thinks she shall come later. Sheela agrees. Payal comes wearing a modern outfit. everyone are surprised to see her attire. Sheela asks Payal to get ready for the pag phera rasam. Payal says I am ready. Sheela asks her to wear Indian dress. Govardhan mama asks her to change the clothes. Payal refuses. Rubel supports Payal. Sheela tells that they are okay with her outfit. Adi supports Rubel. Pankhudi says we shall leave as Mamaji have a flight now. Adi tells Pankhudi that Payal talk with Rubel or not. Pankhudi says she will talk to her. Payal gets Rubel’s message asking her to meet him. Rubel asks, is she fine? Payal says she got her friend message. Sheela tells Anuj that she didn’t like Payal’s behavior. Anuj asks her not to pinpoint the issue. Sheela says she didn’t like it.

Diwakar tells Ambika that Govardhan is coming after Payal’s pag phera. Ambika tells him about Payal’s affair with someone and says she is worried about Pankhudi. Diwakar asks her not to worry. Pankhudi tells Govardhan mama that Payal is going to tell the truth to Rubel. Mamaji says he shall talk to Payal and says Rohit is very clever minded person and says he might try to enter Payal’s life. Pankhudi tells him that Payal knows the truth now.

Vedika asks Kailash whether he talk with the adoption centre. Kailash says he talked with them but don’t know how much time will it take. Vedika asks Kailash about Pregnancy pregnancy. He tells her that Sameer doesn’t like him meeting Preeti so he is not meeting her. Payal’s Dad tells her to be good with her family. They leaves. Payal tells Pankhudi that she wants to meet her friend as she couldn’t attend her marriage. Rubel says he will drop her. Sheela comes out of the mall after shopping. Latika calls her and asks about Rubel’s marriage. Latika asks her about Payal. Sheela praises Payal and leaves. Latika laughs and tells her mom that Sheela will get support from her after getting betrayed by Payal.


Adi tells Pankhudi that they will give 1 week time to Payal and says he have to proof that she wants to spend her life with Rubel else I will tell the truth to everyone.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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