Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with buaji convincing Vicky and his mother but they leave.. buaji is furious on rajji for spoiling Kookie’s marriage. rajji thinks to herself that this must be some plan of Vicky and she will not let him succeed in his plans.

bani tells gagan that now she and parmeet will not step back from ngo work and will complete it together. then bani tells gagan that parmeet wants her to do something special tonight. gagan asks special means ? .. bani tells that though they are married but still they have not started their married life . gagan asks wats the problem now. bani tells gagan that parmeet had said he will not start new life until he finds love in her eyes for him. and now the time has come. gagan is happy for them and congratulates bani. then she asks bani wat help can she do. bani tells gagan to plan something special which parmeet will remember forever. gagan agrees.

Rajji handovers the passport to anuradha ji and tells her how difficult it was to take this passport and tells her the last night incident wen guggi had came n buaji also came at same time. anuradha ji says that this passport will help them in proving that Vicky is a fraud. she sends guggi to some office for investigating about the passport. after some time guggi comes back and tells that it will take two days for investigation about the passport . rajji gets worried saying two days is a very long time . anuradhaji says they must do something else by which the marriage can be postponed by one or two days

rajji tells anuradhaji to come and talk with buaji about this as she may listen to her. all this conversation is heard by a lady who works in the ngo.

buaji thinks she must apologise to Vicky and convince them for the marriage. on the other side Vicky is worried thinking why has buaji not called him yet and fears if his plan will fail. just then the ngo lady calls him and tells that rajji has got his fake passport and anuradhaji is now enquiring about it. he gets furious on rajji.

rajji and guggi are talking about how to bring Vicky’s truth in front of buaji. rajji tells him not to lose hopes. guggi gets emotional and says wen they are with him he can never lose hope. he tells rajji wenever he used to be alone he used to think that he has no one in this world as he doesn’t have brother sister parents and then think how unlucky he is. but now he thinks he was wrong. then he says the one who has a bhabhi like rajji and friend like soham can never be unlucky. he thanks them for doing so much for him. rajji also gets emotional. then she consoles guggi and he smiles.

Guggi thinks that all are finding evidence against Vicky but still not getting a single evidence. he thinks of doing something.
Vicky and his mother are talking about how rajji is proving to be a threat to their plan as she has now found about the passport plan too.
Just then guggi enters their and says he has come from the electricity board to check the wires in their house. Vicky refuses to take him in. but his mother convinces him and tells guggi to do his work. guggi goes in a room and start searching for evidence. Vicky gets doubt on guggi and tells his mom to keep an eye on guggi . as Vicky’s mom enters the room she finds guggi trying to open a switch board and asks him wat is he doing. guggi tries to change the topic by talking funnily . then she asks him to show his identity card . guggi acts as if he is searching it and just then door bell rings so she goes out of the room. Vicky opens the door and its buaji. then buaji apologises to them . they agree quicky as they had been waiting for it. guggi hears buaji’s voice and gets panicked. he hides behind the curtains and tries to hear their conversation. Vicky finds him and asks wat is he doing here. guggi tells he was leaving. buaji asks who is he. they tell he is an electrician. then guggi quickly walks out from there but buaji stops him and looks at him carefully .. but then she tells him to come at her house too as some wires need to be repaired.

guggi breathes a sigh of relief and leaves from there. as he comes out of the house he thinks today he is saved from buaji but then wonders even after taking so much risk he couldn’t find any evidence.

At the maan house buaji tells kookiie that now Vicky is ready for marriage. then she shows all the jewellery and dresses she has taken for her. (lots of jewellery is kept for display ) .. just then Vicky enters . buaji signals guggi to go inside . Vicky is happy looking at all the jewellery. but he acts in front of buaji saying there is no need for so much jewellery . buaji says she is giving this as a token of love for them. then Vicky asks for kookie’s passport and ticket saying he will keep it with himself . kookie messages rajji saying Vicky has come at home. just then buaji enters the room and start searching for kookie’s passport and ticket. kookie gets shocked. looking at kookie’s worried face buaji understands that something is wrong. she asks kookie to tell the truth but kookie says she doesn’t know anything. buaji says she will talk to her later. then buaji tells Vicky that the passport has gone along with laundry clothes. so she will give it later . Vicky reminds of that lady’s words that passport is with anuradhaji . he tells buaji that they will go to laundry and take the passport . buaji stops him by saying she doesn’t have the address as it is with angad and soham. Vicky thinks to himself that this means the ngo lady was right and rajji has given the passport to anuradha. (basically he had come there just to find out if kookie’s passport is with buaji or rajji has given it to anuradha ji) ..

buaji comes and shouts on kookie asking for the passport. kookie tells it must have been misplaced. buaji says it is been purposely misplaced . but kookie refuses to accept. so buaji tells her to take her promise and say if its truth. kookie refuses to take any promise and says wen she doesn’t trust her daughter than wat is the use of taking any promise. buaji gets furious saying how can she talk with her in this tone and goes on to slap her. but rajji comes and stops buaji.

Precap – rajji tells buaji that she had taken the passport and there is no fault of kookie in it. buaji is packing her bags and angad simran come there asking wat happened. buaji says that rajji doesn’t want kookie’s marriage to happen in this house at any cost . so she is doing all this. rajji apologises saying she took the passport only to verify its visa and stamp. buaji is in no mood to listen. everybody try to stop her.

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