Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

In morning Avni gets raj’s call. She says good morning. He tells her he was so afraid when got caught by her father. She laughs. He says he almost lost his life, then says he loses it again and again, will have to save it by keeping her with himself. He tells her a trick to get Arpita and Akshit back to family. After the plan he prays to let him know of he is right or wrong. Raj insists Akshit to tell him about the award, but Akshit says he hasn’t got the confidence to stand in front of his dad, had he scolded him again I will be broken.
Raj convices him saying avni is the most affected person by this all.
Avni brings Bauji to office promising him a surprise.
Raj says to Suket that Akshit accomplished the Mumbai project so well; they should give the next project to him. Suket says that he was the one to teach everything to Akshit. Avni and Bauji come to the office. Akshit comes there and says he will have to listen to him because he is talking to the employer of this office. He tells them that he is getting the best hotelier award for Mumbai project and the function will take place in a few days. Suket comes to him and asks Avni did she bring Bauji for this surprise. He says he told her already not to come in between elder’s talk. Suket leaves, Akshit looks at Bauji. He turns around, takes the letter from Akshit. Akshit touches his feet; he hugs him and tells him to continue his hardship. Akshit leaves.
Avni and Raj make a drama. Avni gives him a missed bell. Raj takes the call and shouts at his father. He tells Bauji he is breaking all the relations with his father. Bauji says a father can be angry but one shouldn’t break relations of blood because he can’t. Avni asks why you didn’t say this all to Suket. Raj also urges him. Bauji says that day he saw pain in Suket’s eyes, while everyone saw his anger. Parents give the children good brought-up but when the children stop abiding by them it is very painful. Parents think they have lost everything then.
Avni says to Bauji that they need to solve this problem as Akshit and Arpita can’t be left to live in pain for whole of their lives. Bauji agrees but he says that they will have to understand their parents before that. He says that pointing parent’s mistakes isn’t always important. Raj apologizes Bauji telling him he wasn’t talking to his father. Bauji says he know how pure are their intentions, and regrets why he couldn’t think like that before. Avni takes Bauji in their team, they all shake hand and Bauji hugs both.
Avni cheers that they did it and hugs Raj happily. As Raj places his hands on her back, she comes to realization and leaves. Raj calls and asks her can she give him lift till home. She agrees, he says he didn’t like her hugging him, he loved it.
Raj, Bauji and Avni were in the car. Bauji says he know what they should do. He says he is your dad but I am his. He asks Avni to call Arpita’s friend and invite her for coffee.
Suket was in office. All employees come to his room and congratulate him for Akshit’s success.
Bauji tells Raj and Avni to go for the coffee. Avni and Raj explains Arpita’s friend all the plan, who were anxious for her.
Akshit’s comes home. Arpita hugs him and tells him she is so happy that Bauji finally gave him such positive response about the award. She asks him to help in the dress selection. He is upset and says he doesn’t want to go to any function. She urges him but he says what the point is when the family isn’t with them. He says maa still doesn’t know about the achievement. She says her heart says their family must be there at the award function.
Bauji and Avni waited for Arpita’s friends. Raj was online with Avni. Arpita was surprised and presents refreshment. The friends tell her they got to know about the family issues. Arpita says she is fine. The friends say that they can’t imagine that an educated family like Khandelwal will disown their children just for doing love marriage. They say they can see from her appearance that the family doesn’t treat her like a daughter and make her work. Bhawna and Akshit come to see this. They say that they are with her; they say they will teach her the lessons as her father is lawyer. Akshit goes in anger, while Bhawna stops him. Arpita shouts to shut up, she says her in-laws take good care of her; they love her so much that she doesn’t miss her parents. She says she will handle her personal matter, and won’t listen to anything about her mother in law who calls her her daughter. Avni prays maa gets it how much Arpita loves her.

PRECAP: Akshit asks Arpita will she do whatever he will ask. She says if it will bring the family together, she will do it. He tells the plan, she sadly agrees saying she will do it.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I bet that idiot will send arpita home

  2. Wow!!!!!! How cute was Raj n Avni pair loved the episode!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When avni hugs raj it was really a nice scene.

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