Bandhan 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao laughs at Mahesh and says look how I will put an end to your services. DOn’t ever mess with bhao. Mahesh is staring at them in anger. bhao says always mess with people of your level. An keep the space small enough to shake the hand. A lion like to kill the bear. bhao says you have living like a fox and you will die as a fox because a lion never announces his arrival. Vbhao syas still you are so proud. I will fight as a lion. Lets see who wins in the end and who becomes a fox.

Scene 2
Next morning darpan wakes up in the same Diwali clothes. She sees ganesh sleeping in her room. she says baba must have bought new idol. She goes out there is no idol. she says has baba not come by now? She looks everywhere and wonders where is prabha. she wakes ganesh up and tells him that ai baba aren’t home. Se sees prabha in her room half crying and half slept. she says murmurs Mahesh come back. darpan goes out. Tara wakes up. She looks In the house for darpan. she asks basant has he seen darpan? He says no. Prabha says she isn’t home where can she go. basant says she might have gone to lake. I will find her.
darpan says to ganesh we have to find baba. Walk fast. Where can he go? Baba went to buy a new idol. Tara tells prabha she haven’t seen darpan. Darpan asks the idol shopkeeper have you seen my baaba? He came to bring idol. He says ranger never came here. A young boy says I know where is he. he is in jail. darpan says why would he be in jail? He says my baba old me that darpan’s dad has been arrested. He said your dad is a thief. Daran says he is a ranger. He can’t steal anything. She says lets go to baba’s office ganesh. she says papu is a liar he is the best ranger. He even got the medal. Basant tells prabha they are not on the stream. Prabha says I know where they must have gone.

Mahesh is summoned in his office. His boss says you have done so much for the safety of jungle. He says we have proofs against you and still we are giving you a chance to speak. Darpan says happy Diwali to the guard and says I am coming in the moement. Mahesh says I cant say anything in my clarification. I need chance to prove my innocence. boss says the court will tell their decision in a few days. You have been given time Darpan is looking everywhere for Mahesh. The boss says Mahesh you are suspended as an officer. We have to take you stars. Mahesh’s stars and medals are taken off and so is his cap. Darpan is shocked to see all this. Officer says you are no more a ranger oofficer. Mahesh is still is disbelief. Darpan says baba. maheshs swipes his tears and looks at darpan. Darpan runs in tears. darpan runs Mahesh runs after her. prabha comes there. he says he have you seen darpan? she ran when she saw me being suspended. They ask ganeesh if he has seen darpan. darpan goes to he jungle to the same tree. Darpan recalls Mahesh being suspended. She says my dad is the best ranger why did the officer took his stars and hat? my dad isn’t a thief. Mahesh prabha and ganesh come there looking for darpan. Mahesh sees her praying. He puts a hand on her shoulder. Darpan looks back at him. darpan says baba. Why did they take your cap and stars? why he said you won’t be a ranger any more? Tell me. why papu’s papa called you a thied. Mahesh hugs her. She says will they send you to jail? Mahesh smiles and says it was just a prank to make you fool. I thought you are smart and intelligent. he says this all is a game. she says what game whois palying it? Mahesh says we all. we are all playing game of thief a cops its a large scale game. Mahesh says someone becomes a thief and he is kept in jail for some time. I will tell you everything in the house. Darpan asks what have you become in this game? Mahesh looks at her and says I have become the thief.

Precap-mahesh says you have to help m e in finding the real culprit. He says is karnik team ready? Darpan says yes. bhao comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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