Sadda Haq 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu and randhir are awkwardly looking at each other. Randhir says we should stay like we used to. Nothing has changed between us. Yoyo says I thought we will watch a romantic movie. Its an art movie going on here. Sanyu tells randhir there is some problem in boiler room that is causing the smell. She says 10 minutes are over I don’t think this class will be conducted. I am going to library. Randhir stops her and says meet me at lunch time in cantee.

Yoyo’s pal syas there is a lot of smell. Jiggy says use your mind. Use this soap to get rid of smell. Parth says guys relax college will do something to resolve the issue. Yoyo says they are not doing anything. They are so slow. vidushi says what can we do. jiggy says management can’t even solve a minor problem like this. Yoyo says till when do we have to endure this torture. Vidushi gets a text and goes out. Parth wonders what happened to her.

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Scene 2
SAnyu is working in the lab. she says I have to cover all my loss. Randhor comes to her and says you promised to meet me at lunch time. sanyu checks her phone she has 13 missed calls from randhir. sanyu says I am really sorry. I was busy in work. Randhir says you have no importance of me and leaves. SAnyu says in heart he arranged a lunch date and I did this to him. Randhir has left. SAnyu packs her stuff and goes to randhir with the lunch. Sanyu says I am sorry, I know you are angry. please eat this, I promise this won’t happen again. he says I a not hungry now. sanyu says if anger could kill hunger people won’t die due to hunger. She says I know you are hungry I will make you eat. Okay don’t eat I will eat I wont force you. please take one bite. Sanyu takes out the pizza and eats it. Randhir is is about to say something she makes her eat. They both smile. randhir says don’t be this careless next time. Sanyu says okay don’t be angry next time. sanyu says why did you spent so much on lunch. Randhir says in our relationship only I will care about the money not in you.

Vidushi reads the text we know you are the same vidushi kumar. why are you hiding your identity. Why are you concealing your past. we wanna meet you we will come to FTITE. please reply is urgent. She deletes the thread and swipes her tears. Parth comes there. She smiles and says I will atlk to you later I have to go to library. Parth says in heart I will figure out why you are worried.

Scene 3

Late at night, randhir is busy in watching their photos and so is sanyu. Vidushi wakes up due to the smell. She goes out and so does everyone else. Yoyo says I will die of this smell.

Everyone s the corridor sick of the smell. They want to go in the lab. THe guard says where are going no one is in there ? Yoyo says lets go out and think what we have to do next. Parth says yeah that’s right. Everyone has covered their noses with poece of clothes. There is garbage there. jiggy says where is the management of FITE? Vardhan says you have so many complains? Jiggy says what else should we do. yoyo says at least FITE should provide us with masks. vardhan says why FITE should? You all deserve this. Vardhan sasy I never saw dedication in any of you. You all have complains. None of you came up to me with solution of this problem. you all have no time for silutions you just know how to complain. You can’t complain about each problem. Your situation will change only if you do. Only after that you will have right to complain. Its upto you how to dispose of this crap. A student says are we here to become sweepers? We don’t pay them to do all this. sanyu says what vardhan said is not wrong. A student says its not out responsibility. SAnyu says but we have to dispose our garbage. Vidushi says we won’t collect all this garbage. sanyu says we can stay around with it? yoyo says management has to do it. Randhir says you cant force them. Its definitely not our responsibility. Yoyo says we have to protest against the management. randhir says you are not here to clean this college. Sanyu says but we can clen the place we study at. Parth says he is right. randhir says why didn’t you become the politician. You have to support the majority in mass bunk. sanyu says I don’t support the idea of mass bunk. Randhir says okay then do what you want.

At night no one can sleep due to the smell. Randhir recalls sanyu saying I don’t support the mass bunk. Its my final decision. Sanyu calls him. They are both quite after the hello. sanyu says I just wanted to say I don’t like to fight. He says the don’t. she says there are something that I belive and some that I don’t. Sanyu says mass bunk is not the solution. He says is cleaing the college is? sanyu says why are you fighting. I don’t like to fight. He says neither do I. he says I can’t let you clean the college. I will give you a lt of servants. Sanyu says I felt so good to listen this. he says still you won’t do mass bunk. We can go on dates when the rest of college is bunking. He says we will go for a movie on 12. Sanyu couldn’t hear it due to bad coverage. She says hello? ranhdir says now don’t ruin the plan tomorrow.

precap-randhri asks parth have you seen sanyu. They see smoke coming from the lab. They break in. parth sees sanyukta fainting in there. He tells randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi saddahaqrox, i read more than 30 sandhir cute story is Angel and devil ki lovestory. In this our rd is big gangster and he kidnapped sanyu.

  2. hi!
    Is there any1 who has sent gifts and wishes to parsh???
    Me n my frnd want 2 send, but v r worried as to how??? we have 2 do this WITHOUT our parents knowing….plazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help us

  3. There is a sandhir ff which i love neme is ” in search of true love “

  4. i wl not b able 2 comment fr a few weeks.. shall try to do so whenever possible.. wl b missing u all a lot!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ a/ways, have fun….

  5. anwwwww meera di!!!!!!!!!! why??????
    a/wayz, come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi samairaa i also read that ff. But it is not completed yet. I read 22parts of that ff

  7. There is 1 ff name horrer mystery, in this ff sandhir are married, vidushi is ghost(bhoot) . Imagin vidushi as bhoot.

  8. few weeks!!!!!!!thode zyada ho gaye na?????exams????????ok ok………try to come back soon…………we will be missing u too dear… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. few weeks!!!!!!!thode zyada ho
      gaye na?????exams????????ok
      ok………try to come back
      soon…………we will be missing u
      too dear… @meera jiiii…… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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