Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun telling Chacha that he wants to treat Poorvi well this time, Poorvi has saved him risking her life, as she should know he has a heart and he is a good person. He leaves. Chacha says you are not understanding, but I know everything, as I have seen you unhappy after fighting with that girl. Bachcha Singh gifts everyone on Diwali day. Sujatha sees the gold bangles which he does not give her. She sees her small bangles and signs Nirbhik. Bachcha Singh says these bangles are for Watan and Arjun’s wives, as they will marry in 2-4 years, they should not think that everyone has more gold and they have less, so everyone should be equal. His wife says fine, I will keep it till then. Watan stops her and says its my wife, why will you take tension, and takes the bangles.

He says I will keep it. His mum says whats the matter, your wife did not come and you are taking care, what will you do when she comes, but she can’t wear this Diwali. Watan looks at the bangles and thinks she will wear it in this Diwali and with full love. He smiles. He welcomes Lakshya and hugs him greeting everyone happy Diwali. He eyes Nisha and smiles. He gives his hand and she folds hand to greet him. Gauri hugs Arjun while he smiles seeing Poorvi. He goes to talk to Poorvi and gives his hand. Gauri looks on.

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Poorvi does not shake hands. Arjun says when we met in train for first time, the formality was pending, I want to complete today, can we be good friends. He gives his hand again, and smiles. Poorvi smiles and goes to Mrigank. She shakes hands with him. Mrigank talks to her. Arjun gets angry seeing her with Mrigank. Watan welcomes everyone inside the house. Arjun thinks he will play Ghazal CD. He plays the Ghazals. Poorvi smiles and says Mrigank, do you still remember this. Mrigank says yes and they sit for the card party. They all start playing cards. Gauri sits with Arjun, while he is losing attention, with his mind and eyes being on Poorvi.

Watan loses the game and says its said that whose fate is not good in cards, they win love. He looks at Lakshya. Mrigank says yes, Arjun don’t take fight with me in winning girl, as I lost in cards, so I will get the girl. Arjun gets angry. Gauri says don’t take tension, Mrigank is joking, he is not my type, the girl who likes you, will not like him, as you both are different. Poorvi asks for washroom. Watan shows the way. Arjun stops Poorvi. He asks whats happening, you don’t know Mrigank, why so much friendship. She says she does not want to see his face.

He says our fight is over, now we are friends, so I m trying to talk to you. She says friends? You? No way, never, I did not forget anything, and helping or saving anyone is not in my hands, but I choose friends by my wish, and I did not choose you. She leaves. Mrigank gifts Poorvi and she thanks him. Arjun looks on. Mrigank says I took it when I was studying in Paris, its Eiffel tower miniature. She likes it. Watan praises Mrigank and says Arjun, if Mrigank was in your college, the girls would have followed him. Arjun asks what will they all have. Everyone say their choices. Arjun says he will get for everyone.

Arjun sees Mirgank and mixes wine in Mrigank’s glass. Hua Chokra Jawaan re……………..plays……………………. Arjun gives the glass to Mrigank. Mrigank dinks it and makes faces. Arjun says lets see, how much well behaved you are. Mrigank slips to Poorvi, Arjun gets more jealous. He says is cold drink getting on you. Mrigank says yes, maybe. He is under wine effect and says maybe someone mixed something in my drink. He says I m so sorry, I will not trouble you. Watan says don’t be sorry, its fine. Arjun says tell me Mrigank, do you do stupid things after drinking. Mrigank says I don’t know, I get emotional.

Lakshya gets a call and says sorry, I have to take the call, its from hospital. Mrigank tells Poorvi that she is looking very beautiful today. Arjun gets angry. Mrigank says I have a song for you. Gauri says sing for us. Mrigank says fine, but I need a girl to sing along. Poorvi smiles.

He sings koi ye mujhko batade…………. Chahun mai ya naa……………… Poorvi sings with him. Arjun gets more jealous looking at the smiling stare. Gauri says they look made for each other. Arjun looks on. Nisha says Lakshya is not here, so I m telling you, Poorvi likes you since she met you in Delhi. Mrigank says really, why did she not tell me before, we would have not wasted 2 years. Watan says so what, you know it now, lets have a romantic dance now. Mrigank asks Poorvi for the dance. She holds his hand. Chahun mai ya na………….plays…………….. they start dancing. Watan looks at Nisha and smiles.

Gauri dances with Arjun, while he is upset. Watan asks Nisha for dance, and she nods no. He says please come. She says I don’t know dance. Watan sits and stares at Nisha. Poorvi asks Mrigank is he fine. He says yes. Arjun leaves in anger. Arjun comes in his room and breaks the things. He says whats happening to me and is angry. He thinks about Poorvi and Mrigank. Mrigank and Poorvi have a talk, and says I m sorry I feel I went much ahead. Poorvi says no, you have not gone ahead. Meri bebasi ……………..plays………. Arjun is upset.

Poorvi tells Mrigank that she wants to tell something, after yesterday night, she came to know that he likes her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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