Bandhan 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meethi shoves darpan. bhao comes to darpan and says where were you? I have been looking for you, darpan hugs him. she says I thought ganesh came here. he says don’t cry he will come. I have asked my men to look for your brother. darpan says can we go as well? He says my wife wont let us go. if he comes here she will eat him up. darpan says let me make a drawing of this house and stick it on tree. ganesh will come here. Sheetal brings her a dress. bhao says you have to enjoy the mehndi tomorrow. Sheetal says you will look good in this. now please sleep. Darpan recalls sleeping in her house. When prabha and Mahesh used to wish her night. She goes to the moon. SHe says ai baba ganesh where are you all. I miss you all so much. Why have you all left me alone. She says I promise you ai i wont cry. i am your strong daughter.

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Pinky and her brothers throw water on darpan. pinky says wake up wild. she says here are your clothes. darpan says i wont wear your clothes . i will leave after my dad comes. pinky says look whats in paper. it says that Mahesh murdered prabha. Meethi is coming. Pinky shoves darpan and runs. darpan says baba cant do this. She says who will help me now? A woman comes in and says i will help you. She is the same dancer. she says i will help you. tell me what to do? She says whe i was like you i used to cry like you then i thought why should i cry. darpan says i am not crying. darpan says pinky raghav hit me. Dancer says didn’t you parents say anything. darpan says ai is dead and baba is lost. ganehs doesn’t even know i am here. no one likes me here except for sheetal. The dancer says, you are a strong girl. You have to stand against injustice. Is someone hits you once hit them twice.

Scene 2
Darpan brushes her hair after the shower. She recalls prabha brushing her hair, dressing her. Darpan goes out. She looks everywhere. She sees sheetal cooking with music. sheetal sees darpan and says come in. whats wrong? Darpan shows her the comb. Sheetal says let me do your hair. I can make a lot of hair styles. She braids darpan’s hair. meethi says are you hungry? Darpan says yes.

The dancer is in the room waiting for sheetal. dev comes in.
he says what are you doing in my room? she says i came here to scare you. have your forgotten the old slap? now go and call your bhabhi. dev says i felt bad for what i did. ot was my mistake. I promise i wont do that again. now i am going. He goes out. kajri says so one laughs was enough for her.

The kids are not liking the foor. raghav throws his food and says go and brinsg us pizza. he shoves the servant and she falls down. darpan comes there. darpan picks her up and says are you okay? raghav says she needs a shove too. pinky says we will complain meethi ma. Darpan says come here tai sit here. She says no i cant sit on chair. pinky says you made her sit on chair.

Sanju says meethi maa, why is darpan here? pinky says she used to tease us in school. sanju says she made tai sit on chair. Meethi hits the servant and says now you will sit on chair? SHe takes her to lunge. a woman comes and says whats happening here? Its shakuntala.

Precap-dev and his men are teasing the dancer. Darpan thows in some balls and pebals and they all fall down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. this soap has become utter nonsense no more viewing of this soap

  2. Exactly i hardly watch it nowadays…one little girl can’t have so many villains in her life this is impossible…why the writers got rid of her parents?…c’mon writers you can do better

  3. This show was a beautiful escape from the other shows on Zee with marriage, property, jealously issues. Just about the bond between an animal who have the understanding like a human and is family. The screwed this show up with its current track big time.

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