Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun realizing he has sent Poorvi with some men in the car and it can be dangerous. He runs on the road to find her. He sees the men misbehaving with Poorvi. Poorvi beats them on her own and kicks them out of the car. He smiles. She sees him and comes ot him. She says I told you I m not helpless woman and I can save myself. She says everything is fine, lets go now. The men take some rods and start beating Arjun. Poorvi is tensed. The men slap Poorvi. Arjun gets angry seeing them take Poorvi and gets up. Arjun beats the goons red and blue. Poorvi asks him to leave them. They ask are they fine. He says nothing can happen to her, till he is with her. He asks is she listening. She says Yeh dil sun raha hai. She hugs him. Yeh dil sun raha hai……….plays………….

Gauri hides and watches them romancing. She takes their pic and video of Arjun kissing Poorvi. Poorvi turns and stops Arjun. She says she has to go. Arjun says just one kiss. She closes her eyes and turns. She says what if anyone see us. He says people care who don’t love, and we love each other. He says he has full right on her, as she is his by her soul. Gauri comes and stops them. She says she was passing by and saw them. Yeh dil sun raha hai……….plays…………. She takes Poorvi and leaves. Gauri sends the pic to Sujatha. Sujatha is glad and blesses Gauri for sending this best proof. She says Watan has got Nisha from her mandap and won place in dad’s heart, but now its her turn to do some big thing and earn respect for Nirbhik. She tells Nirbhik that she has breaking news. He asks her to tell by love.

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She asks him to do as she says. They both come to Bachcha Singh. Sujatha thinks dad will be impressed by us today. Nirbhik says he has to tell something special and important. He says I was thinking to… Sujatha thinks she told her to talk about Arjun and Bhanupratap’s daughter’s marriage. Nirbhik asks Bachcha Singh to arrange Arjun and Tanu’s meeting before marriage so that they can understand each other. Bachcha Singh says will you tell me what to do now, and likes his advice. He says I don’t know how you got this idea, how is your mind working, your mind is growing, call Bhanupratap here. Bhanupratap comes and greets him.

Bachcha Singh is surprised and says great telepathy, I was calling you now. Bhanupratap says he has come to invite them for Tanu’s birthday party, she is 21 years old now. Bachcha Singh says we will surely come. Bhanupratap asks why was he calling him. Bachcha Singh asks when will you keep her marriage party. Bhanupratap laughs and says whenever you get the baraat, I m waiting to welcome you. Bachcha Singh says make Arjun and anu meet, they will understand each other, and then we will tell you that we can fix their marriage. Bhanupratap says fine, lets start with this party. He says he will talk to his daughter. He comes home and sees Tanu scolding some guys. He scolds them.

He asks her not to talk to guys, as anyone will say she has an affair with anyone. She says she does not like such guys, they are like her servants. She does not like the raw mangoes and asks the guys to get ripen mangoes. The guys fight to please her. Bhanupratap asks them to leave and laughs. He tells her about Arjun’s proposal for her, as he is Bachcha Singh’s son, and he can’t say no to them. She says tell them no, else I will say. He says no, I will tell him. She says tell them I don’t like to say yes without meeting him. She leaves. He says he loves Tanu a lot and is making her do what she wants.

Neelima tells Dayal that they have to go in the party to know about Bachcha Singh and Bhanupratap’s clients and proof against them. Lakshya asks are they ready. Poorvi says she won’t go in party. Dayal says its fine, let her be at home. Lakshya says this city is not safe, we can’t leave her alone. Gauri asks her to come. Poorvi says it will be boring party. Gauri says she got Arjun’s message, he wrote he is also coming, you have to come now. Poorvi smiles and says she will come. Gauri thinks Arjun should come there and their secret romance will be out in the party. Sujatha asks Arjun to get ready. Arjun says he won’t come as he does not know Bhanupratap’s daughter.

Bachcha Singh comes to him and asks him to meet Tanu. Arjun says he is busy in playing games. Sujatha asks him to come and enjoy. Arjun says he is enjoying the game at home. Bachcha Singh says leave him, he does what his heart says. Sujatha insists and says his college friends are coming, Gauri is coming with Dayal’s family. Arjun asks really? Bachcha Singh says yes, I don’t know how did Neelima accept the invitation, maybe she will create any issue. Arjun says I will come with you. Bachcha Singh asks how did he change his mind suddenly. Arjun says he is coming to help him and goes to get ready. Bachcha Singh says its good, he will meet Tanu now.

Neelima thinks she will find proof against Bachcha Singh. Bachcha Singh thinks she can’t harm him. Sujatha thinks Arjun and Poorvi’s love story will be out, and she will enjoy seeing it. Gauri thinks her broken heart will get peace seeing their love die today. Arjun thinks he can’t wait to meet Poorvi. Yeh dil sun raha hai………….plays………… Poorvi thinks she may get time to spend with Arjun today.

Arjun sees Poorvi and smiles in the party. They talk via signs. Lakshya sees Arjun and Gauri comes infront of Poorvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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