What do you think about Additi’s entry in Qubool Hai?

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The show Qubool Hai is adding more spice to the already going high dose drama, by bringing a new lead opposite Aahil. Additi Gupta debuted in Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil, a show that aired on Star Plus co-starring Harshad Chopra . She has done cameo roles in Sanjog Se Bani Sangini, Punar Vivah, and Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan. She is making a comeback on the small screen after 4 years and has chosen the hit Zee TV show Qubool Hai. She will surely hit waves by her role. A huge suspense was created seeing the girl who was going ahead to marry Aahil, with no one knowing about her. Tanveer plants her in Aahil’s life to kick out Sanam from his life. Aahil gets shell shocked seeing her as his bride and is curious to find out Sanam. He gets more shocked to see Sanam walk in with her twin sister Seher.

Additi’s character will be brought in the scheme of things Additi’s character will also be named Sanam in the show, which leads to the confusion in Aahil’s mind. Tanveer clarifies to Aahil and cleans her hands off this marriage. With Surbhi Jyoti leading the show since its start on October 29, 2012, and many actresses being a part of the show, we have to see the response of the viewers with Additi’s entry. The new Sanam in Aahil’s life will take track ahead and will surely be interesting. What do you think about Additi’s entry in Qubool Hai? Let us know in this poll and also leave your opinion in comments section below.

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  1. Its gonna be always intressting and fun in Qubool Hai can’t wait

  2. i feel sad that the poor show is dragging it is no fun to watch anymore

  3. Some are excited on out the entry what this will create distance between sanam and aahil……. 🙁 I feel damn sad

    1. I am extremely sad also.I wanted Sanam to get Ahil as hers and not to fight anymore.She has been through a lot to get there.It is time to kick Tanveer out.She is to evil.

  4. U are right Pari…….it is gonna create some distance

  5. Yip it’s gonna ….. It doesn’t mean that if she does a good role in some other seriels it’s gonna be cool to see her again …!!!!!!! Never……!! I respect urlls feelings but SABRINA and PARI are right about this qubool hai…..dragging…! More better to see tanveer dragging out of the story line …!.

  6. Dragging again ……. OH GODDDDDDD

  7. 🙁 okay ……! ITS ENOUGH NOW ….!not again additi should go out ASAP

  8. Oh god why bring in more drama let sanam marry ahil den work wid exposing tanveer

  9. Yes she should work but not be stupid and tell aahil abut tanveer coz he will not believe sanam

  10. Real Sanam should have been married Aahil and expose Tanvir with help of Seher and Rehan. Btw, why Rehan doesn’t tell his identity to everyone. If he is a positive character then he should expose Tanvir. This new Sanam is really big draaaaag to this show. I love Aditi from her past shows but I don’t want her to be in QH 🙁

  11. This is getting too much, many things are been forgone all in the name of bringing in new character. does it mean sanam and ahil’s love story is over?

  12. no there will be a distance but they will make up again at first when Sanam would tell Aahil the truth he would not believe her but gradually and step by step he would find out the truth

  13. Nooooooooooooo ADDITI IN QUBOOL HAI

  14. looks liek they needed Additi for the 1 year extension

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  16. Dese writers dnt put viewers point in mind.d show is dragging jo.end d damn tin n start a new one.

  17. As per the serial sanam is ahil first wife

  18. i think they plan to make
    additi vs sanama .
    tanveer vs sehar

  19. are’nt the villians enough d shw that they are introducing one more???what for dis chrctr nw ?jus 2 create rift btwn sanam,ahil…wt more can b expctd 4m her???4 few daz she gona act as pupet in d hands of tanveer n latr wid d sisters move that aditi gona come 2 sister’s side…later trio gona plot aganst tanveer wid d help of dilshad…meanwhile enough of distncs gona b created btwn ahil,sanam…n seher tryng 4 rehaan n rehaan doesnt acpt her…at d last seher,rehaan….ahil sanam gona patch up…..wid rahat’s help haya gona knw fiaz truth n dis fiaz gona b handed over 2 police n meanwhile tanveer’s death also gona come wr in at d last she gona confess everythng vch she has been doing since her teen age,,,,ahil gona hate her n get away 4m tanveer’s grip… there aftr all d 3 couples gona b hpy wid their badi ammiii

  20. Why d twist,cant wait 4 dis show 2 end.it making me angry.

  21. Why d twist.ooh!!

  22. This just means….more dragging!!!! not pleased at all.

  23. Idiot Ekta ……. She makes

    1. qubol hai is not Ekta show!!

  24. dragging too much..y is der a need to create distance between aahil n sanam…we want sahil moments..plz make the show short n sweet…

  25. We really do not need this drama,people are goin to end up not watching this show and it will be another pavitra rishta(thou that was a good show)we really do not need all this dram and slowing down…..get to the real plot already

  26. its not fun watching it, too much drama

  27. Sanam lot have bear alot y the crn tanveer never face her evil end? Only one lot is suffering n suffering all the time now scene should b change n tanveer should b punished as mych as she tortuted others her good days must b end n she should show like servant of the house n now sehar n sanam should b shown the malikun

  28. Boring, it’s time to end this painful drama, good god. It’s a sheer torture.

  29. I’m mad as hell…if the writers were brilliant as they say they wouldn’t come up with this crap they are a million stories left in this world to be written, if you need to keep this serial for one more year they are other twist they could have written…i personally think sanam character have been through alot c’mon give her a break, i rather see Ahil and Sanam married even if their marriage is going through ups and downs but what we got is a shocker instead

  30. I m not at all interested in aditi s entry

    1. Aditi Gupta is an amazing actress . i would love to see her but the middle of the show creating new sanam is a question?? i read article about surbi may in couple of months gonna act in movie. i am not sure 100%. Aditi’s role docile by Tanveer. Aditi’s talent shouldn’t controlled by Tanveer. i feel they can finished the story and start the new story with Aditi Gupta. i don’t think anyone will be hating Aditi’s entry but everyone upset to see new face and new Sanam in the middle of their love story!!

  31. I’m really disappointed! I thought after all the darkness Sanam went through she would get some light finally, but sadly no! I actually don’t want this serial to end because the flash backs with Asad and Zoya reminded me of the best times. Even though they went through a lot too. I think Sanam is just like her mom, she finally got happiness in the end.

  32. See I feel that qubool hai should stick with one character
    Or else the show might start getting boring …..

    1. yes sudden changed in any story audience won’t like it. Aditi Gupta such an amazing actress. They are changing a new track. why don’t they finished the old story and srart the new story with Aditi. i don’t like to see her talented acting become ruled by tanveer. Aditi

  33. Aditi Gupta I admired your talented and speechless acting in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil. i am excited to see you in Qubol Hai. please cast crew she is a talented actress and don’t let ruled by Tanveer. please unite the old Sanam and create the new story with Aditi Gupta. I don’t think she deserved to be dragged or hate by anyone because of her entry as new Sanam,

  34. Miss sahil sehan raya 🙁

  35. I think the storyline is being dragged on and I would prefer ahil and sanam to get together and maybe the new sanam should have been brought in for faiz

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