Bandhan 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan is dancing. Shaku is jealous. ganesh is looking for bhao. Darpan falls in the end. Everyone gives her a standing ovation. Naraini goes and picks her up. Host says its time to announce the winner. The winner of this competition is Darpan karnik. Everyone claps for her. Naraini, ganesh and kajri are very happy. Pinky, shaku and meethi are angry.

Darpan says thanks for giving me this prize. I wanna thank three people for this triumph. First is my God who gave me strength and I won it. Then Naraini aunty, she taught me such a good dance. And third is my brother ganesh. He gave me reason to win it. I have won it for him. you all think that I am mad, I consider an elephant my brother. But he is really my brother. What if I am human and he is elephant. He annoys me like other brothers but protects me as well. I would never have won it if he wasn’t with me. We are both each others ai baba, friends and power. I dedicate my prize to ganesh. Thank you ganesh. shaku, pinky and meethi leave. Ganesh comes on stage. Host says now I would call vishwas rao to stage to give darpan trophy and prize money. Bhao gives dapran her prizes. Bhao says when God supports someone, no one can harm him. No one can come between these brothers and sisters. He says to naraini you did a good deed by teaching my best friend like a mother. Naraini says yes people say if I had kids I would have been a good mother. Btu because of some people this couldn’t happen. bhao leaves.

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Scene 2
Darpan gives ganesh medicines. SHe says I have got 5 thousand. We don’t have to ask anyone for medicine. It will be of our own money. Naraini comes and says you performed so well. I have brought a surprise for you. She gives him a gift. darpan says you are like ai baba they used to gift me when I won something. darpan opens it, its a yellow dress. Darpan says sorry aunty I cant take this dress. If I take a gift and ganesh doesn’t get anything he will be sad. He is a small kid. I will buy some gift for ganesh then I will take this dress. naraini says I knew that you wont take gift without him. I have a surprise for him as well. Darpan opens it, its a bell. darpan says you remind me of ai a lot, naraini says I am like your ai. darpan says you are so nice if you had a kid he would have loved you a lot. naraini gets upset. She leaves. dapran says ganesh when I talk about kids to her she gets worried and starts crying.

Pinky is crying. Sanju says stop it pinky. raghav says its part of competition. Pinky says darpan won because naraini aunty taught her. raghav says worked hard that’s all. sanju says are you on her side? raghav says I am only saying truth. pinky says he is not our real brother. sanju says if you were our real brother you would have been on our side. Lets go pinky.

naraini goes to her room and cries. She takes out her bag which has some small kids’ clothes. She says after years I am in front of my past. The tears that were buried came out but I wont cry. I will make you cry now. Years ago what you did to me you will have to pay for it.

Darpan sees raghav crying. she goes to him. darpan asks why are you crying? He says nothing. darpan says why are you crying? tell me. my mom used to say we should share our sorrows. I am your friend. raghav says darpan I am not what you think I am. I am just.. he says no I am fine. He runs out. darpan says there is something that he is hiding.

meethi says why don’t we just kick her out. shaku says we need to enjoy it a lot. Shaku says we will tease ganesh and this will hurt darpan. Darpan’s life is in ganesh. She defeated pinky now see how will make her dance.

Scene 2
next morning, darpan wakes up ganesh is not with her. darpan looks out. meethi says whom are you looking for, ganesh? I saw him going to hall where you performed yesterday. when darpan goes there shaku comes with fire and says you danced yesterday now its ganesh’s turn.She throws the fire all around ganesh. ganesh scream and is scared.

Precap-darpan says today shaku took advantage of your weakness tomorrow it will be someone else. I will take this fear out of your heart.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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