Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik is about to lift the curtain and Nandini turns her face. Soha calls him and Manik leaves saying that I am coming. Soha and Manik start to flirt while Nandini peaks through the curtain and the two of them start to dance. Nandini comes out a little and drops a vase; Soha says that we should check when Manik says that I will go. Nandini manages to leave through the window and Manik says that it’s just the wind. Soha says that why don’t we start to dance again while Manik says that why don’t I bring some vine.
Aliya is walking furiously when DHruv comes and calms her down. ALiya says that they were very rude to me as Harshad is not to blamed for their problems. She asks Dhruv if she is saying something wrong, Dhruv says that you are saying the right thing but you must understand that it will all take some time. ALiya says that we don’t have time and I can’t otherwise Harshad will be sentenced for 7 years. She then gets a call from Harshad and DHruv forces her to answer it.

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Harshad asks if everything is Okay and ALiya says that she is the worst sister and says that her best friends refused to withdraw the case. Harshad cancels the call and is about to throw the phone away when the officer stops him. Dhruv says to Aliya that everything will be Okay as nothing is lost yet. He says that it’s just that Harshad rubs of everyone the wrong way. Aliya gets angry and tells Dhruv to leave her alone. She leaves and starts to cry again looking at a photo of her and Harshad.
Nandini is fleeing the scene while Manik is following sense that she is here. She manages to escape his sight again and again. When cornered Soha comes and asks Manik where he was. Manik takes her away and then stops and says that I just remembered that I have a special vine bottle. He tells Soha to take a seat while Nandini runs from the place and lands in Manik’s room.
Muktii bumps into Abhymanu who is dressed as a clown and asks of what she is doing here. She says that I came here for the rehab and tells Abhymanu to not to start over acting again. Abhymanu says that I am the one with the over acting but tell me something new. Muktii takes the nose off and calls him a scared one and he calls her a hungry one. She says that it was magic and he asks if she believes in magic. He says that it is magic that we keep bumping into one another. She leaves saying that you are disgustingly cheesy and he stops her and says that make a wish now and it will come true sooner or later.
Nandini is walking in Manik’s room and is mad at Manik and Soha. She says that I have to do something when she sees his phone and texts every member of the Fab5. Manik is also tired and wants to get Soha out of here. Manik sits with Soha and says that my eyes are burning, he shows her eyes to Soha and they are blood red. He says that they are contagious and asks her to leave. In reality Manik has just poured some lemon in them.
Nandini is wants to leave the room when Manik comes and she hides behind the closet. Manik keeps on talking as if Soha is there jus to annoy Nandini. Nandini comes out and says that are you mad while Manik asks of what she is doing here. Nandini says that why you giving Soha wrong signals and Manik are says that you are saying this, and what type of signals are you giving. He says that you told me to move on so I am moving on. Nandini holds his arm and says that do what you want I am not stopping you.
Nandini gets a call from Soha who says that you got zero marks for all the info. She tells Nandini that she had to leave and Nandini says that you had to leave and cancels the call. She pushes him on the bed and says that you are playing smart with me. Manik takes her down and says that why do you come to my room. In the struggle Manik lands on Nandini and they are about to kiss.

Precap: The Fab5 comes and find Manik in bed and sick. They start to care of him when Manik stands up and says that I am completely fine.

Update Credit to: Sona

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