Shastri Sisters 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka coming to Bua ji. Astha tells Bua ji that Astha has stopped Rohan from stopping the marriage. She fills her ears against Alka. Alka says I was not taking anyone’s side, I know Anushka does not lie. Bua ji says you are seeing Anushka as your sister, and they can’t feel their sister is lie, she can think Karishma is lying. Alka says nothing like this. Vrinda says we are reminding Karishma the things which she should forget. Astha says how can we make her forget, Alka should apologize to Karishma. Alka says but.. Astha says you are Anu’s sister, and share everything, so apologize on Anu’s behalf. Rohan comes and says everything can’t be shared, if one sister did mistake, we can’t punish the other one.

Sareen asks Neil to recall, they will get some clue. Rajat looks on. Sareen says you play video game and is very smart, think something. Anushka comes to Rajat. Rajat looks on angrily and goes to the room. He shuts the door. Mere saajna……..plays……………… Anu stands outside and cries. Devyaani asks Neil to think something. Neil says I m trying. She asks Sareen to become Karishma’s side lawyer and she will become Anushka side’s lawyer, we can find some solution. Neil listens to them. Devyaani asks Sareen how did Alka get saree and utensils. Sareen asks whats the proof that Karishma wore it. Neil says the day Lalit brought Rajat, Karishma was wearing same sandals.

Sareen asks what does this proof, it was not unique shoes. Anu comes to them. Sareen says I won the case and the court announces Karishma is innocent, and Anushka is culprit. I m sorry to say this. Anushka says we did not notice one thing, how did she know about the CD. Devyaani says maybe she heard Rajat talking to any officer. Neil says maybe, Rajat asked us not to come in his room, and Karishma went there to meet him, and Rajat scolded her. Anu recalls. Neil says I heard it. Neil reminds Anu that she got vegs that day. She says my heart is saying we will get proof from that room. Neil says I will check. Sareen says Rajat is in room, when he goes out, we will check.

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Bua ji asks Rohan how can he support Alka. Rohan says Alka did not do mistake, so Anu should apologize. Vrinda says Rohan is right, Alka is here with us to take care of us and Karishma, she did not go to Anu. Rohan says Alka will not apologize. Astha says great, you became a good son in law, you will say Anu does not need to apologize. Rohan says no, I will say Anu has to apologize, she did wrong, she should be punished. Alka says if reason is right behind wrongly done work, is it wrong. Bua ji asks what. Alka says Anu can never be wrong, she can’t hurt anyone. Astha says but she did this. Vrinda asks Alka to calm down. Alka says fine, if its proved that Anu did mistake, I will apologize and accept the punishment.

Rajat thinks about Anu and is unable to sleep. Anu thinks about Rajat. She removes her jewelry. Saajna mere saajna………………..plays……………… They recall their love moments. Rajat recalls how he was suspended. Anu recalls his harsh words and cries. Its morning, Anushka brings tea for Minty and Sareen. Minty says the party will be there and you all have to come, Karishma too. Sareen asks Minty when will you stop to scare me, why are you giving party. Minty says my bahu survived, so I m giving party. She says Anu is not our bahu, Karishma is our bahu.

Minty says she will kick out Anu, and she has time till evening. She kept new year party to make Karishma and her family happy. Sareen says Anu will get proof. Minty says its kalyug, and one can never get Lord and proof. She says Karishma will come as my bahu and Anu will leave. Neil and Devyaani look for some clue in Rajat’s room. Devyaani says we are stupid to find the thing we don’t know. Someone knocks the door. Anushka says its me. Neil opens the door. She asks did she get anything. Devyaani says nothing. Neil says Rajat worked in this room, and he will keep CD safe here. Devyaani says maybe he kept it somewhere. Neil says Rajat’s work is foolproof. Devyaani says we would have not trapped then, else he would have kept CCTV camera here. Neil thinks.

Neil says no CCTV camera, but I have laptop. Anu asks what. Neil says I was recording that day when you and Karishma has fight, I saw Rajat working on CD that day and next day he went to head quarters, mum called me to come for shopping, and I left laptop on, I was making video to cheer up Devyaani, and you are very sad, and I was unable to see it. He says I was recording video when no one was there at home, and I left with Minty keeping webcam on recording mode, I feel the laptop can have some proof. Anu and Devyaani smile.

Neil sees the video. Karishma and Astha see through window. The make sound and Neil and Devyaani go out. Karishma and Astha see the recording and delete it happily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. again the same stupid track.oh god i hope the video not delted.and i wish it may store in recycle bin or they have any alternative proof.but really darging lot.and making fool of us and feeling by stupid story line.i hope get the truth out atleast trm.thanks for update.

  2. offfffohhh video bhi delate kr di karishma….ab kya hoga..???

  3. proof delate kr di….karishma……offoohhhhh ab kya hoga..????

  4. neil to jrur dimag lagaya hoga….bcz anu aur devyani dono sath thi us time jb bahar astha aur karishma ke karan sound hua tha….

  5. ohhhhh god directr ko koi to samjhao sach jald samne laye..kahi sach late late der na ho jaye.

    1. This show id driving me crazy

  6. I think there will be twist I don’t think those both dayaans have completely destroyed the evidence

  7. i think , rajat srf nam ka fauzi hai….dimag lagata hi nhi h,,,usko to sochna chahiye jis din wo cd safe jagah me rakh raha tha…us time karisma hi aayi thi. Offoohhhh bahut ho gya drama.

  8. precap……..?????

  9. sab koi apna comment do kaise proof us dono vamp.. Se bach payega.

  10. nice but phir vo same thing . just find proof plz

  11. kitna bar srf karishma bachegi. Sach to sach hota hai…..jhoot jyada der nhi tikega…but is progrm me to had ho gyi.

  12. nw its clear dat…..neil aur devyani samajh chuka hai ki karishma hi sab kuchh ki hai , asli video recording wala cd wo log apne pas rakh ke aur koi dusra cd laptop me rakh deta hai..karisma aur astha samjhti ki proof delate, but asli cd video proof devyani ke pas aa gyi hai….ab sab log khush ho jao.

  13. this serial rite now sucks there are just bringing twists and twists it turning out to be boring

  14. I hope anu,deviyani n Neil has a copy of tat video in their mob

  15. Oh god that cd also gone? What’s this yaar? No plan to keep anu happy in near future it seems

  16. Kya Faltu Mood Bna Diya Yar Director Ne?
    Precap Me Karisma ki jeet dikha k

  17. Dei.. Neengellam adangave maateengala da…!!!! Oru karishmaava vachitu ethana naal than da serial ah otuveenga…!!!! Muthalla antha karishmaava potu thallanum….

  18. This is so ridiculas always astha and karishma won what abt the truth pls end it soon

  19. This is absolute bullshit, why can’t they find a way to resolve this, they’ve had many chances, change the storyline pleaseeeeee

  20. I wish rajat or someone see Dem deletin da video n records Dem laughin or confessin bwt wah dey hve done

    1. N deyshuld shw it wen dere bwt to thrw anu out

  21. Agree with @ms_rangrasiya

  22. Lool this is just a repeat of the alka incident except with anu, deviyani and Neil.

  23. OMG, someone please tell me how to stop Laughing after this episode and the recap.

  24. This drama is really like kumkum bhagya… I don’t know why Shastri Idiots are copying that storyline- this mms/video drama is so stupid!!!

  25. I really want Anu to prove herself innocent and then move AWAY from Minty/Rajat/Karishma and then live her life happily ever after.

    But unfortunately this is not going to happen.

  26. i think…….jhooth ka drama over ho chuka hai. Sach jaldi hi samne aa jayega.

  27. What yaar… Is the people who wtchg this serial r fools???? Karishma and astha always won.. This is the last chance.. If anu failed in this too ….. There will be nothing to watch… If the writer don’t know how to wrt the story means just finish it.. Don’t drag the show in stupid manner…

  28. agar is bar anu prrof dikhane me fail huyi to really mai apne puri family ke sath isko nhi dekhungi.

  29. ohhhhh god…….nautanki hai totally.

  30. what a stupid show it is…….apna trp khud ghata rha serial wala………

  31. lagta h ki karishma ka iq level bhut km h….use y bhi nahi maalum ki delete krne k baad recyle bin jala jata hhhh….so stupid karishma…….

  32. agar ab sch samne nai aaya to kasam se se ill stop watcing this serial its very much disgusting

  33. When will the truth come out? I am dying to see everyone’s reactions after they come to know about the wicked Karishma, my arch enemy………. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. Rajat, where are you? 😮 Please believe me and beat up Karishmu for whatever she has done to our life 😮

  35. boring…. really just strecthing this part now

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