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Bandhan 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says what choice were you talking about? Dev sweats and is quite. He says bhao the competition, your best friend said that i should select her in my team. I said the one with better performance will be in my team. bhao says you are right, i trust that in dance competition my best friend will win. darpan says yes uncle. bhao leaves, darpan hugs dev. Darpan says thank you for helping us. Your all mud is cleaned today, you are cute uncle from now. Ev holds he hand and sits down. He says I trust you completely and now you will win in the competition. darpan hugs him. Bhao is still there. He leaves.

Bhao says in heart there is benefit, its your time to go to your mom and dad. tomorrow will be your last day. Kajri says thank you dev you made me happy. My husband chose the right path. Dev says I dont want my kid to hate me. I want him to love me. Naraini says now everything will be fine. After that vishwas rao will be punised. dev says i have a condition that bhao shouldn’t be shot. I am on right track, if we kill bhao what will be the difference between him and us. He should be arrested and cops will do what they want. Our brother killed your parents if we kill him your dad’s name will end too. the stains will wash as well. darpan says he right naraini aunty. If we kill him we will be like him. naraini says yeah you are right. we can’t be wrong in order to fix wrong. Narani says i promise no one will kill your dad. Naraini says so our misssion 26th January starts.

Scene 2
Next morning, all the decors are done. Shaku says see her bhao. Naraini says this red colors is the symbol of our independence. she tells kid about the flag. shaku says see how she is teaching her. Its last day of darpan’s life but you didn’t tell me your plan. Bhao says i will blow the candle and then i will blow flame of darpan’s life. bhao’s man comes in with a box. Bhao says meet him, he will do two roles. He makes cake in the day and kill people at night.

shaku says see meethi how much my bhao loves you. Dev sees bhao with shooter. Bhao says come here darpan. He introduces darpan to him. Bhao says he owns cake shop. dev says i know every friend of bhao but i never saw him before. Bhao gives money to the man. Shaku says what about naraini? bhao says she will go as well. Inspector come as well. Bhao says I am glad you are here. He says you planned to celebrate birthday with so much enthusiasm i had to come. Bhao says the kids planned it. Welcome. naraini asks everyone to stand so inspector can rasie the flag. inspector says the kids will raise the flag, they are our future. Meethi blows candles and cuts the cake. Everyone wishes her. darpan recalls her last birthday.

darpan goes in the home. bhao nods at his shooter. The shooter follows darpan. He faints her and picks her up. Naraini says to kajri darpan went in the house she is not back till now. The shooter takes darpan to jungle, He finds a axe to kill her. Bhao says i welcome you all to birthday of my wife. The kids will entertain you all. Kajri dances on manwa laage. Dev joins her. Naraini asks ganesh if he has seen darpan. She says there is something wrong go and look for her in junge. The shooter is diggning a hole. He calls bhao and says its done. the grave is ready.

Naraini says to kajri where is darpan i am really worried for her. kajri says dont worry we will find her. Naraini says promise me if something happens to me you will take care of my son raghav, you will treat him like your son. kajri says you will see him growing up and give him love you couldn’t. Ragahv comes in, her has overheard their coversation. The shooter places darpan in the grave. Raghav is shocked. he says you are my mom? naraini says yes my mom, raghav says why didn’t you come when sanju and pinky called me orphan. why you never told me? Naraini says i will tell you everything why i stayed away from you. But after this function, do you trust me? Raghav says yes. naraini hugs him.

The shooter starts covering the grave. Ganesh is in jungle looking for darpan. He sees the shooter. Ganesh hits the shooter he falls faint on the ground. ganesh wakes darpan up. She is shocked to see herself in jungle. darpan says my performance. Narani says to kajri i am going to find him. Bhao says dont go anywhere there are so many guest. what had to happen has happened already, now it will be without my best friend. Pinky will perform it now. naraini says what should we do now.

A kid comes on the stage with face covered. its darpan bhao is shocked. she starts her story with her parents, then talks about ganesh. SHe says then an evil came in their lives. He said i will ruin everything. that evil became friend of the girl. The little girl couldn’t understand the evil plans of the beast. bhao is tensed. shaku sees kajri going somewhere. she follows her. evil then killed her parents and became friend of the little girl. Kajri goes to ganesh and says you have to come, its your time. you will hit the last nail in his casket. shaku comes in. shaku says you are deceiving my brother. dev comes in. shaku says she is cheating us all. Dev says i will expose her. she cheated me as well. He takes kajri out and takes ganesh as well. dev says they betrayed us. I didn’t know they will cheat us. Look if someone is there. He runs out and bolts shaku in, shaku says you want to kill your bhao? Ev says i want him to be punished. Law will punish her.

Ganesh comes on the stage, bhao is totally scared. Bhao says ghost he is here again. shaku is trying to break the door. darpan says why his ghost only scares you? naraini says have you done anything? bhao says i made a mistake. he will kill me, naraini says what mistake? Bhao says i.. i.. ganesh.. shaku comes and says bhao stop. she says we have been cheated. Ganesh is alive. shaku tells him everything in ears. inspector says vishwas rao is everything okay? shaku says he is fine, it was part of play. all the guests leave. naraini says we have to run from here darpan. i will meet you in temple. go with ganesh. i will come with raghav, we are not save here. Naraini goes in, bhao stops her and points a pistol at her.

Precap-bhao says your and my love story will end today, he shoots her. darpan hears it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Aur Pyar Ho Gaya Fan

    Naraini Will die and darpan Will lose jer memory..what crap is going on

  2. why is bhao always getting the upper hand why did naraini was shot by bhao it should have been bhao to get shoot this is real shit with this soap criminal bhao getting the upper hand again I am totally fed up with the way this soap is progressing why the bad ones always win

  3. This is gross I cannot look at this.She is an orphan.You writers do any thing for money and ratings.

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