Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadi calls nisha in room,nisha says dadaji is calling everyone down,dadi says yes lets go,everyone gatjer in hall,dadaji informs that umesh and aman wedding will be as per fixed and viraj will be from amans side does anyone want to say anything, everyone agrees,dadaji says ok laxmi and ramesh will look after the arrangements, ramesh and viraj share sweets,umesh and aman take blessings of elders,dadi says to umesh see I told u everything will be fine,viraj gives aman some money and says its shagun,vimla says wait and takes the money and says only 101 is enough and returns the remaining, jwala says nisha lets go for rehearsals,dadaji says wait I need to talk, what are u guys dancing and all viraj told me and one thing practice well and in the house and umesh who will look after shop if u go for practice,umesh says dadaji I will look after the shop and let suku be part of the team,jwala asks viraj to join them,ramesh doesn’t like this.
Cousins celebrate with a cake for umesh and aman,nisha says ok lets start with rehearsals , bunty says nisha the tape isn’t working, suku says oh I will see that,suku tries but fails,sourabh says I will check but fails,nisha says ok kirti do it on counts for now,suku sourabh bunty see umesh and aman lost in eachother and show others,viraj says umesh im amans brother do u think its ok to do all this in front of me, umesh says actually,aman says I will get something,viraj smiles and says relax I was joking,aman feels shy and runs away,kirti says I think we need strategy and so we will keep viraj sir for the final rounds as he is the strongest and nisha and sourabh u two are very week so start practicing, nisha and sourabh argue,kirti says sourabh u dance with me, sourabh says go find ur own pair,nisha asks viraj can he be her partner,viraj smiles and says sure nisha, nisha and viraj pair up and practice very well, viraj says wow nisha good ur doing very well,ramesh sees nisha with viraj and calls her and asks her to come with him,nisha says ok and asks others to continue with rehearsals.

Ramesh and laxmi ask nisha why did she do this, laxmi says nisha do u think this is right, nisha says plz don’t mom,ramesh says I don’t know anything from now nisha will not mail to viraj and not even be with viraj,nisha says dad competition,ramesh says I don’t care u will not be with viraj anymore, nisha gets angry and upset,ramesh says nisha u will be hurt if u do this,nisha says dad plz let me do this,ramesh says see nisha I cant see u sad,dadi comes with rasgulas and says enough of it,nisha says dad I know what is right plz trust me I wont text arti but I will be part of the competition, ramesh says see laxmi she doesn’t need anymore,dadi says ramesh trust her,laxmi says yes ramesh, dadi says nisha u will be punished and so u wont get any rasgulas,nisha opens laptop and writes mail to viraj saying arti is nisha , nisha the loser the coward,ramesh says nisha dare u write something like this, nisha says dad plz understand me plz trust me and u don’t have choice u have to listen to me,ramesh says ok,nisha hugs ramesh,nisha says dad I will just mail viraj ones and then never I promise,ramesh says ok and mom give me rasgulas, dadi says oh I finished them lets go down and have some more.
Suku comes and asks nisha wat happened, nisha says u go I will come in 5,suku says ok and leaves. Next morning, viraj sees mail from arti reading for now give all ur time to ur academy and ur love go tell how much u love her and work hard for ur academy even I wuld like to see u but after u win this competition, viraj says now I will surely win this academy for u to meet u arti.

Gayatri breaks kirtis dancing heels .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. love u virajjjj….thanks for the update.

  2. Shuchismita Das

    Arti ne actually kya message bheja Viraj ko?

    1. arti ne viraj se kaha ki wo apni dil ki baat us ladki ko batao jisse wo pyar karta hai aur usne kaha ki jab viraj yeh competition jeetega tab arti viraj se milne zaroor aayegi.

  3. Aap jab bolo tab aayengen angel.don’t worry yaar mere sath bhi aisa Hua hai.i have tried so many times to post my comments but sometimes it doesn’t post.i have also said earlier na.mere messages post hi nahi hote….

  4. thanks tanaya for fast update ………………………………………………………very nice episode ………………………love u niraj ……………………….nd waiting for tomorrow’s episode ……………..

  5. Haan nisha ne sbs mein bataya tha ki 2nd round mein wo sollow perform karegi.Really hope the dance goes well…

    1. can u post d link plz

  6. Ek din ki gehri dosti kitni mayne rakhti hai tday I learnt frm u gyz ss n aliya

  7. Aliya n ss I miss u gyz a lot plz let me now which tim will u gyz come

  8. Its all bcoz of o my my bua

  9. Oo no now nisha will perform solo performance

  10. Ooh thnku vry much for fst update

  11. Nice epi.i just hate dis oh my my bua……
    I am eagerly waiting for that jealousy track.pls jald se dikho jealousy track.waiting waiting waiting waiting……….Love ❤ u NIRAJ.

  12. And the bonding between kabir and nisha will make viraj jealous.

  13. yep it is going to be played by mishkat verma

  14. hi guys u know there is gone be new entry of a character called kabir!!

  15. nice episode…

  16. Thanks fr d fast update!

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