Bandhan 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahesh’s ceremony starts. Bhao is the chief guest. Mahesh stares at him. Darpan is roaming around with Ganesh. She buys a corn maze for ganesh. he drops it. She says what you did ganesh. Okay I will buy you something else. Bhao wears his shades and goes on stage. He starts dancing with the clowns there. Darpan gives ice cream to ganesh. She says why are you not even eating this? Tell me what happened? You wanna go in the function. The DG says wow you were very well. vishwas rao jee. He says no you are wrong. The best is this person Mahesh. The savior of animals. DG says you are awesome I want to be like you. He says then you can become like me.

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Bhao says I will really love to appreciate you in front of so many people mashesh. he laughs. darpan says ganesh lets go function is about to start. Bahi says on stage you all know why you are here but you don’t know why I am here. I am not here to give medal. I am here to tell you story. A story of a man who wiped all the hunters from the forest. The hero is Mahesh. But the villain of this story is me. Everyone is dazed. He laughs and says what I said? We are all villains. Me, DG and all of you. This medal shouldn’t be given after 5 years. Its cheating. Bhao says come on Mahesh come on stage. Bhao make him wear his medal. Everyone is clapping. Darpan says baba looks so good with that medal ganesh. I will become like him. We both will go to stage. Will you come with me? Mahesh says thank you for the respect you all have given me. This story is incomplete without the guards and our families. And its incomplete without people like vishwas rao. I don’t know if he is the villain or noti just know in my territory there is no place for villains.

And whoever they are wherever they are I will expose them. Even if it takes ages. Will you still come to make me wear the medal vishwas ji? Vishwas says yes sure. Mahesh says thank you all so much once again. Mahesh goes off the stage. He gives his medal to prabha. Darpan and ganesh cheer him. The little balloon boy and his dad are coming. Ganesh hides behind the chairs. Vishwas says to prabha congratulations. she says thanks. He says no kids? Prabha says we have a daughter she is here. Vishwas says oh you have a daughter. whats her name? Prabha tells, darpan. He says, call her here we will meet him. Darpan says ganesh lets go to baba. she looks everywhere but can’t find ganesh. Prabha says she is looking for my son. Bhao says you have a son too. Lets go and meet them we will play with them I will be fun. Mahesh says prabha go and look for darpan vishwas has a lot of things to do.

Vishwas says I like this game of busy life. Mahesh says your game will end soon vishwas. Vishwas says we will play hide and seek.

Precap- lala has gven food to everyone. he says enjoy the food everyone. darpan is there too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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