Shastri Sisters 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil messaging Devyaani that video is seen by 10000 people and it will reach police soon. Devyaani smiles. Neil looks at the news and waits to see the video. Minty comes and is shocked to see Neil watching news. She asks is there any connection with Devyaani. He says no. She thanks Lord. Anushka asks Shastri ji to talk to Minty. He says I met her, she is fine now. He asks them not to be upset as Alka is coming to meet them. Alka comes with Astha. Alka hugs her family. Astha greets them. Peeya asks Alka why did she come back from honeymoon. Astha says I m also thinking this, maybe she did not wish to go. Alka says no, I was unwell, but now I m fine.

Astha asks why are they so quiet today. Devyaani says nothing. Anushka says I will cook something. Alka says she will help her. Shastri ji says no. Astha says Alka can go, she does not work in our home, we have maid, we both don’t work. She talks to Shastri ji and asks his salary. He is stunned. Anushka asks Alka what happened. Alka says we will talk later. Anushka says fine. Neil messages Devyaani to see the news, their work is done. Devyaani plays the channel and comes to know the culprit are caught. The inspector says some intelligent video has sent the video to help us. He thanks that person. Devyaani smiles.

Shastri ji is proud of that person. Devyaani says yes, her family too. He says yes, this person is very smart, whats this viral video. Rajat tells his family about the viral video. Minty asks is it linked to cold and cough. They laugh. Neil gets Devyaani’s message asking him to meet her. Neil smiles and comes out of the house to meet her. She smiles and thanks him. She says she would have regretted if she did not send video, you helped me. Neil says you mean I m smart and intelligent. Devyaani says you are a good friend. Neil asks for the treat.

The police comes as Devyaani and Neil go to have chaat at the stall. They come back and are shocked to see the police. The inspector asks is this Sareen’s house. Neil says yes, I m his son. The inspector says someone uploaded the video from this house. They are shocked. The inspector says we want to thank that person as those criminals are caught. Devyaani thinks anyone can come. Devyaani says we recorded that video and Neil has uploaded it. The inspector says well done, we are proud of such youth. Devyaani says if our family knows, they will make us villains, please go, don’t tell anyone. He says fine, no problem and leaves.

Devyaani says everything ended positively finally. He says yes, you called me friend. She says its good no one knew this. Minty hears them and is angry. Minty asks why did she go there at night. Shastri ji comes there and asks Devyaani to come. Minty stops Devyaani and tells Shastri ji to know the truth first. Minty says police came and praised your daughter, she became the hero of the locality and you don’t know how great she is. He asks what. Minty says she will tell him everything. Minty tells this to everyone.

Astha taunts on Shastri sisters indirectly. Alka says lets go Astha. Astha says I know why are you in hurry. She asks Shastri ji not to scold Devyaani as she just went in party lying to him, but if I did this, my dad would have killed me. Alka leaves with Astha. Shastri ji looks at Devyaani. Shastri ji scolds Devyaani a lot and says he won’t trust her now. Anushka says then even I don’t deserve your trust. He looks at her. Anushka says I also lied to you, I knew about NCC and this party. He is shocked. Everyone looks on.

Rajat defends Shastri ji and argues. Minty taunts on Devyaani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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