Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kinjal, Urmila and their family members reach Modi bhavan. Kokila greets them in. Kinjal says she is happy that they are celebrating navratri. Kokila says credit goes to Pari who changed our views. They all then perform pooja with bhajan. Gopi and Ahem perform aarti together. Jigar performs aarti alone. Pari tries to join him, but backs off seeing his angry face. Jigar reminisces performing aarti with Rashi, starts cries and aarti thali slips from his hands. Pari holds it on time. Jigar tries to walk out. Pari says he cannot insult god and walk out and has to perform aarti. Kokila asks him to complete aarti. He perform aarti with Pari with great difficulty and goes back to his room with everyone.

Gopi stops Pari after pooja. Pari says if she wants to ask about exchanging her garbo with football, then she accepts she did it. Gopi says if she wanted to get garbo she would have informed her. Pari says she always wants to be great with her tasks, which she does not want, so she exchanged it. Gopi prays god to give her strength to get Pari’s truth in front of everyone. Just then lights go off. Gopi asks what she wants to show and prays to protect her family. Kokila asks Gopi to bring candle. While getting candle, she hears Pari and Urmila’s conversation where she says Urmila will help her get Jigar and she will help Urmila get her grandchildren. They both are shocked to see Gopi and get tensed. Pari asks why is she here. Gopi says with this darkness, she got to know about their evil deeds and says she prayed god to help her and god showed their true colours. Pari says she is thinking wrong. Gopi says she will tell about their plan to everyone. Pari requests not to tell. Urmila also warns her. Gopi asks what will she do and says she is not her old Gopi who used to tolerate her torture, but now she has changed and will protect her family from evil deeds. She says Urmila she did not expect this and if she wanted Pari to marry Jigar and wanted her grandsons, she would have used proper way and not with with evil plans. Pari holds her legs and says she just wants to marry Jigar. Gopi dos not listen to her and goes down to tell about their evil plans to Kokila and other family members while Pari pleads and tries to stop her.

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Gopi gets down and says Kokila and other family members that she wants to tell something. Urmila starts beating Pari and says Pari wants to take Rashi’s place and how can she allow that. Gopi says Urmila is telling and truth is she has made an agreement with Pari that if she will help her get closer to Jigar, Pari will hand over tolu/molu to her. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Urmila says she is telling lie. Gopi says she heard herself. Urmila says she heard it wrong and says Pari asked to help her get closer to Jigar, but I cannot let my grandkids to anyone else. Gopi says she heard all their plans. Pari says she heard it right, but she just was requesting Urmila to help her get Jigar’s love but she loves kids also and wants to take care of them. She says she is selfish and wants Jigasr’s love and Kokila as her mother and wants to be lucky like Rasi, so she asked Urmila’s help. Kokila asks Gopi to tell what she heard. Gopi says it was dark in room and Pari and Urmila did not see her and started discussing their plan, which she will not let happen. Pari says she is misunderstanding and asks how can she be so sure. Urmila says she heard all this during bhajan, so she heard it wrong. Gopi says she heard their talks clearly and asks Urmila not to fool her MIL kokila. Urmila says she is doing this so that kids don’t come to her and alleges that she wants to rule this house, so she even wants to kick Pari out. She says Pari that nobody can take Rashi’s place. Pari says she will take Rashi’s place at any cost. Urmila tries to slap her, but Kokila stops her.

Precap: Kokila warns Urmila not to slap Pari or talk loudly as she is her bahu now.

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