Bandhan 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Master says to Mahesh that wild elephant came to my school and scared my students. Had we not stopped them he would have destructed everything. Each and every student is my responsibility. Then I got to know he was your elephant. can you imagine how dangerous this could be? Darpan says my brother can’t harm anyone. Teacher says darpan go out and wait for your dad. Darpan goes out in tears. Teacher says I have pets too like cats and dogs but who keeps and elephant in house. Mahesh says I will make sure this never happens again. He says I will kick darpan out if this happens.

They come home. darpan says papa ganesh didn’t harm anyone. Mahsh says he has shown that he is a wild animal and he will always be. Prabh comes there and says why are you back so early? Mahesh looks at ganesh and says you know what have you done? You could kill student. Dapran syas he made a mistake this won’t happen again. Prabha says what happened? Mahesh says they are both out of control. ganesh went to school and scared students. What if something happened? What if someone got killed/ darpan says this can’t happen. Mahesh says shut up and how you filled his form without telling us. You betrayed us. Now go to your room and don’t come out. He says to ganesh go sit in corner from now you both won’t play or eat together. Mahesh says you know that teacher has to answer each student’s parents. he says to darpan and ganesh go as I said. This is my last warning. I will send ganesh from here if this happens again. Darpan goes to her room. she looks at ganesh in tears. darpan recalls Mahesh’s words. She is crying. she takes out the idol from her bag.

Prabha sys I don’t know how he went to school mahes says somehow you are responsible for this. You forgot that he is an elephant a wild animal. He can harm humans. Prabha sys he can’t harm anyone. He understands everything he knows how to behave with humans. prabha says I wil teach them. Mahesh says I keep quite everytime but I am scared of our decision to keep him home. this is just the beginning.

darpan says to idol you are an elephant too. all people keep you in house and they bestow to you. Prabha comes to her. Darpan hugs her. darpan says ai will baba send ganesh away? Prabha says what he did was wrong. darpan says he was just scaring them because they tease me, won’t papa love ma nad ganesh? She says no baba will love you always but he is annoyed at what happened. Darpan says I will apologize at school. prabha says okay I will ask dad to apologize you. she says promise me this won’t happen again. darpan says I promise. pravbha says not get ready we have to go to the party.

Scene 2
They get ready to go to the party.

darpan writes I am sorry sir on a chart paper. She is feeling numb. Darpan recalls at what happened earlier this day. She sees the poster. She says in heart I will apologize sir. She faints and falls on the floor with a thud.
Kaki sees her and says darpan ae you okay? Ganesh is also recalling Mahesh’s words. ganesh comes in. Kaki is worried for darpan. She says her body temperature is too high. She says ganehs take care of her I am coming. she calls prabha but prabha isn’t receiving the call. Kaki looks for medicine she could give to darpan. puts cold strips on her forehead.

Precap-kaki says she is having severe fever how can I call doctor. Ganesh goes out in storm to find prabha amd Mahesh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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