Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor checks Baa and says Baa’s condition is not well, her BP has gone high due to stress and asks Kokila to keep her away from stress. Baa says Kokila that she is worried about Jigar and cannot see him like this. Hetal says even she is worried about her son and cannot see him in pain. Gopi says she did not see Jigar like this till now and says Kokila that you tried your best to marry Pari to Jigar, but truth is Jigar still loves Rashi and cannot think of any other woman at this time, instead of sharing his pain, we are increasing it.

Pari’s dad says Pari that Jigar’s family is now with him. She says she did not know Jigar would react like this. Kokila comes with Hetal and Gopi and says she wanted Pari to marry Jigar and live happily but now after today’s incident, she cannot think of losing Jigar, so requests them to go from her house. Pari says she cannot live without Jigar. Hetal says she cannot lose her son. Gopi says Hetal is right and requests Pari’s dad to leave their home with Pari. Dad says Pari that his plan has gone kaput, he thought she will marry Jigar and he can enjoy Jigar’s wealth. Pari asks him to stop his greediness and go from there.

Roopmati hears whole conversation hiding behind window, comes out once family members and Pari’s dad and says Pari not to worry as she will help her marry Jigar and says she has a plan.

Kokila says Jigar that she did not him to suffer and marry Jigar, but did know he would get hurt so much and says whatever he likes will happen. Pari comes there and says Kokila is right and says she wanted to marry him to keep him happy, but if he does not like that, she will go away from there. She says Kokila says that she and her papa have decided to go back and have booked tomorrow evening’s tickets. She apologizes Kokila and Hetal and thanks Jigar for coming in her life. Jigar says sorry and says this decision for good for all of us.

Gopi speaks to Ahem and informs Kokila that Jigar and Parag/Chirag have boarded flight. Kokila asks what about Jigar. Gopi says he left for office in the morning. Radha adds snacks in plate and tries to take out something from rack, but her veil stucks. She gets tensed hearing Gopi’s voice. Gopi comes in search of her. Radha hides down and frees her veil from rack. Gopi asks what is she doing on floor. Radha says her ear rings fell on floor, so she was picking it. Gopi asks what did she prepare for Baa. She says pooha and leaves to serve Baa.

Kinjal and Pappu come to borrow needle and thread from Urmila. Urmila says it is in cupboard. Kinjal searches needle and thread in cupboard and finds monkey costume there, shows it to Urmila.

Baa starts feeling uneasiness and calls family members. Kokila and everyone gather around her. Radha says she has a plan and asks her to take Baa to hospital. Pari asks what plan she has. She says something in her ears and asks to act on it. Pari asks if she is behind Baa’s ill health. Radha says she is just helping her and asks her to take Baa to hospital soon.

Dhaval and Kinjal scold Urmila for making a monkey drama and ask her to apologize chawl tenants. Urmila says she will not and asks them to get out of her room. Dhaval asks how will she get rent if she vacates tenants. She gets adamant and asks again to get out.

Pari says Kokila that we should take Baa to hospital as she is ill since some days. Kokila says you have a flight tonight. Pari says she wants to stay until Baa gets well. Kokila agrees. She thanks her and smiles. Gopi senses something fishy and looks at Pari who stops smiling. She then shows thumbs up to Radha. Radha thinks fro today Gopi’s family’s destroyal starts.

Precap: Pari asks Jigar to stay at home to take care of kids and other ladies to be with Baa in hospital.

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