Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi messaging Mrigank what she did with Arjun. Nisha meets her and says she missed the exam, the lab assistant told her. Poorvi panics and goes to him to ask. He says you were absent in your exam time. She says how can this come. He says you came and gave the exam, but not yours. She says then whose. He says Arjun, you came as his writer, Satish used to be writer. Poorvi is shocked and says how did this happen, I just hate that guy. Arjun smiles and says I hate him, right words. She says I gave Arjun’s exam, I made the plan for him and he made it for me, how can this happen. Arjun showers his taunts on her and asks is she angry now.

He says he will cool her anger now and flirts with her. He tells how his friend saw her coming to college and he got to know her plan by him. She says she will not leave him. He says yes, no girl can’t leave me. Lahu muh lag gaya…………….plays………………. He says you did the good work, thanks never. He leaves. Neelima is on the way and sees the agricultural land allotted for industrial plot. His assistant says Bachcha Singh took this land. She says how can he do this and how can no one complains against him. He says if any officer did this, he will be transferred or dead.

Bachcha Singh finalizes the 200 acre deal and wants to make things quietly as elections are coming. Neelima says if anyone does his duty well, he can do it. The staff man prays for Neelima, as she has family and Bachcha Singh can ruin them. Poorvi calls her dad Shankar Dayal and tells everything. He says he will come and talk to them, as its official mistake. She thinks she changed the time table, dad should not know. She says no, its someone else, a guy. He asks who. She says nothing, I will complain to principal, I will leave the college and you won’t force me.

Gauri comes sand stops her. Poorvi says I will come home and talk. She ends the call. Gauri says you won’t do this. Poorvi says but why. Gauri says she loves Arjun, her parents allowed her to take admission in this college because of her. Poorvi says love? With that Arjun? Does he know whats love? Gauri says please, Arjun can be a bad man and break my heart, but still he will be in my heart. Poorvi speaks against him and calls him goon, cheap. Arjun comes there and says hello……….. hua Chokra jawaan re…………….plays……………..

He says you are calling me a goon, thats fine, I m that, but why did you call me cheap. Poorvi says as you are really cheap. Arjun says why did she call him cheap and scolds her. Poorvi says she is not afraid of him, your heart is very black, what will you do, will you beat me. Arjun says I m leaving you as you are girl. She says I should talk to you with rods. Arjun gives her a rod and asks her to beat him now. She takes the rod and Gauri stops her. She says everyone is seeing us. Arjun asks Poorvi is she afraid now and laughs. Poorvi throws the rod and leaves. Arjun says I will show her I m not cheap, I m costly.

Lakshya and Nisha come to meet Watan at his hospital. Watan welcomes them nicely and shows his nursing home. Nisha says its very good. Watan says I feel you have something in your heart. Nisha says the walls should have been bright. Watan likes the idea and asks which color. Nisha says light blue or lemon yellow. Watan asks the man to repaint. Lakshya says its good. Watan says ladies have the right choice. He asks Nisha for more suggestions. Lakshya says she can change it to amusement park. Watan says husband or to be husband can’t respect the wife.

Nisha says we have to go, as its Poorvi’s dance competition. Watan says he will call Arjun, and the competition will start when she says. Arjun talks to his gang of friends. He says he will participate and provokes Poorvi. Poorvi says she is not interested in any college activity. Arjun messages Poorvi as Mrigank and asks about the time table prank. She tells him everything. He asks her to take part in the competition. She says she wants to, but that idiot Arjun is also participating. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………….plays……………….

Poorvi smiles after chatting to Mrigank/Arjun. She agrees to take part as he encourages her. Arjun smiles. Poorvi tells Nisha that she is taking part in the dance competition. The announcement begins, asking who are the one who is participating. Arjun raises his hand. Poorvi asks few guys will they participate with her. The guys says they can’t participate as Arjun is participating. She says she will perform alone. Poorvi calls Dayal and tells him what she decided, that she will stay in this college, she will face problems everywhere. He is glad.

She says she is participating in college dance competition. He says he will try to come, but mum can’t, she does just office work, all the best. A girl comes and asks Poorvi to see her dark circles and fools her giving a facepack. Poorvi thanks her and uses the facepack. The girl Dolly tells Arjun that she gave the wrong facepack to Poorvi. Arjun gives her a chance to dance with him. Poorvi washes her face and sees the red marks on her face.

Poorvi goes out and sees everyone staring. She starts crying. Neelima and Dayal come to her and see her crying. They see her face and asks what happened. Poorvi tells about the face pack reaction. Dayal says everything will be fine. Poorvi says everyone will make fun of me. Neelima encourages her.

Arjun and Poorvi dance on the song Ooh la la……………… She comes somewhere and sees no one is there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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