Bandhan 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao runs here and there and says he was here. Darpan says no one is here. He says I saw with my eyes and there was a ribbon there. He sees ganesh in the house. bhao says he is coming please stop him, he hides behind darpan and runs in. Bhao goes to temple and says save me God. darpan says whats wrong uncle? Naraini says there is something you are concealing. its killing you from inside. darpan says take this geeta. naraini says its in your hand, confess if you have done anything wrong. darpan says yes uncle you can tell us there is such thing. bhao says I did a big sin. nariani says what sin? Bhao says God wont pardon me. Its such a big sin. He says I will do arti all my life. Whole family comes. darpan says please tell us what were you saying about ai baba and ganesh. what sin have you done? Bhao stands up and says I am being called king of dalma but I couldn’t save your parents, shame on me. I couldn’t even save your brother. meethi says you brought them here and kept them very well what else will you do? bhao says pardon me God and leaves. darpan is in tears, nariani says in heart he is such a liar. she says don’t cry darpan you have to be strong. darpan says that wont get me anything. he is very strong. we wont be able to punish him. naraini says his own cleverness will get him stuck. Don’t give up, I have a plan.

Naraini says there are marks on the stone, you know how? darpan says no. Naraini says from this rope. Its weak but still it marked the stones because it was rubbed again and again. We wont give up as well.

Meethi comes to room and opens windows. bhao says close it. she says its suffocating. He says you can go from here. he throws her clothes on her face and says don’t come here again.

Bhao is sleeping in his room with gun. He says I will see if its ganesh or his ghost. ganesh comes in with a metallic fork. bhao takes out the gun and says I will shoot you. darpan comes running to save ganesh. narani pulls his hand up, meethi comes and says whats going on? why did you fire? nariani says darpan was coming and he was about to fire, he thought ganesh was standing there. bhao says that elephant is standing here. Where is darpan? when he looks back there is only darpan.

Naraini says I never thought he will shoot ganesh. His family has taken all his weapons. we cant give up. darpan says we wont scare him anymore, I cant risk ganesh’s life.

Precap-naraini says its meethi’s birthday on 26th January. And we will expose vishwas rao there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this soap is soooooooooooooooo boring storylines are not up to scratch

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