Balika Vadhu 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Police officer giving condolences to Shiv’s family and says Chief Minister ordered for Shiv last rites to be done with National respect. He has become martyr. He says I assured you that every army men, police force and citizens are proud of Shiv. Anandi shouts Shiv. Dadisaa tells her family that she is going to Picnic with her class and says Nandu is not going. Nandu says he will enjoy the paneer pakodas made by his mum. Dadisaa pretends to get angry on Gehna. Gehna says she will make Paneer pakokas for her also. Dadisaa gets happy. Nandu asks her to wear unform and go. She says I will go surely. She gets a call from Daddu. She greets him and says she will tell a poetry and says some lines. Daddu is teary eyed. Dadisaa asks how is my poetry? Daddu says there is a bad news. Dadisaa asks what has happened? Daddu tells her that Shiv is not in this world anymore, he left us. Dadisaa gets shocked and the phone falls from her hand. She gets shocked and shaken.

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Jagya and everyone hold her. Jagya takes the call. Daddu tells him about Shiv’s death. He cries and gives the phone to Alok. Alok says we will take Shiv’s body to home in sometime. Jagya says we will reach there soon. Jagya is shocked. Niranjan asks what is the matter? Gehna and Ganga insist him to say. Jagya tells them that Shiv is no more. Everyone get shocked. Jagya is shocked too. Niranjan asks how it happened all out a sudden? Jagya says they said that Shiv is dead. Didn’t tell how it happened. Dadisaa cries for Shiv and worries for Anandi. Jagya says we have to go to Udaipur now. Dadisaa asks Gehna and Niranjan to stay at home with kids and they will go. She cries.

Shiv’s body is brought home. Everyone cries. Anandi thinks of the happy moments with Shiv and recalls their love confession. She recalls their marriage, etc. She is still in shock. The Police officers come to give condolences to Shiv’s family. Dadisaa comes with Jagya and Ganga. She is in pain to sees his dead face. Dadisaa folds her hand and cries. Anandi hugs her and cries. Amol cries looking at his father’s dead body. Dadisaa tries to give her strength and consoles her. Anandi says Shiv is with us and will always be with us. She says martyr never dies. She asks everyone not to cry. She says Shiv died to save many people. We should be proud of him. Panditji asks them to come to last rites. Everyone cries. Anandi insists to come for Shiv’s last rites. Meenu and Ira say that it is not right to go to the burial ground in this condition. Alok asks her to stay back home. Anandi says Shiv is with me and his children have the full right to do his last rites. He won’t let anything wrong happen to me. Alok nods.

Shiv’s body is taken for the last rites by the family members. The pandit recites the mantras in the burial ground. The Police force gives tribute, salute and fires in his honour. Anandi looks on. Panditji gives the fire wood to Alok, but Anoop takes it. Everyone look on tensedly. Daddu asks him to stop and says it is son’s right to give the fire. He says it is Amol’s right. Anoop says but Amol is not Shiv’s blood. Daddu says Shiv accepted him as his son, so that’s why Amol will give him fire.

Subhadra tells everyone that Ira refused to make Anandi wear white saree and do widow rituals. Ira comes with Anandi and says it is not right. Daddu says Anandi won’t wear these clothes and this is my decision.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh boy what is happening here.and this character(subhandra and anoop)they should just dissapear they make me sick.

    1. Absolutely right

  2. Please end this serial

  3. Very well portrayed sequnces of Anand’s life. Solutions are so based on practical vedanta and bringing reforms at every generational level…….

    1. Please end this seriol because shiv is dead thats why i hate u number of views also hates seriol

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