Jamai Raja 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni getting ready as a bride. DD introduces Roshni and tells that her daughter is looking beause her husband Sid loves her a lot. She apologizes Roshni for insulting her in front of everyone and not being around her when she is needed. Roshni says she does not have to apologize and tells she worked hard to get to this position and she was angry on her before, but not now and needs her blessings. She hugs her and says she loves her. DD says even she loves her and starts praising Sid. She says he proved that good person is made by class, but by their upbringing and character.

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Sid is behind bars. Raj requests inspector to release Sid as he hit Rajveer in anger. He says Rajveer is a criminal and had been in remand room before, but not Sid. Rajveer says they are both lying and says Sid wants to grab property alone and does not want to give anything to his step-sister Krutika. Sid gets angry and starts beating Rajveer again. Inspector rescues Rajveer and asks Raj to get out from there. Sid requests inspector to let him make a call as it is someone’s life and death’s issue.

Simran gets worried seeing Krutika’s critical condition. Raj calls her and informs that Sid did not get bail yet. Simran thinks she will ruin DD’s life now. She meets her lawyer and asks him to transfer 50% of company’s shares in Krutika’s name.

Sid calls Roshni, but her phone is busy as she is calling him instead. Raj asks him to call Bablu, but his phone is also busy as he is also trying Sid’s number. Roshni eagerly waits for Sid.

Inspector releases Sid on Raj’s guarantee. Rajveer asks inspector to release him also and alleges that he released a rich man and not him. Sid gets irked, but Raj calms him and sends from there. Sid rushes towards DD’s house in his car. Car breaks down. He runs on street and gets into a bus.

Rashmi Desai performs on a Der na hojai kahin der na hojai…….song in DD’s party. Sid reaches party venue. Roshni gets happy seeing him and hugs. They both start dancing romantically with spot lights focusing them. It was just Roshni’s dream. Sid is still on the way and gets into an auto to reach DD’s house. Simran comes there and asks to stop their drama.

Precap: Simran tells DD that she is Simran Khurana, Sidharth Khurana’s mother. Sid comes there and is shocked to see his secret revealed by mother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thanks for the updates good episod:)

  2. seriously someone needs to knock some sense into simran…..she doesn’t care about anyone except krutika…..apne karmo ki saza (leaving krutika) sid ko kyu de rahi hai??

  3. I hate Simran. Krutika is gonna deal with her real bad too, just that she wants Simran to trust her. Flipping blind woman.

  4. Kritika is not Raj’s daughter, so how dare Simram uproot her husband’s company from his sole heir by blood to give to a conniving convict. How does this make sense in anyone’s head? This show has gone really into shambles.

    1. Kritika has NO RIGHT on Raj’s company!!!!

  5. stupid storyline!!!!!

  6. Used to like this show but not anymore… Stupidity all the way now

  7. Oh boy……… This show is very nerve wreaking

  8. Tell me about it -.-

  9. How can Simran give kritika half of her husband property, that girl never work a day in her life. She’s a user only nice to her mom when she want something or to have her way

  10. What nonsense they show in serials and we stupid people watch this is one show that is going to get worse cause a nice mother has been changed into a devil the writers hav decided that so leave the serial plenty of nice serials at 830

  11. in sony there is good serials

  12. princess sofia

    Diz soap is so annoying,wat in heaven did simran do,aniwayz,I 8 diz film new nd sasurangi sasural has a beta epi dan diz,writers of diz script shld rewrite

  13. stupid shw
    they have been shwng dat bledy stupid promo for d past one month dat on new year sid gona tell his identity…
    huhhh i think they gona drag same bull shit 4 ages…bledy hel
    they think viewers 2 b dumb

    once if no one watches dose crazy shws dn the writers gona get their senses back…….

  14. yhm,kb, etc vch were once gud have lost their charm..
    they are competiting with each other in shwng d shw to the pea k level of worst state….
    only suhani si ladki is dng gud as soumya gona go away frm suhani’s life…
    rest are not worth watching n r useles

  15. People who don’t like it just leave because there is lots of others who love it so please

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