Udaan 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor taking the thread from Kasturi, and flying the kite tangling it with Tejaswini’s kite. Arjun smiles as Chakor cuts Tejaswini’s kite. Imli jumps happily. Everyone get angry on Chakor. Arjun claps for Chakor. He says Kasturi has failed Tejaswini. He asks them why are they silent, its good thing, clap for her. Bhaiya ji claps shocking everyone. Everyone clap following him. He says Tejaswini, your face shows the anger, hide it, else people will see it, clap now. Bhaiya ji says kite competition is over, now lets have food. Arjun thinks he should tell this to Ishwar. Tejaswini says she is bearing insult, if our good report does not go, it will not be good. She asks Laali to call Arjun.

Bhaiya ji says I will call him, as he is imp. The villagers get good food, and smile. They all thank Chakor for this day. Tejaswini bumps into Ranjana, and asks Vivaan to give laddoo outside, and tell Lakhan to make Arjun distribute it. Ranjana says she is trying to smile, as they are making sky and ground one to make one lie true. He says I think Bhaiya ji is seeing his vote bank empty. Tejaswini says even you have to beg to them for elections, and taunts Ranjana. Kasturi makes Chakor have the food. Chakor says Imli will get jealous if you take care of me and not ask her. Kasturi laughs and makes them eat food. Chakor smiles.

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Arjun calls Ishwar and tells him how the villagers celebrated Sankranti at haveli, like never before. Ishwar says I trust you and her, just make her dreams true, can I talk to Chakor. Arjun says yes, I will make you talk to her. Arjun gives the phone to Chakor. Chakor talks to Ishwar. She tells everything whats happening. Ishwar says happy Makar Sankranti. Chakor says I m very happy, and feel like shouting. She says Bhaiya ji does not know Arjun is my Sir, and is shocked to see Bhaiya ji there. Bhaiya ji says such a big cheat with me, and gets angry. Ishwar hears him and gets worried.

Bhaiya ji says such a big game. Ishwar asks Chakor not to worry. Chakor says I m fine, everything will be fine. Bhaiya ji walks to Chakor. Everyone get tensed. He asks her how dare he do this, and throws the phone. He raises hand to slap Chakor. Arjun holds his hand. Arjun says you can have money and power, but can’t win over me in fight, try your hand on me, not on this girl. He says your wife lost to Chakor’s mum, and if you wants to lose to Chakor’s master ji, lets compete. Bhaiya ji looks on angrily. Arjun says I did not come here to fight, I have come by a good motive, and I will tell you my real identity. Bhaiya ji asks why did you come here.

Arjun says I also want Chakor to get admission in school here and I came to explain her. Bhaiya ji laughs. Arjun says its not time to laugh, but to think, act smart, the whole country is talking about Chakor, the news is everywhere, sports authority wants to know about her and I came by them, its big matter now. He says Chakor is not an ordinary bandhua girl, she has become a thought now, everyone want to study now, you can’t win now, send her to school and also the village kids. Bhaiya ji laughs and says this cheap master has come to benefit me. He says the joke was good. He asks him to stay in his limits and first he will show Chakor her place.

Bhaiya ji takes Chakor. Arjun stops him. Bhuvan asks him to forgive Chakor. Vivaan asks Ranjana to save Chakor, and she scolds him. Bhaiya ji makes everyone throw the food. Bhaiya ji asks Girja to make Chakor tied in chains. Imli says no, someone save her. Arjun beats Lakhan and stop him. He says you can’t do this, stop Bhaiya ji. They beat Arjun. Chakor says leave Arjun Sir, I will get myself in chains. Se is again chained. Dheere dheere …………….. udaan hai……….plays………… Arjun looks on, and Chakor’s family cries seeing this.

Bhaiya ji says throw Arjun out. Arjun Desai comes and says stop. Bhaiya ji asks who is he. Arjun introduces himself and shocks everyone.

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