Bandhan 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao is standing outside his warehouse in anger. inspector comes and shows him the paper that came in police station. He says I am sorry bhao you had to face this loss. Bhao says who is more clever than me? there is only one person who could do this.

Bhao shows the paper to naraini and says what is it? Naraini says wow this is your confession. you wrote it yourself. Bhao says write something here I wanna match your writing. naraini writes but her writing doesn’t match the letter. bhao says if not you then who is it? Naraini says you don’t even know you enemies? you are so scared of a piece of paper. We come from where we start. just try to recall your sins. darpan comes in, bhao leaves. darpan asks is everything okay? naraini says not for him. someone has hit him right this time. He is dying to know who has done this. He doesn’t know that a young girl has started war against him. Lets go and take his sleep as well.

Scene 2
bhao is in his room. He sees ganesh’s trunk. He is shocked and scared. bhao goes out in tension. He says how is this possible. naraini turns on the fountain. Bhao is sacred he says how it turned on itself? Darpan comes and says whats wrong uncle? He says he is here? Darpan says who? naraini and darpan smiles. Bhao says ganesh. Darpan says he is no where uncle. Bhao goes.

Darpan is in the kitchen she steals some stuff for ganesh, raghav sees her. He says where is she taking so much food? He tells bhao about it. darpan gives all the food to ganesh. He eats it all. Bhao comes out looking for darpan. He says darpan where are you hidden? darpan and ganesh are scared. darpan says what should I do? He says I know you are here. darapn says he shouldn’t see you. darpan hides ganesh behind cottons. Bhao knocks at the door. Naraini comes and says what are you doing? Bhao says she took food and she is here alone. naraini says her brother has died you want her to laugh and dance? obviously she will be alone. darpan throws out an orange. Naraini says now you get she want to be alone. darpan says yes I want to b alone I don’t wanna talk to anyone. Naraini says to bhao fine now? Lets go from here/

Bhao is sleeping at night, ganesh comes in his room. bhao is scraed. Bhao says he was here. meethi wakes up as well. ganesh leave. naraini turns on light, meethi says no one was here. bhao says ganesh was here. dev and whole family come as well meethi says go leave now.

DArpan says he will have to accept his crimes and will be punished. She asks ganesh to stay quite. He shows he is hungry, bhao comes out and sits in garden. he sees ganesh in darpan’s room.

Precap-baho goes to the room, he opens the door ganesh is there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. come on writers do away with baho fast bring him to justice and let him pay for all the murders he committed let darpan and her brother get their revenge and please let Mahesh come back no one saw what happened to him when he fell in the water please let it be that someone found him and let him come back for darpans sake that will be a good ending

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