Tu Mera Hero 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind asking Panchi does she want to marry Titu. Panchi says yes uncle. Rekha says she was laughing on our Titu in Krishna leela and today she wants to marry Titu. Govind asks Panchi to see herself and see Titu, there is lots of difference, its like sun and candle, she knows it by the marks sheet getting exchanged, why to marry Titu. Panchi says marks is not everything, can you know anyone’s capability by marks, as person is valued, not marks. Titu recalls his words told to a guy, and smiles. Panchi says no one can get a heart like Titu’s. Everyone smile. Surekha and Govind are shocked. Titu thinks she can get Oscars in acting. Govind asks does Titu love you. Panchi looks at Titu. Panchi says yes, he loves me a lot, so he got me here. They are shocked. Titu smiles.

Govind says fine, I will talk to your dad. Titu asks why, I mean why to disturb him, she has to marry me. Govind says Panchi was born to his mum and father, and we have to talk to him. Panchi says I did not tell Papa till now. She says they are preparing for my sister’s marriage, I thought to tell him later. Govind asks how can she come without asking her father, does she believe that her father will give her to Titu, and reminds the last meeting of them. Panchi says yes. He says I know new generation chooses life partner, but first we elders will talk, and end the differences.

He says then we will talk, as marriage is union of two families. Panchi says I should leave now, its late. She greets them and leaves. Govind gets angry and leaves. Surekha goes after him. Bhagwati asks Rekha will she have jalebis after one month. Titu talks to Lord and asks why is he playing his band. He thinks only tv can heal his wounded heart and starts watching. He sees a program Jhuta No. 1, and shows a man lying since morning to night. Surekha comes and says its good you got saved from leaving Mathura.

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She shoos the bad sight off and asks how can he love the girl whom she dislikes. She says I know you did not like her, but she has trapped your heart and mind. She says she knows how Panchi was laughing on you. Titu says its nothing like that, she was lying. She says bit she told infront of everyone. He says she was lying to save me. She says she is a liar, that day her dad gave lecture on truth and daughter lied to us. Titu says its not like that, she wanted to save me from going to Agra, we should be thankful to her. She asks about the girl he was bringing. He says she broke my heart, she loves some one else.

She asks how. Titu says yes, she did not like me. She says she is fool, tell me don’t you love Panchi. Titu says I don’t. She says great, she is inspector’s daughter. She says she will handle Govind. Panchi tells everything to Rachna. Rachna asks how will you handle now, its big problem.

Panchi says I did this to save Titu. Rachna says Ruhi is gone, and about Titu, he will forget her in few days, it will be tough for you, how to explain you. She shows the gift wrap, it can’t become the gift, you are this for Titu, you are covering his pain, and after it ends, what will you do, I want your good, you will get hurt when you get away from him, so don’t link to him, we can’t see you sad, we all love you, so we want to see you happy, I know you stayed in fairy’s love and waited for perfect love story, I will pray it becomes perfect. They cry. She says her prince should come on white horse and get light and happiness. Titu comes and lights the candle and flowers. Rachna says the guy should make you smile. Golu calls Panchi and asks her to come behind the house. Panchi leaves.

Panchi comes there and sees Titu. She asks how is he here. Titu says he has to tell something. Golu and everyone make the table arrangements. They sit and talk. She asks why all this. Titu says you helped me, so I had to say thanks. He asks her to have jalebis. He jokes and makes her smile. He says yoy have this once, you will like it. Panchi thinks she made this place in Titu’s hear that he cares for her, not love her. She asks was it just this which he wanted to say. He says no, something else. He says since I saw you in Mathura, my heart says just one thing, that you do good acting, its like real.

He says even I act well, but you left me behind, so what if you are Madhubala, I m Dev Anand. She smiles. He reminds the film Guide and she starts crying. He asks why is she worried, she has helped him, he will talk to Govind and tell him not to talk to your dad, my heart broke and you are crying, whats this cross connection. She says something fell in my eyes. He says show, and brings a small fan to clear the dust. She smiles. Its morning, Surekha gives gajar halwa to Govind. They talk about Panchi. She says we should think again, I will explain Titu, he does not know all this, but we are elders.

He thinks is she saying it really or am I thinking. She gives him tea. She leaves thinking he agreed. Kamlesh reads newspaper. Panchi gets a guest list and asks why is Govind Narayan’s name in this. Kamlesh says I don’t like him and Titu, but they have good name in Mathura, I behaved rudely last time, so, I have sent invitation to them. Panchi gets tensed. Her mum asks her to gift wrap the sarees. Panchi thinks what will happen now.

Titu and his family comes in engagement. Surekha asks whose engagement is it. Govind says come, you will know it. Titu is shocked seeing Panchi’s family welcoming them.

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