Udaan 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Arjun saying he has to meet villagers, its Makar Sankranti, will they work even on holiday. Bhaiya ji says no, they will be free, they don’t work on holidays. Tejaswini says they all come here to celebrate in our haveli. Bhaiya ji laughs and says yes, they come here. Chakor says she remembers and recalls her and Imli betting on two kites and laughing. Imli loses and asks Chakor how does she knew the lower one can win. Chakor says the lower one can cut the upper string. Imli asks why don’t we fly kites. Chakor says we don’t have money to have food. Imli says it means we will never fly kites. Chakor says I m getting the good essence of the food being cooked in haveli. Imli says yes, and inhales enjoying it and naming the dishes.

Kasturi comes to them and smiles. She says if they are done, open eyes and see what she got, hot rotis. Chakor refuses to eat and says she is full, but she will have one roti if she insists. Imli says I don’t want to eat same dry roti every day. Kasturi cries and makes Imli have it by love. Arjun asks Chakor what she remembers. Chakor says that they have called me in haveli and gave good food. Arjun says great, what did they give to eat. Chakor names the dishes. Bhaiya ji smiles. She says every villager can eat full stomach. Arjun says its great, if they will celebrate it here, I will meet them here in the haveli and fly kites too. Chakor says its good plan and smiles.

Tejaswini asks Manohar to tell villagers that we will celebrate Makar Sankranti here in haveli like every year. Bhaiya ji says its like falling from sky, and sticking in dates tree. Arjun smiles. Chakor and Vivaan smile. Imli sells some colorful paper fans. She sees the kids buying kites and gets upset. Lakhan’s son comes to her and says today everyone flies kites. Imli recalls Chakor’s words. The man shows the man selling kites. Imli thinks it means they have got money to buy kites.

Arjun is served great food and Bhaiya ji asks him to try it, its all from his fields. Arjun smiles and says yes, let everyone come and then we will start. Bhaiya ji says everyone is here. Arjun says Chakor did not come, I m waiting for her. Bhaiya ji says yes. Arjun says she said you take care of her, and make her have food with you. Tejaswini says yes, we love her, and asks Girja to get Chakor. Arjun says no need, I told her, she will be coming. Chakor comes. Arjun asks her to come and sit equal to him. Tejaswini coughs. Chakor recalls how they treated her last time, Tejaswini has thrown the food.

Arjun asks Chakor about Vivaan saying she does not get good food here and thinks to get best diet for her. He asks Chakor what will she have. Chakor says give me egg and roti. Arjun says that’s it, I will say what you should have, a big glass milk, two eggs, boiled potatoes, five bread slice, carrots, get it for Chakor. Chakor says get spoon and fork for me. She smiles. Imli brings some color papers and says everyone has invitation for haveli and they have money, you told me about having kite shop, now tell me how to make kites.

Bhuvan asks what will you do making kite. Imli says I will see it in low rates. Kasturi asks where did you get it. Imli says I got it from village. Kasturi says it will take time, don’t you have to meet Chakor. Imli says I m doing this for her, I will earn and free Chakor from bonded labor, and no need to meet Chakor in haveli next year and she will stay with me and we will fly kites. Everyone smile. Chakor sees the food and smiles. Arjun asks het to have it. Chakor eats by spoon and fork. Everyone look on.

Bhaiya ji asks Arjun to start. Arjun says I will just have orange juice, as I care for the kids a lot, as kids are our country’s future. He says if Chakor eats well, studies and runs, then who knows what can she become. He says yes, she is already become something. He says I m praying for her. Ranjana comes. Arjun and Vivaan get tensed. Vivaan asks Arjun to do something. Arjun gets up and says its time for resting. Ranjana comes and asks what is she seeing, all haveli people became bandhua or did Chakor get equal to owners. Arjuun leaves. She says I heard such voice.

Ranjana says you gave me gift Manohar that my son is having food with this bandhua girl. She takes Vivaan and leaves. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini look at Chakor. She eats full and says I will go now. He orders her to sit. They look at her angrily.

Tejaswini asks Chakor why did she lie to Arjun that they take care of her. Arjun Desai comes to village and meets Imli. He comes to know about Chakor and everyone being Bandhua.

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