Bandhan 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao takees dev with him in the car, dev sees darpan following them in the mirror. Raghav comes to darpan and says you think you are so smart? you were going to meet ganesh? Kajal comes and says can we go in if you are done with love? Ria trips. Kajal says have you sprained your ankle? Darpan says its because of the heels. Kajal asks raghav to take her in.

its bidai time. Darpan meet shubha and her dad. Shubha says that is your house now. darpan says in heart you don’t know where i am going. she says papa daughters are never yours still you give them so much love, this is why daughters never forget their parents. she meets kajal. kajal says my best friend is yours now raghav. take care of her. pinky says raghav help her in sitting in the car, she has got a bruise. raghav picks her up and takes her to the car, darpan says what are you doing? He says i have to do this. The car starts, darpan recalls seeing dev. she says i don’t get it, why dev was not in our wedding? she recalls how he helped her. she says kajri was not in the wedding as well? I am not getting it. They reach the house. The car stops darpan falls on raghav, her wedding garland gets stunk in raghav’s kurta. sanju says did we disturb you? meethi says get out of the car.

dev says we need to find the elephant we will find his partner as well. They go to jungle. Dev points at footsteps of elephant. his man asks how you know its elephant? dev says hunter knows all about prey.

Darpan says in heart i feel like everything in this house knows my story, they know what the owner of this house has done to me and how to take justice. Meethi says hit the pot and get welcomed in the house. bhao says yes hit it and come in. darpan does it. Pinky says bahbhi welcome to our house. Bhao says i am so proud of my tiger today. May God keep you happy always. He hugs both of them. pinky says bhabhi what are you thinking? ria says says nothing. Darpan says in dev and kajri are not here? She starts screaming and says there is a bruise in my leg, Raghav please support me in standing. Sanju says raghav pick her up and take her to room. Bhao says to sanju shut up. sanju says i didn’t mean it. bhao asks him to go from there. bhao says take her in tiger. raghav says to darpan what new drama is this? darpan says lets go. he picks her up and takes her in. she says where are we going? He says we are going in our room. darpan says wont you show me your house? bhao says she is right. you should show her the house. they all clap. meethi says i don’t feel she is righteous. Bhao says why you always say stupid things.

Raghav takes darpan to different rooms. darpan says in heart i saw all house dev and kajri are no where. Where they have gone? raghav comes to room and shoves darpan. he says you felt pain? you will fall so hard that you will know what pain is. what drama are you creating now? darpan says already tired? I wont stop my drama. i will start from today. Don’t get bugged for these small things, way more is coming for you. raghav says this so called ego, keep it safe i am gonna break it soon. Darpan says in heart lets see whose ego shatters.

Precap-darpan says take care of my brother God. i know you are with him always. Dev points a gun at ganesh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Isn’t this one of the most stupid series ever?! Why would Darpan want to go back to a house where everyone use to tortured her. I think she needs help she can’t manage it by herself especially bhao

  2. Darpan you are playing with fire these people are dangerous.You are no match for Rao.

  3. true shayon why would darpan want to go back to the house where she experience soooooooooo much torture and pain not making any sense and I am sure she could have gotten her justice elsewhere but again these writers keep writing shit so what you expect the only way I see that this serial will get some improvement is to bring back darpans father Mahesh and the helpers he had at his house that would be a good script so think about it writers wake up and do it

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