Million Dollar Girl 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranvijay asks what happened???Virat tells to slow down the music..Alia ask what happeend??Avanti tells that Virat dont like music.Avanti closes the shop tells that he will come in one minute…Ranvijay tells Virat that its not good..why he is behaving like this???Virat tells not to get close with Avanti..Ranvijay tells his wish whatever he want to do he will so..Ranvijay tells that Virat doesnt love Avanti then why he is worrying..Virat tells its not good..Ranvijay pushes Virat and tells to go and get a life.VIrat holds Ranvijay’s shirt .Ranvijay tells tha Virat is crossing his limits…Ranvijay tells Virat to go and become a man and he is loosing from a girl…Virat slaps Ranvijay..Rajat sees and tells stop it..Rajat pushes Virat and tells who give permission Virat to slap his friend..Rajat tells that Virat didnt completed the work,,and now fighting..Rajat tells virat should first do his work and will see him at home..Rajat apologises to Ranvijay..Virat goes…
At home Ankit bring some people and tells Avanti’s mother that she is selling the fridge,,As no money has been given for rent..Mother tells to wait for a minute..Kavya comes and tells to stop as she brough the money..Avanti comes and tells to stop..Avanti tells the money would be paid..And tells Ankit to leave..kavya gives money ..Avant tells she known kavya is arranging money for her marriage..Avanti tells she should safe it for future and marriage..Avanti tells she will pay rent and kavya no need to worry about it,,kavya tells but..Avanti tells she will manage..kavya tells Avanti is best sister..KAvya and Avanti hugs each other..Mother gets happy..Avanti tells now have to call ambulance..kavya asks why??Avanti tells as first time she has seen her mother getting happy..
At home Rajat shouts at Virat,,Virat tells that If Raanvijay did anything wrong with Avanti..As everyone know that he use girls.. Rajat tells that VIrat failed from Avanti..And he is liking her..Rajat tells because of Virat his father is out of house..Rajat tells first he shoould do the work what he have given,,He have to take Avanti’s shop..FOr that whatever Virat have to do with Avanti Even if he want to destroy her life..Rajat tells that he is giving last chance this time and If he didnt do then he is out of family..If his father dead or living Virat should not care,,Virat should cut all relations from family..Rajat goes while Virat thinks..Next morning Virat peeps into Avanti’s shop..Avanti tells she need to construct the wall As she dont want her customer should afraid saying Virat’s face..Virat asks where is the customer’s..Avanti tells there are many coming..Virat tells that soon Avanti will be coming on road and have to sell her shop..Avanti tells Virat instead of wasting time here should have used his brain in his buisness..Avanti tells Virat could’t do anything..Virat tells just to watch..Virat goes at bank manager home..VIrat tells he will take a lone from the bank after his mall is constructed..Mangaer says okey..Virat asks If Kavya bhansal works in his bank???Manager tells yes…Virat smiles…
DJ comes in car and stops..Bhuwan is reparing his bike..Bhuwan tells that his bike is in side DJ can go easily,,DJ tells that she has stop the car to give lift to Bhuwan..Bhuwann tells no thanks..Dj tells that she is just helping him..Dj tells she will drop him..Bhuwan tells okey..Bhuwan comes and sits in car..He tells whatever happeend that night was wrong..DJ tells to leave about that night..Bhuwan asks when DJ buyed the car..DJ says that its her father..DJ asks where Bhuwan have to drop..Bhuwan says police staation as he has some work..
Avanti asks Kavya why she didnt gone to job??Kavya cries and tells that she has been replaced from her job..Kavya tells that she has been insulted..She tells that has submitted a file to Boss..But Boss thrown it on her face..Kavya tells that she didnt feel insulted till now..Avanti tells its okey,,Kavya can sit at home and rest..Kavya tells that Everyone wants a working wife??And what Aman will think..Avanti tells that she known who did this..Avanti tells that Virat thakur did this,,kavya tells that her life is destroyed..kavya cries..Avanti hugs kavya and tells not to be worried..Bhuwan and Dj looks at each other..DJ plays music..Bhuwan sees angrily..Dj asks what happenned??Bhuwan tells music is not good..Dj tells music is good As her stress will be less and she can solve lot of problems..Bhuwan tells soo DJ should solve problem listening music one cannot do anything.Bhuwan play to play some rock music..Bhuwan tells that Music is an art..BHuwan tells this music is good,,Not that Dj listens everytime love and all…DJ laughs..Bhuwan asks why she is laughing..DJ tells that this music is composed and written by her..Bhuwan gets shocked..Vicky stops kavya on the way and tells he want to show something to kavya,kavya refuses..Vicky tells its important..,Vicky shows the video to kavya..Kavya asks what does it mean..KAvya tells what is this???Kavya tells that why vicky is back of her..her life is private..Kavya tells however Aman should behave with her its her personal life…kavya tells to stay away from her and goes…
Avanti talks to someone and tells to mail her design..Vicky calls Avanti and tells that kavya is mad..Avanti tells that kavya was replaced from job..Vicky gets shocked..Vicky tells that kavya was crying..Avanti tells that Virat thakur did this all…Avanti tells that she will teach a good lesson to Virat,,Once she get a order She will show Virat..Vicky tells whatever Avanti should do calmly..Avanti tells okey..Avanti tells she have some work and keeps the phone..VIrat listens all this,,Virat talks to someone and asks did he gave the fake order of saree..At night Avanti is in shop drawing something…Dj comes and tells hi,,DJ tells she has been sitting since 20 minutes,,Avanti tells sorry as she was busy with work.. Avanti tells DJ loudly that her buisness is good..As she has 10% more profit..Avanti tells that her enemies trying trying to create hurdles but she is not scared..Virat listens and smiles..

Precap::Avanti tells Virat that she is not effected by his plans so he is targeting her family..Avanti tells that Virat doesnt no what family love is.And Virat family doesn’t love him..VIrat shouts they love..Avanti tells no..Virat shouts tells yes they love otherwise would have not accepted him knowing he killed his parents.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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