Shastri Sisters 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu going to meet Veer and Priya. He teases her and she says she is very happy with Rajat. The party at Sareen house starts, and Neil makes everyone proud. Minty waits for Rajat. Anu hugs Priya and says glad to meet you. She says she has to go now and shows thumbs up to Veer. He smiles and says he will drop her. She leaves saying Minty booked a cab for her. Neil’s friends ask him about his business partner Devyaani. He asks them not to tell loudly as Minty will get angry.

Alka asks Devyaani why did she not go. Devyaani says she messaged Neil, she won’t go. Rajat comes and hugs Neil. Minty asks him whom is he looking for. He asks about Anu. She says she did not see her and asks him the same. She says where did she go.

The cab stops and Anu says she will call Rajat and inform. She sees no network and Rajat can’t connect to her. The driver checks the phone and asks her to sit in the car. Rajat gets message that his wife is with her ex at a pub. He is shocked. Minty thinks it has affected him, his smile is gone, he has some doubt now, She says sorry son, this is hurting you, bear for some time, then you will have peace always.

The driver says the engine is hot and plays radio…. With song Baby doll….. Anu says everyone would be waiting for me. Minty asks Rajat why is his mood off. He says nothing. She asks him to share things. He shows the message and she overreacts. She supports Anu and says but I did not see her since much time, and Veer is her friend. He asks does she mean Anu is with Veer. She says check this. He says he is sure Anu is not with Veer. She confuses him. He says he does not doubt on Anu. She asks him to go and prove this message person wrong. She convinces him and he leaves. She calls driver and asks him to do as she says.

Devyaani gets party music sound and gets angry seeing Neil dancing with someone else. She get jealous and hides seeing Minty. Rajat reaches the pub. Priya asks the DJ to play Baby Doll…. She dances with Veer. The driver says sorry, we got late, shall I play this song Baby Doll again, its my fav song. She says fine. Rajat goes inside the puja. Anu gets the network and calls Rajat. He takes her call and asks where is she. She says my car got stuck, so I got late, I will come soon. He says lower the volume, I can’t hear you, why so much songs.

He says I spoke to Anu. She calls again and says she is reaching. He turns and hears the same song from the pub. He says its same song whats playing on phone, it means Anu is here, no. He recalls Minty’s words. He sees Veer dancing with a girl, and recalls the dress he gifted Anu on their honeymoon. He thinks that girl is Anu and does not see Priya’s face. He goes there and sees Priya’s back. Priya leaves with Veer. Rajat comes out and sees them leaving in car. Rajat says was it Anu with Veer, I would have not stopped her if she told me. Anu comes home and says sorry I got late, where is Rajat. Minty says its Neil’s day, he is finding you. She asks Neil to see Anu has come. She says she will send Rajat when he comes. Neil introduces Anu to his friends. Neil gets a call and leaves. He comes to meet Devyaani.

He asks what happened. She says wow, direct talk to point, why did you not call me in party. He says its my business party. She says wrong, its ours. He says you also give a party and don’t call me. She says you will also care if I don’t call you, when you try to make things normal like before. He says I was also there in this friendship, I was away as you did not want, I m away now as I want this. He leaves. Minty asks Anu to get sweets from kitchen. Anu brings the kheer.

Minty thinks what to do now and sees Rajat’s car. She says she left the key in her room and sends Anu. Rajat comes home and Minty asks why is he worried. Rajat says I can’t leave party, Neil will feel bad. She says Neil is not like you, go and rest for sometime. He asks did Anu come back. She says no, leave her, I will manage everything. She smiles.

Rajat gets the same dress from Minty’s room and asks her about Anu’s dress. She says yes, I kept this, I got this in guest room toilet, explain her to manage her things.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This minty is super b I t e c h

  2. Dekh Lena aagaey jaa kar khoon me aasoun bahayage

  3. Im not going to watch this nonsense anymore. There is no real love in this serial

  4. Honey is right its full of bakwaas

  5. Aap writers batana kya chate hai ki jab koi insaan kisi ki shaadi todhne ki kosihiah karta hai toh bhagwan bhi unka saath deta hai…anushka or rajat ka rishta tooth kar hi rahe gaa kyunki yeah app log chats hi nai ki WO dono saath rahe warna itne prblm face karne ka baad after maragie unko yeah sab face nai karna padta..shame on u I don’t want to see more this serial

  6. All three sisters have problems in their love life. They are too smart to handle problems but not when it comes for their love they act dum. So some real love to inspire New kids to love and learn not planning to break relationship and hate people to take revenge all the time

  7. Peeya is missing since many days
    is she out of show?

  8. I hope jaldi hi Sab theek ho jaye anushka or rajat anuraj ban jaye hameaha me liya or minty ka dimag bhi jaldi sahi thikane par aa jaye main wait kar raha hoon ek positive sign ka is serial main Jo mujhe motivate kar isko agae dekhane ki himmat de

  9. Wow.. This is what love means.. Doubting… Rajat doubt’s on any for no reason and then promises her nothing would change his love now some incidents happens he starts getting irritated all over again. And you writers want to show what exactly?!

  10. Stop this nonsense .in this serial. Getting irritation..

  11. What the hell there is no real
    Luv in this..why does raj at always keep doubting Anu?!!!!?

  12. Ohh c’mon anu should use her brains…..I mean if anyone suddenly gets sweet…sooo sweet wid u……u shouldn’t trust him….I mean planning dinner of them….making any meet veer n biggest thing…hiring a cab too…..I mean such sudden changes…I would doubt the person at very fst place

  13. Planning dinner for* them
    * anu

  14. Non sense..irritating..Rajat ur so dumb to dbt Anu.hope mintys planwill fail soon else i shud stop watching the serisl….

  15. I hate this seriel now stupid one

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