Balika Vadhu 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 8th August 2013 Written Update

Mahi is writing an email to Aashima. Anandi comes to Mahi and asks if everything is okay as he didn’t go for practice. Mahi asks about Gehna’s baby and then Anandi leaves to give tea to others. Mahi sees that Aashima’s email address has been terminated. He feels Aashima is doing all these to avoid him.

Gehna is crying and feeling bad as Jagya and Sumitra had to argue because of her. She says, I should have never come here. Jagya explains her that he will apologize and Sumitra will also forgive. But Ganga keeps crying and keeps blaming herself. Jagya grabs her shoulder and asks her to stop crying. He wipes her tears and says, I won’t talk to you if you don’t stop crying. Ganga looks at him. Jagya then gives her court’s notice letter. Ganga says, it’s good that this will

end too.. then all threads (relationships) will break… with Ratan Singh and jaitsar as well. I will be able to go to Manglore (for nursing course) peacefully. Jagya says, I knew.. you will say something like this and that is why I have already decided that you won’t go there alone.. I will come to drop you and will come to bring you back as well. And yes, you won’t be able to break some of the threads. Ganga continues crying and asks, why do you want to stretch this? Why do you want to bring troubles in your life because of me? If I need anything, then there are others… but not you.. please. Jagya says, who told you that I am coming for you? He looks at Mannu and says, I am coming for my friend, Mannu.

Sumitra tells Dadisa, I agree that whatever Jagya is doing is to help Ganga.. but how can he decide that Ganga will come back here after her nursing course. Dadisa tells her, you didn’t want Ganga to stay here, so she is not staying here. But Jagya is boss of the hospital and he knows what’s good for hospital. You should respect his decision. Dadisa then leaves.

Shiv and Anandi come to Chanda’s house. Shiv is worried. He asks her if she wants him to go along or if she wants him to call police here. Anandi says, if you or police come, then she may not be able to talk freely. And this is not the first time. Shiv reminds her that he loves her more than anything. Anandi says, I know and don’t worry.. nothing will happen to me.

Chanda’s husband asks her for money. Chanda doesn’t have any money. In their argument, her husband raises his hand to beat her, but Anandi comes and stops him.

Chanda is surprised to see Anandi there. Chanda’s husband asks her who are you? Anandi says, I am a woman and I came to protect another woman. She gives her superwoman lecture that he can’t take advantage of Chanda’s situation. She is taking all the pain because she doesn’t want her house to break. Chanda’s husband laughs and tells her to give lecture outside and she may get some appreciation. He says you seem married, go and take care of your house. Anandi doesn’t leave and says, I will also see what you will do. He loses his control and argues with Anandi. All women gather there. Anandi calls police there. Chanda’s husband is still blaming Chanda for putting him in trouble. Changa begs police and Anandi to let him go this time. Anandi says, he’s still blaming you and you want to save him? Her husband finally requests Anandi to let him go and he won’t abuse Chanda anymore. Anandi asks him to take swear of his children. He does that. Anandi tells police everyone deserves one chance to change themselves.. so let him go this time. Police leave.

Anandi tells Chanda, remember no one has any right to abuse anyone. Anandi leaves. Other women come to Anandi and tell her, by threatening nothing will happen.. he will never change. All men are like him only.. we can’t do anything if that’s in our destiny. Anandi says, first of all stop blaming your destiny .. and everyone deserves one chance to change. The women ask her to help them as well as their husbands also abuse them. Anandi says, I will come back for sure. After seeing what happened with Chanda’s husband, others will change as well.. if not then, she guides them how they can file complain. Everyone is very thankful to Anandi. Anandi says in her mind, I gave them a hope.. now I can’t disappoint them.. I will have to do something very soon. Screen freezes on Anandi’s face.

Voiceover: If there is no courage in women to fight against abuse by their husbands, then abuse will never stop.

Precap: Court makes decision in Ganga’s favor and approves her appeal for the divorce. Jagya is there with Ganga. After the hearing, Ganga gives a tight slap to Ratan Singh and tells him not to make mistake of thinking women are weak ever again. Jagya feels happy.


Update Credit to: Shreya

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