Madhubala 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

1..2..3..4 starts .. SRK turns and walks to greet RK .. and hugs him..!

RK introes Madhu to him and SRK asks him to intro his mom n he introes Radha ..n Sikky introes himself saying naam to suna hoga.. n SRK says.. kabhi nahi suna He then introes Dips..

SRK tells Madhu that she is the one to reign in the wild horse RK He hugs her..and asks all to enjoy the party..and asks RK about his problems n RK says.. managing!

SRK teases saying if he had married earlier..he would have gotten used to..! SRK says..when life pushes u down say.. RK says picture abhi baki hai.. n SRK says.. life can take everything.. but not the will to win.. n SRK says a person loses.. from his head n RK says yes..!

SRK says.. good memory n RK says eat 4 badams..! SRK asks how many rings

Madhu is wearing on left hand n RK says.. not ready together..! SRK chides him for not checking out his wife properly..!

RK says when his first movie flopped and he was depressed a person called n said a person loses from his mind.. n it was SIR (SRK) who gave hope bad times!

RK says. .din come to wedding n SRK says.. not such a bad time din wanna come to cheer He asks Madhu why she is not smiling n asks for promo of Chennai Express to be shown.. so she can smile!

RK says Deepika ki ankhein bahut khubsurat hai. .n SRK says.. if wife finds out..will scratch ur eyes. . Says Deepika will come for a few minutes soon..!

SRK asks if Madhu will not participate? SRK asks her to get on the dance floor..!

Madhu starts dancing on 1..2..3…4 SRK – RK join ..!Madhu suddenly spots Sultan and walks towards him ..! SRK-RK continue dancing..

RK says hats off… n asks how does he get so much energy? SRK says as in he wants to grow up and be SRK…he can just add S before his name..!

Madhus cell rings.. its Sultan and says looking very nice.. esp in the dress she is wearing.! He says bilkul Sultan ki Madhu lag rahi ho n asks why looking around… m there n not..! Dips watches Madhu ..!

Sultan says.. am far away but can feel her tension..! Madhu says shut up and Sultan says what is she doing? He says.. does she remember she was to divorce RK? Instead of that she is dancing with RK? Madhu says more time n Sultan says she doesnt have time.. if she asks for time RK will lose his time from life! He asks to wipe her sweat off and Sultan says like u in every wife..! Sultan says.. SRKs party should become RKs destruction..!

SRK spots Madhu standing looking worried and RK lost in conversation ..! SRK says.. Wife will be with you for 50 years.. she is troubled..go and find out the matter RK goes..!

RK offers Madhu his hand for a dance Madhu is skeptical..! Song – Titli ..and SRK takes Madhu to stage and they dance together..! SRK smiles..! RK lifts Madhu in his arms Rishbala dance close to each other..! Madhu is still upset and RK keeps pulling her to himself..! SRK notices..!

SRK says something to Bittu..! RK asks Madhu the matter and she is stammering.. n Bittu asks RK to come with him ..!

Part 2

SRK comes to Madhu and says.. theres a saying no expression can be hidden from camera

She says RK says.. our own have camera in eyes n they can read something is wrong.. ! RK loves u .. dun hide.. say what u have in heart.. else it will hurt both Rishbala..!

Sikky says what a great party .. n Dips sends him to get a drink for her..! Dips calls someone..!

Part 3

RK asks all is well? SRK says if u praise someone else before Biwi.. then they will get angry. .! SRK says.. never seen such pretty eyes.. n asks her to smile..! SRK says know why she is troubled.. n Madhu is

SRK says worried about RK? Till she is with him ..nothing will happen to him..n asks to complaint to him if RK does something n Madhu smiles..! SRK asks Madhu to give her hand and puts it in RKs hand n says till Madhu is with RK nothing will happen to RK! SRK asks Madhu to promise to be with RK always. .n Madhu smiles..!

SRK asks all to come to take a group pic…! RK says Chennai …!

Precap — Madhu sees Sultan still loitering there..and she is scared…! RK watches Madhu and follows her..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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