Saraswatichandra 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 8th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud seeing Kalika in the bedroom. She is shocked knowing Kalika and Pramad spent the night together. Her Puja thaali falls from her hand. Kalika wakes up by the sound and looks at Kumud. Kumud thinks of Kalika’s words and her closeness with Pramad. She comes to her room and cries. Kumud starts packing her bag. She keeps her clothes in anger. Her saree gets stuck at the cupboard and she stops. She turns and looks at the mirror, she sees her Mangalsutra. She thinks of Pramad’s words calling her marriage a forced one on him. Kalika comes to her and stops her from breaking the Mangalsutra.

Kalika says why are you going from this house. Kumud says I m ashamed to say that you were with my husband. Kalika says its a misunderstanding. Kumud says now I got it. She throws her Mangalsutra. Kalika requests her not to do like this, my dad worked here, he won’t bear this, if you doubt on me, don’t punish my dad because of me, where will we go, this house’s door will be closed for us forever. Kalika cries. She says I will keep your clothes back, no one will know. Kumud says like you always hide. Kalika says how can I explain you. I was small when I came here, there’s nothing between me and Pramad. Kalika picks Kumud’s mangalsutra and says this is yours, and only you have the right on it. read full updates with pics daily only at Pramad’s mum comes there and asks her why are you giving your Mangalsutra to Kalika. Saras is in his room thinking about Kumud. He sees a kite in his window. He thinks about Kumud and his moments. Alak comes to him and sees him lost in thoughts. She asks from where did you get this kite, he says from this window. She asks what were you thinking seeing it. He says some old moments, Alak says you don’t worry, now you are in politics, you will learn how to get rid of those memories. Saras gives her his opinion and says does politics teach us to forget our relations and ill treat our loved ones. Alak says are you talking about Inkesh, I know whats its like being his wife, how can I depend on him when he can’t do anything on his own. She says every person had two sides. Alak leaves.

Kalika looks at Kumud and signs no. Kumud says the Mangalsutra is bad, Kalika will clean and give it to me. Kalika says yes, I will clean it. She gives back the Mangalsutra to Kumud. Kumud looks at her angrily. Kalika leaves. Pramad’s mum asks is everything fine. She asks about the suitcase. Kumud makes excuses. Pramad’s mum gives her prasad and says I wished peace and happiness in your and Pramad’s life. Kumud says its our duty and we should know how to be happy. Pramad’s mum says I understand what you are saying, he can change because his heart is good. If he gets your love, your patience can change him, give him a chance. Kumud says a mum’s trust never fails. Pramad’s mum praises Kumud. Kumud says I have seen how much you take care of me and my self esteem. Kumud says my dd used to call me his pride, my insult will be his insult, and if my self esteem gets hurt, I cannot bear it. Pramad’s mum says I understood, I will take care of that. She blesses Kumud and leaves.

Kumud sees her Mangalsutra. Kalika is crying somewhere, Saras sees her crying and goes to her. He says its strange to know that someone has hurt you in this house, if you have any problem, then complain it to Pramad. Kalika leaves. Pramad comes there and does not see Saras. He flirts with Kalika. Saras is shocked to see them. Pramad goes after Kalika. He comes to Kalika and asks what happened. Kalika says Kumud have seen us, she came to know about us. Pramad says she knows everything, we will have to deny this. Saras comes there and hears them talking.

Kumud asks Murakh Das where is Kalika. He says I have not seen her. Saras comes there and says I have seen her. He says I know she is with whom. Kumud says I did not ask you. He says Kumud, I have to tell you something. Kumud says I know everything. He says how do you know what I m going to say. Kumud says because I’m his wife. Kumud tells him about Pramad’s and Kalika’s relation thinking he knows it already. Saras is shocked. He says tell me what you wanted to say Kumud.

Kumud tries to stop Saras. Saras says no more lies. He leaves in anger. Kumud gets tensed.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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