Balika Vadhu 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Het Singh’s son Sooraj laughs at Gulli and says he will take revenge from her. He takes her inside the room. Dadisaa comes and sees the jeep. She says, I will call Gulli from the temple and asks the driver to wait there. Soorak tries to rape her while the goons hold her. Sooraj throws her dupatta and it falls on Dadisaa. She wonders who have threw this dupatta. Dadisaa sees Sooraj trying to molest Gulli. She gets shocked. She sees the rifle there and threatens Sooraj to leave Gulli else she will kill them. They leave Gulli. Gulli comes to Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks the goons and Sooraj to get into the room and closes it from outside. Gulli hugs Dadisaa and cries.

Dadisaa calls the driver and asks him to come near the temple. He says ok. Dadisaa goes with Gulli and proceeds towards the jeep. Sooraj comes on his bike with a iron rod in his hand. He throws the rod. Dadisaa looks at him and shoots at his chest. The bike hits Gulli’s legs and she gets wounded. Driver takes Gulli inside the jeep and asks Dadisaa to come. Dadisaa says, we shall take him to the hospital. Driver says, he is dead. Dadisaa is shocked and thinks she has become a murderer. She sits in the jeep and looks at her hand with blood stains. All the goons come there and are shocked to see Sooraj dead. They think what to say to Het Singh. Driver starts the jeep and leaves.

Dadisaa recalls how Sooraj tried to molest Gulli and how she shoot him to save Gulli. She thinks what I did. Gulli gains consciousness and cries in pain. Dadisaa asks the driver to take them to the hospital. Dadisaa comes to the police station and tells the Inspector that Sooraj tried to rape Gulli and she had to shoot the gun. She surrenders her to the police. Inspector is shocked.

Driver takes Gulli to the hospital. Jagya asks, how it happened? Who is responsible for her condition. Driver recalls the incident and says Het Singh’s son Sooraj. He says, he got punished and is dead now. Jagya asks how? Who killed him? Driver is speechless. Nurse comes and gives Jagya’s cell asking him to talk to the Inspector. Inspector informs him that he has arrested Dadisaa for killing Sooraj and she has surrendered herself. Jagya gets shell shocked.

Het Singh comes home and is shocked to see his son’s dead body. Some women are seen crying miserably. He sits beside his dead body and caresses his face. He asks his son to wake up to take care of his political empire. He asks his wife to stop crying and removes the white bed sheet from his dead body. He cries looking at his dead body. He kisses Sooraj and looks at his goons. One of them informs him that Kalyani Devi has surrendered to the police.

Het Singh comes to meet Dadisaa in the Police station. He holds her neck tightly and press it. Dadisaa gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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