Ek Boond Ishq 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
nandu is getting ready and says i should make nimmo feel like that tara do torture on me, she takes off her jewelry and opens her hairs, she says why i am so beautiful. tara and nimmo comes in villa, nimmo ask will this plan work, tara says 100%. tara shouts nandu where are you, nandu comes there with messed hairs and brrom, nimmo says what you made of yourself, this messed hairs, she says to tara that you made your sister a servant, tara says i am queen of this villa so all are servant, she ask nimmo to go and get tea, nandu says why are going, i will bring it, tara smirks, she ask nandu to take her bag, nandu says i am servant i will take, she goes with bag, tara and nimmo do hi- five, tara calls nandu again, she says come here, tara says take my slippers and put them at their place, nandu is stunned, nimmo says i will do it, tara says you will also serve me but now i am asking her, she ask nandu to take slippers, nandu takes it and goes, they laugh. tara opens tv and new infroms that rudra is being attacked by some covered face goons, police is searching for them, nimmo says why mj did that, tara says it must be rudra’s game, i dont know what he is planning.

Scene 2
in night, nandu is seeting bed, nimmo comes and smirks, nandu says i set your bed, nimmo ask where are all servant, nandu thinks how to tell her that i threw all servants to make tara work, she says tara threw all servants so that i have to work, nimmo says i thought tara will not torture you but you are suffering too, nimmo says all think that you are with tara, nandu says i am her servant only, now you are here you will know everything, nimmo sys yes i am understanding everything, nandu says i will go now. she says see how i will make adi mine by pleasing you.

Scene 3
tara says to adi that nandu must be pleasing nimmo, adi says we both will be acting according to you, tara says now we will make rudra and nandu suffer, adi says i am with you, he says i am ashamed to think you wrong, we treated you badly, tara says not your fault, i was forced that time, adi says no, you tried to tell truth but we didnt believ you, adi says i kept silent, i killed radh and mj was jailed, tara says you didnt kill radha, she was alive then killed by rudra when he was coming to court to give statement, rudra attacked her before that and only me and mj know about it but we had to be silent that time, adi says we thought rudra good but we were paying for his deeds, tara says soon his real face will be shown and we are having war with him and we will win.
tara comes to her room and recalls her passionate moments with mj, PRECAP, mj says it is me, tara says what are you doing, he says i came to press your cloths, fool i came to meet you, tara says you scared me, mj is about to kiss her hand. PRECAP. tara turns and is gone, tara says it was rat. PRECAP. nandu says you always shoos rat then how you are afraid, tara says it wa ugly rat, lean and very ugly and was coward too, he ran with my scream, nandu is about to go but turns and PRECAP. tara is tensed, nandu doesnt find anything and says if there is rat then why cupbord is open, she closes it and goes, tara closes door, mj comes out and says ugly, lean i will tell you, he runs behind tara nad grabs her, he is taking off his shoes but falls, tara laughs.

Scene 4
its morning, tara and mj are sleeping in arms of each other, mj says i dont feel like going but i have to, tara says no you will not go, mj says you are showing rights, tara says which kind of husband you are leaving me, he says nandu will come and will catch your rat, tara says she cant as i am here your female rat, mj says yes mrs. rat, he says i can bite too and kisses her, he ask her to take her white dupatta, tara sya i cant wear white cloths, mj say some day, tara says before i thought you are not alive but now my husband is with me, alive, infront of me, i cant wear it, please, i want to be like bride, mj says you are stubborn like wife, tara says please do something i dont want it, mj says first i will kiss you then i will tell you, he kisses her hand and then tell her some idea in ear, they laugh, tara says good idea, he kisses her cheek and is about to go but ask how rudra reacted seeing nimmo, tara says he is not at home, new said that he is kidnapped by you, mj says he want to catch me, you dont worry, he leaves.

Scene 5
in jungle, guru says he played this gamre so that we come out, mj says he made himself kidnapped and put allegation on us, now whole police force will be searching us, he played good game, guru says what should we do? mj says nothing, as he will play another game if we didnt do anything then we will see, mj thinks hope tara is safe as she is going to play big game.

PRECAP- poice comes to villa, inspecto says some gang kidnapped rudra and we think they are jungle, we will search every corner of jungle, tara in colored cloths is stunned and will find rudra, dont worry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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