Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Agni Dev seeking blessings from Mahadev and Devi Parvati so that he can be a successful Senapati of God.
Mahadev and Parvati both give him blessings. After Agni dev leaves Parvati sees mahadev lost in thoughts, Mahadev tells her that Agni if pure is good and if impure it is harmful.

There at Kailash, Ganesha is lost in thoughts, Mahadev comes there and asks him as to why he did not stop Kartikeya and also his mother is angry. Ganesha says that you (Mahadev) must know answer. But Mahadev says that he wants to what he’s thinking. Ganesha says that everyone is fulfilling their responsibility and my responsibility is to spread Shubhta and who will fight against Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev. But Mahadev tells you have stood against me, but Ganesha tells him that every time he was fulfilling his mother’s

At Indralok, Indra is holding a meeting with other Gods when suddenly Agni dev comes there, Indra asks why he was late and asks him to join but he refuses. He says that he’s master of his own and he has made certain rules to attack Banasur. Brihaspati loses his temper and shouts at Agni dev, but Agni dev reminds him that he has become a Senapati by Mahadev’s orders.

There Chitralekha sees Aniruddh fighting with asurs when suddenly he’s attacked from back. Chitralekha sees this as an opportunity and takes Aniruddh with her. Seeing all this Saraswati is worried and so is Narada, but Brahma dev is sure that this all fine is love. There Balaram is informed by one of his soldier that Aniruddh is missing, Balaram thinks that it is plan of asurs and that they must be taught a lesson.

At Banaur place, Usha and Chitralekha wait for Aniruddh to open his eyes. After sometime, Afyer sometime Aniruddh opens his eyes and asks which is place and who are you? Usha says that he needs rest and there’s whole life to answer question.

There at Kailash, Agni dev visists Kailas, and asks him as o why he’s not able to take his own decisions. Mahadev reminds him that
a Senaati is adhered to Indra and that he has to have Indra’s permission in every decision as he’s king. This infuriates Agni and he accuses Mahadev of being partial and differentiates between him and Kartikeya. Hearing all this, Mahadev asks Agnu dev to leave and also as a reminder tells him that he need to control his thoughts or they will destroy him.

Precap: – Mahadev tells about Krishna to Ganesha, Nandi and Gann- Prets. Ganesha tells Mahadev that ashubhta is spreading, Mahadev tells that a tattva is not in control; Agni dev arrogance reaches to a whole new level, Indra says that he will fight with Agni dev

Update Credit to: kalyani_shiva

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