Balika Vadhu 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 7th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Daddu praising the halwa prepared by Anandi. Shiv appreciates her as well and leaves to check his emails. Daddu tells Ira that halwa couldn’t uplift your mood. Ira says, I am upset with her decision. She is eager to adopt a handicapped kid. We can help him financially but what if they want to bring him home. They have to think about their own child. Anoop supports Ira and says we can secure his future by offering money. Meenu says, that boy needs emotion and love. Ira says, you are flowing in emotions. Ira asks, what about my decision? She gets angry and says, my decision doesn’t have any value in their life. They are growing up now. I have nothing against the boy. We can’t adopt handicapped boy. We have to be practical. Who will take the responsibility of the

kid when Shiv and Anandi go out for some work. Alok says, we will take care of that kid. We have raised three kids. Daddu says, this is a big and good decision. I have full trust on them that they will fulfill the responsibility. We have to support them in their decisions.

Dadisaa is making Ganga eat the dalya. Jagya comes. Dadisaa asks, what? Jagya says, I brought a gift for her. Ganga asks him to give her. Jagya signs no. Dadisaa asks Jagya to make Ganga finish the dalya first. Ganga eats it and ask him to show the gift. Ganga opens it and finds a Tablet. He tells her that you can do everything on it. You can surf the net on this. Ganga says, I will make video of Dadisaa. Jagya shows her. Ganga takes the video. Dadisaa is happy to see her video. Ganga tells Jagya to search a baby’s name on the net.

Anandi is emptying the almara for the kid. She says, it is empty for the new member. Shiv asks, what is the need to do all this now. Anandi says, we have to think about the baby’s name. Shiv says, he already has a name. Bablu. It will be wrong if we snatch his identity from him. Anandi says, he needs a real name. Bablu won’t suit him in school. Shiv asks, what you have thought? Anandi says, Amol Shivraj Shekhar. Shiv is happy to see Anandi happy. Anandi says, it will be good for him.

Shiv says, he is on your mind now. What will happen to me, once he comes here. Anandi says, my love is for my son. Shiv asks, who will take care of me then? Anandi says, you are grown up now. Shiv says, I needs atleast 40% love. Shiv settles for 10% and gets close to Anandi. Anandi says, door is open. Shiv asks, will I get 10% atleast. Anandi hugs him and says, you will get 100% love always. your place can’t be taken by anyone.

Sonali Das comes from the foundation and says it is a routine visit. We have to check about the family background before the adoption process. She asks, about the family opinion on the adoption. She says, that boy needs love and not pity. She asks them to develop relation with the child very carefully. Every child differentiates between love and pity. Daddu assures to give love to the baby. She asks, this is your joint family. Don’t you think they should have their real baby. Ira says, we want this. Meenu says, Didi wants to say if they have own baby with this child, then it would be good.

Sonali asks, but whether that boy gets his rights. Shiv says, adopted baby will get every right on our property and I will declared it legally. She asks Anandi. Anandi says, a mother never differentiates about his children. Saachi comes and speaks against Anandi and Shiv. She says, it will be impossible for them to take care of the child. Everyone are uncomfortable with Saachi’s remarks. Sonali thanks them and says, I will give my report soon. Anandi assures to take care of the baby along with Shiv. Sonali asks her to talk with the family before taking the plunge. Anandi is in tears.

Anandi tells Shiv that I didn’t know that my dream would be broken in one moment. Shiv says, we will go to the adoption centre and talk to them. Anandi says, Amol will be the best gift for me. All the family members surprise them on their anniversary..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. I would not say that saanchi should go mental hospital for nearly 24 years after she recovers she will back home as a cheerful sister that’s shiv as a brother and saanchi will believe that anandi bhabi best bhabi of the world and she and definitely she will get married to jagat but if ganga is dead otherwise she has to get married to somebody else

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