Ek Boond Ishq 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 7th January 2014 Written Update

Taara calls MJ and informs him about goons taking FC away. He says he is coming. MJ calls Raghu kaka and informs him that something is gonna happen in the Rally. Kaka asks him he should not go there as RP forbids him. MJ replied he have to go. The mystery girl tells Raghu Kaka she also has to go there.

Some goons brings FC in a building and the gunman says “let me first finish your Master and then it will be your turn.” FC requests him not to shoot.

Taara is tensed … MJ is on his way… Taara is praying… MJ gets stuck in the Traffic… Taara Praying and waiting for MJ.. MJ takes another way and finally reaches there. Taara – MJ looking for one another.. but before they can meet Nimmi calls Taara back.

RP orders some of his men to speak against him so that a presumption be there that murder is caused by the opposition. Some people come there and start abusing RP.

Taara calls FC but his phone is on silent mood. He receives the call and start talking with the goons, so that Taara can hear everything. He cleverly makes her know the exact location. On hearing this, she gets tensed and runs away. She calls MJ and informs him about the place where FC is locked. Both decide to go there.

A girl is shown waking in flushes towards the rally.

MJ notices the Gun pointed at the stage. He takes a Camera, Zoom it and becomes sure about the gun. He gets confused where to go, to save FC or to the stage. Later, he goes to the stage whereas Taara is going to the building where FC has been locked.

RP goes for his speech. He thanks Jairaj for his support and asks him to come forward. MJ is running toward the stage. The gunman points towards Jayraj. MJ comes and makes some Excuses and takes Jairaj and RP behind the stage. RP is shocked. MJ informs him that their life is in danger. RP gets angry on him and asks his men to take him away. Jairaj requests RP to listen MJ but he asks him whether he is with him or not. Jairaj says he is with RP. MJ again try to convince them but Jairaj says not to worry and they will be safe. The Gunman again points towars the stage. RP hugs Jairaj. MJ runs towards the stage… Gunman is about to pulling the trigger … MJ runs toward the stage… Gunman fires the gun … MJ shouts “Baba”, pushes them back and bullet hits him.

Taara reaches to the place and searching FC. Finally she finds him among the goons. She comes with a rod and hits the goon and makes FC free. Both become astonished hearing the sound of firing. They are shocked what is happenening.

Aradhana and Yug come to the Rally and they are confused about what is going on.

Precap. MJ in unconscious state and calls Taara’s name. Taara is sitting beside him, says “I am here”. MJ closes his eyes. Taara shouts “Mritunjay”. .

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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