Gustakh Dil 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 7th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal trying to talk to Ishaana alone, but Ishaana does not listen to him. Ishaana sees a gift from Rancho and says it’s a cute photo frame, I will keep this. Rancho says its gift for Lajjo for her birthday. Nikhil comes. Rancho says why did you not tell us about Lajjo’s birthday, see this birthday gift. Nikhil says its very nice. Ishaana says what did Lajjo do with this, what will she do, will she put Nikhil’s photo in this. Rancho argues with Ishaana. Rancho confronts Ishaana and says what all she did with Nikhil.

Ishaana is annoyed. Nikhil supports Ishaana and calls Rancho’s talk baseless. Rancho says Nikhil should have been with Lajjo on her birthday. Kunal says the same. Ishaana says how mean, you are my friends or what. Kunal says we all are your

friends, and not Nikhil, he is just using you, how can you trust Nikhil, how can Nikhil be after Ishaana even after getting married.

Nikhil argues with Kunal and asks Kunal to stay out of his matter. Kunal says I care for Ishaana, she is my friend. Ishaana says please be quiet Kunal. Kunal says why can’t you see Ishaana, he is using you. Kunal makes Nikhil angry. They get into a fight. Ishaana says lets leave Nikhil. Ayesha is annoyed with Inder and says you ask me to use public transport. Barkha is shocked and asks Inder whats all this. Inder says yes, I told her. Barkha asks why. Inder says she should have every experience in life. He explains Barkha that Ayesha should know everything in tough times.

Barkha does not understand. Samrat says wait, ask Ayesha whats the problem. Samrat asks Ayesha why are you so much angry, what happened. Ayesha says I don’t know how can people travel at some time. Inder says everyone has work, they have to go anywhere, they did not know that Ayesha was travelling, else they would have not travelled. Ayesha says dad, don’t joke. She tells them about a rude man. Inder asks did anyone misbehaved with you. Ayesha tells them what happened.

Ayesha says a guy told me I m a spoilt brat. Samrat says did he say this. Barkha says we should shift from this area soon. Inder says tell me shall we come with you, I want to see who is that guy, to tell you spoilt brat. Inder jokes. Barkha says be serious. Inder says shall we come. Ayesha says no, I will handle. She says I will show him who I m. Inder smiles.

Nikhil is angry on Kunal for talking about him and Ishaana. Ishaana asks him to ignore what Kunal said. She says today Kunal said, later everyone will say, it does not matter. Nikhil says it matters to me. He says do you also think I m using you. Ishaana says no, people won’t understand what we feel for each other. She says you matter to me, what you think about me matters to me.

Nikhil says thanks for understanding me. Nikhil says I feel bad for Lajjo, I take out my anger on her and I take her for granted. Ishaana says you tried to help her and you helped her, that’s it. She hugs Nikhil. She thinks I can’t believe you are thinking about Lajjo in this situation, I will make her out of your life by any way. Lajjo talks to everyone over lunch. She applies peanut butter on Rishi’s sandwich. Ishaana sees it coming with Nikhil.

She asks for one. Lajjo give her. Ishaana eats some of it and gets unwell. Nikhil is shocked and cares for Ishaana. Barkha asks what happened. Rishi says she had the sandwich and then….. Barkha checks the sandwich and says it has peanut butter, she is allergic to it, hurry up. Nikhil scolds Gunjan for applying peanut butter in it knowing Ishaana has allergy with it. Lajjo is shocked and says I gave her the sandwich. Lajjo says I did what she said. Nikhil scolds Lajjo. Ishaana lies and says maybe Lajjo made a genuine mistake, let it go. Nikhil says see, she is taking your side Lajjo, despite your mistake. Lajjo is shocked to see Ishaana lying. Barkha notices this.

Lajjo is crying in her room thinking why is Ishaana doing this. Barkha comes to her and Lajjo says trust me, it was not my mistake. Barkha says did you see, Nikhil is not trusting you, he believes only Ishaana, can’t you see Nikhil is irritated with you, he will hate you in future. Lajjo thinks about this and cries.

Chaya brings tea for Nikhil. Nikhil asks Chaya where is Lajjo. She is silent.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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