Balika Vadhu 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi taking care of her baby. She says baby is crying a lot. Ira asks her to feed milk to baby. Anandi feeds to the baby. He keeps quiet. Anandi makes him sleep in the pram. Other baby cries. Anandi takes her and try to feed the baby. Meenu comes. Anandi says she is not drinking milk. Meenu says it is time to change her nappy. Anandi says I forgot. Meenu says it happens sometime. You will remember in a few days. Anandi thanks her. She leaves.

Dadisaa distributes sweets amongst her friends. Dadisaa tells them that she has become great grand mother. Everyone congrat her. She says Anandi delivered twins. Amol comes home and sees everyone playing with babies. Subhadra asks Khazan ji to stay away from kids as he is infection. Khazan ji says he is fine now. I can play with my grand kids now. Amol looks sad. Anandi asks when did you come? Amol says I wants to play with Shivam and Nandini. They ask him to stand in the queue. Anandi asks him to change his clothes and freshen up. Amol goes inside.

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Dadisaa’s friend tells that they sing song during the festival. Their seniors tease them. Dadisaa gives them a good reply and challenges to do something new. Dadisaa decides to do something fresh. She approaches the Principal with her classmates. Principal asks what is the matter. Dadisaa says they want to do something else other than singing. Principal says you can do dance performance or drama. Dadisaa says they will opt for drama and assures him. The Principal asks her to start the rehearsal and asks her not to let him down. Dadisaa is sure.

Amol plays with his siblings. Anandi asks him to do the home work. Dadisaa tells Jagya about choosing drama over singing. She gets worried and wonders what to do now. Jagya asks her not to worry. Ganga says you can take your teacher’s help. Dadisaa says story should be good. Jagya says we have to think about the play which is special. Gehna suggests her to do the play on Panna Tai. She tells how Panna tai sacrificed her son. Dadisaa decides on Panna Tai’s play. Subhadra takes Nandini and Shivam in her hands. All the family members pamper the kids. Daddu says kids are like me. Alok says they are like him. Anoop says Nandini is like me. Meenu says it is strange that everyone is seeing their features in the babies. She says they must have Anandi and Shiv’s features. Anandi gets sad. Daddu says one thing is sure, these babies have Shiv’s qualities and Anandi’s intelligence. Anandi gets teary eyed and looks at Shiv’s photo.

Ira asks Anandi to rest. Anandi says she is fine now. Amol gets ready to go to school. Amol says he will play with his siblings and then leave. Door bell rings. All the elders ask each other to open the door. Amol goes and open the door. He greets Dadisaa, Jagya and Ganga. Amol asks her to come inside. Everyone get happy to see them. Dadisaa hugs Anandi and then looks at the kids. Dadisaa says they are so cute and blesses them. Jagya gives the gifts brought for the kids. Daddu says they are just kids. Dadisaa says they are her grand kids. Daddu smiles. Anandi looks on happily.

Alok blesses the babies. Anoop brings gold bracelets for the babies and says he is their grand father. Alok looks sad.

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  1. Yap and anoop apsent.well where is that handsome meenus son mahi?

  2. Yap and anoop apsent.well where is that handsome mahi?

  3. Yap and anoop apsent

  4. The episode would have been so nice if shiv was present.

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